Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Ipanema flipflops

This my first time to have an Ipanema flipflops! I wished for Havs (kahit alam kong 700+ yun..hehe!). So, alam ko nang yung isang wish ko yung matatanggap ko, which is earphones or headet for my iPod. Last Friday was our office Christmas party and it was one crazy night nga (sa pagkakasabi din ni Joni). Costume party, foodtrip, videoke, kris kringle and picture picture galore! Super kulit nga eh! After eating, time for exchange gifts! Sobrang curious ako kung sino nakabunot sa pala si Bheng! I didn't have any clue na siya nakabunot sa akin! Hehe malamang :)

Her gift for me was in a white and gold paperbag. I really thought headset yung nasa loob but as I opened the paperbag (full of stapplers, lol!), I was surprised na flipflops ang laman! "Uy..nice Ipanema!" was my initial reaction. Natuwa ako! Not disappointed at all (kasi nga Havs yung nasa wishlist ko). I know din naman kasi that Ipanema flipflops are nice, comfy and at par with the price of Havs (even more expensive pa nga ata).

Anyway, she got me this pair. I actually love it! I wore it na nga after our Christmas party eh. The design is cute, classy and makes my feet pretty. Plus the fact na mas comfy sya sa paa than Havs..Haha! Thanks again, Bheng! :D

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was feeling generous last night so I treated my Honey for dinner. We can't really decide on where to eat (which is usually our problem every time we go out). So I asked him if he's really hungry, 'coz if not we could just stroll and look for the gift I would be giving to my "baby" for our office kris kringle. I must say that what he/she wants is hard to find. Plus, I think that it would cost me more than 500 pesos. Haha! So anyway, Honey told me he isn't that hungry so we did some window shopping muna.

We went to Happy Feet first to look first for a sandal strap for his "baby" in their kris kringle. He would buy it na sana pero he don't know the size of the sandals. haha! I saw a cute pair of sneakers there. I really wanna buy but I can't 'coz I have no enough cash. I don't wanna use my credit card this December. I have allotted my money to pay the previous balance first. Besides, I gotta wait for our 13th month pay first before I splurge! Wait wait wait..for tomorrow! Yipee! Control is the key. I actually found a great pair of Havs (the violet one) bago kami nagkita ni Hon (I arrived early sa Glo eh). Flip flops fetish kasi ako and I wanna have a new pair. But I remember that I have written it na sa Christmas wishlist ko.. So, "wag muna bumili!", sabi ko sa sarili ko. (Hmm..sino kaya nakabunot sa akin? Sana galante. Haha!) Last year kasi, si Marianne ang mommy ko. She gave a pair of metallic silver Havs! Sana lucky ako ule sa magiging mommy/daddy ko. Kung hindi naman, okay lang din naman ang headset or earphones na isa pang nasa wishlist ko. At least yun, meron 500 pesos. Sana lang magandang klase.. I'll use it for my ipod kasi. So yun.. Next store stop namin: Toby's. Looked for a something but to bad wala sila. Then, we strolled sa Glorietta activity area. Picture picture with the Christmas tree, fireplace and Santa's seat. He needs Christmas theme picture for a photography entry. My Bluey did a great job!

After our stroll, we decided to eat na. Heaven & Eggs is a choice! We've tried dining there but Hon told me that the restaurant has been reinvented. I was curious about the idea so we checked it out. To my surprise, it did change its theme, ambiance or whatever you call it. From country style farm to RoCK n' RoLL theme. Woah! Kakaiba noh? Their logo has H & E tapos Heaven & Eggs sa baba.. I was amazed by their chandelier filled with cymbals (as seen on a set of drum set). Even the menu was different.. there's even Pepe Smith on the menu. LOL! Hon ordered steak, and Italian sausage pasta for me. The serving is huge and I specifically like that Hon's order. It's so good I can't help but order an extra rice so we can share the 4 pcs. of meat! I almost forgot that I had my pasta. I wasn't able to finish nga so pinabalot na lang namin (para na rin I have pasalubong). Our dining experience was great! Worth it naman.. We'll dine again there for sure!

I've posted our pictures in our multiply account if you wanna take a peek of the place and food we ordered. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bonifacio High Trip

I've been in Bonifacio High Street before but last Friday, I had the chance to stroll the place entirely. After a tiring yet fun shopping experience in Divi with my Honey, I met up with my good 'ol bud, Lara. I actually arrived at around 8pm when supposedly I have to be there by like 7pm. Good thing Lara can't be mad at me since she has someone with her while she's waiting for me. She tagged along her guy friend too, which happens to be our Grade School batch mate in CSA. His name is Majed. He just came back here in Philippines last month from NY. I know him by name and I knew what he looked like when we where just grade schoolers. I was kinda surprised that he changed a lot. He got taller, had long & curly locks and undeniably thinner!!! He used to be the chubby err huggable dude back then. Well, it's been almost a decade so I wouldn't be that alarmed. A lot would have happened in his and our life. He even confessed that he really couldn't remember me. He also knew me by name but he really thinks that I 'mutated'.. Yeah, mutated was his term. Haha! I'm not sure about that 'coz I know I didn't change. Maybe a bit but not 'mutated'. I dunno. Maybe he's just too forgetful.

Anyway, we had a lot of walking.. going back and fort, checking out every menu on mostly all American, errr any restaurant which has selection of Beef on its menu. He wants to eat Beef Ribs, strictly not just Short Ribs! As if I had a choice or beg to stop his cravings, right? Besides, I'm not that hungry that time so I think any food would satisfy me. Sounds like a we're off for a Treasure Hunting, or more like Beef Ribs Hunting..LOL. After an hour of 'Ribs searching', we finally saw Beef Ribs in a menu of this Crab House /American Grill. We decided to eat na sa Claw Daddy with the lobster claw in its logo. Haha! First order: Beef Ribs!! Then, we added salad and pasta for variety. I can't remember the exact name of each since we just relied on its description and pointed the name on their menu book. The food was great! We were surprised about their servings, they're so huge! Good for about 2-3 people on EACH dish.

Our pix @ Claw Daddy:

Majed, Me and Lara

After that heavy dinner, we decide to walk again. We window shopped in All Flip Flops and Fully Booked. We saw piles of Twilight books from their book shelf display. I can't help but hand the book and see how much it is. It costs Php799 for a hard bound copy. Woah! I thought it was expensive but Lara told me that the price is okay since it's a hard bound copy. I was really thinking twice if I would go purchase it. "Nah!", I told to myself. If I would buy one, I would be buying the other three too. I was thinking to add the Twilight books in my Christmas list. Haha!

Afterwich, we headed to Hai Bar & Restaurant. The crowd wasn't that good, at least for us. It was actually super crowded. As we entered the bar, stares from mostly all the people there were on us. That's so crazy and ackward at same time. So we went out and met up with Lara's friend, Niko. Then, I went to HSBC building to meet my Honey. As we went back to Hai Bar, Celine was there already. Just in time to seek for another place to have a drink and hangout.

We took a long walk (from Hai Bar to Pier One). Take note: I was wearing 3-4 inches boots. Haha! As we were nearing the place, Niko suggested the Porcelain Bar. First time to go there so we all gave it a shot. Our first bucket of San Mig Light was fast. As if we just drank water to quench our thirst. Well, I guess it did became our thirst quencher since we walked a mile. Haha! Our second bucket was good, we saw Yayo and her daughters entered the door. We all think she's such a very pretty mommy. They were like having a mother-daughter friday night gimik, which is cool. We ordered pulutan with our third bucket and forth bucket. As we gulp our semi-alcoholic drinks, stories about almost everything was discussed and shared. From current events to our job, freelance, love life, marriage, TV series, hobbies, and lastly... our planned vacation in Bataan on the first week of January! Wohoo! A good way to start the new year! Haha! Humirit pa sila for 5th bucket!! Woah! Tipsy tipsy me!

Our pix @ Porcelain:

Drunkie drunkie... Niko, Lara and Majed. haha!

Our blurry group pic

Lara, Celine, Me and Honey

On our way back to Hai Bar..and Mcdo!

We got hungry so we grabbed a bit to eat at McDonalds.. We all went home at around 4am. Haha!

It was helluvah night! Can't wait for our next drinking session on Saturday (Lara's birthday celebration)

'Till next time! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Rest.

Today is such a great day for me to rest. I was feeling sooo lazy and bored at work lately. Maybe because I can't wait for that long Christmas break or simply because I'm really tired.

Since I have no more SL left, I used my VL na. I still have 5 VLs and I really plan to use them all this December (since I know it's not convertible to cash kung may natira before the renewal). I've been so sipag na pumasok though talagang hirap talaga akong gumising. I'm really trying hard not to be late since it would be 1 day salary deduction if we were late for 5 times in a month. Sounds so strict and a bit unjust, right? But what can we do, rules are rules. I really hope next year would be different. That we would just be deducted by the minute/s of being late. I'll be adding that to my Christmas wishlist. LOL.

So anyway, I just slept (almost) the whole day. I warned my sister to not wake me up in the morning because I really want have a good sleep. It was raining in the morning, malamig and super timing naman.. Ahh enjoying sleep on our comfy bed. Since it's Thursday today, sandwich naman if I'd go to work tomorrow. So continue lang ang rest ko. Hindi pa din ako papasok.

Super tinitipid ko yung kakarampot na SL and VL namin. (Haha! I've reserved all those so I can have a long break this December. Good thing I don't really have to allot those since it has been announced that December 26, 29 and 31 is a non-working holiday. Super sana pati January 2.

Gotta go and continue my rest.. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008


I really love Friday so much. Finally, natapos na ang week. Pakakapagpahinga naman matapos ang isang buong linggo ng trabaho. Whew! Ang gustong gusto ko din sa Friday ay pagsasapit na ang gabi. Pwedeng gimik night, or rest lang sa bahay. Walang aalalahaning trabaho kinabukasan. Walang stress or whatever.

At syempre... makakatulog ako hanggang gusto ko. Madalas nagigising na ako ng 11am or even 2pm! No alarm clock ringing.. just sleeping. Sound asleep. Sleeping like a baby. Basta sleep. Haha!

Sarap pa ngayon kasi 3-day weekend tayo. Wohoo! Long weekend = more rest and sleep! Sakto pa kasi tomorrow, birthday ni Kuya Lloyd. Syempre foodtrip! Tapos on Monday, December 1 na. 58th monthsary na namin ni Hon! ♥♥♥ Hay. Bilis ng panahon. 2 months na lang, 5 years na kami! Parang kelan lang, college friends lang kami. Lol. Sarap ng feeling. We're so much inlove. Though no plans pa talaga for wedding. We'll get there soon. Ipon-ipon lang muna kami and enjoying each others company.

So yun nga.. Next week, December na! Meaning, magpapasko na rin! Weee! Daming events, birthdays, reunions and parties!

Decorating Christmas tree, lights and ornaments? Yay!
13th month? Yay!
Christmas gifts? Yay!
Gastos? Lol.
Foodtrip? Naku Christmas fats etoh!
Reunions? Yay!

Excited? Of course! It's the happiest holiday for me and for us Pinoys.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Bluey

I couldn't think of a name for my new toy. It is small and blue so the first name that pop into my mind was "Bluey". Lol! My sister bought it while she was in Canada. She just arrived here in the Philippines last Thursday and so I got my gadget already. When she handed it to me, my first reaction was "Oh, this is nice!". I can't believe its mine.

My Bluey (Canon Powershot SD1100 IS) features:

- 8.0 Megapixel Digital ELPH with 3x Optical Zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer.
- Enhanced Canon Face Detection Technology automatically sets focus, exposure, flash and white balance for greater shooting freedom.
- Motion Detection Technology automatically reduces blur by calculating subject movement and selecting ideal exposure and ISO settings.
- 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II for bright, accurate color with better viewing from wide angles.
- DIGIC III Image Processor for sharper images and improved functionality.
- Print/Share Button for easy direct printing and downloading, plus ID Photo Print and Movie Print with select PIXMA Photo Printers and SELPHY Compact Photo Printers.
** from

I really think that my new toy is a great buy. Well, considering that it has impressive specs and features with a low price (compared to the prices here).

I was actually excited to buy ac
cessories and bigger storage memory. I already bought camera case and 2G SD Card. Last Saturday, Hon and I went to Mall of Asia. It's my first time to use my Bluey and I'm very impressed. We ate at Gram's Diner and took some pictures of the place, food and of course, us. Here are some of the pictures we took:

Roast Beef with Gravy (my first macro shot)Hon and I

I lurrrve you already Bluey! I can't wait for our next photo adventure! ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adorable Little French Girl Makes Up Fairy Tale

Wowwee! This girl has quite the imagination. Her adorably epic story has everything Winnie the Pooh, to a suicidal hippo that doesn't want to go to heaven. If more writers had minds like hers we wouldn't be watching Rocky 6 and early '90s sitcom remakes.
-- Funnyvideos.todaysbigthing

I got this link from a friend. Nakakatuwa yung bata, ang daldal! She has a mole kasi near her lips, ganon daw kasi yun kaya ma-kwento. Super pa sa imagination, as if storyteller talaga sya sa isang fairytale. I also love her huge eyes and curly lashes. Kakatuwa! Gifted child noh? Wonder how young is she now.


Her video made my day! =)

This adorable little girl actually has more videos.. woah! I want my future daughter to be adorable and smart like her. Hehe! Meet Capucha.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I haven't return to the gym for more than 3 months now. It's not that I don't have time, I just find it hard to go to the gym religiously. And, I think I'm just burning my money for not using the unlimited use of the gym facilities and equipments. My brother has been active in our gym and he said that some of the peeps there were looking for me already. Well, I don't really mind if I don't see them anymore (especially the gym instructor). Haha!

So anyway, I've been noticing a lot of changes in my bod. I have lotsa flabby parts already! Flabby stomach (as always), arms and thighs. Noooo!! Yup tumataba na naman ako. Hay. I think this is the aftermath. A very horrible aftermath.

I should keep track of my weight na. After gym kasi, wala na. Tinamad na. Tsk tsk. I must make an action na talaga! But since I don't really wanna go and hit the gym again, I planned for something. I know I can lose this filthy flabbyness without hitting the gym. I could still sweat out and exercise, but this time sa bahay na lang. Yup! Sa bahay na lang. I could exercise after work.. I actually started this last night! Oh ha! Haha.. Sinipag lang. I turned on some groovy music and started to do warm-ups. So next na ginawa ko? Nag-scrub ako ng sahig namin! Swoosh! Pinagpawisan na ako, luminis pa sahig namin! Habang sinisipag na ako, nagwalis na din ako, wiped and arranged every furniture in our living room! Woah! I improvised! Talagang pinagpawisan ang lola mo! Matagal tagal na din akong hindi napagpawisan ah. It really feels good! Buti na lang wala si kuya sa bahay. Malamang kasi tatanungin lang nya ako kung may sakit ba ako at naglilinis ako ng bahay.. Haha!

After my "exercise", I took a shower and rested for a while. It's past 8pm then so I have to cook something for our dinner. Good thing, my bro bought fresh seafood! Sawa na kami sa meat. Lagi na lang meat kinakain namin since my parents migrated sa U.S. So yun nga.. Nagimbento ako, I mean nagexperiment pala. I cooked sinabawan na tahong. Yummmy! It was actually my first time to cook that and in fairness, konti na lang at kalasa na ng luto ng mom ko! I missed her tuloy. :(

So sa mga susunod na araw, I'll be doing this routine na. I'll try to eat healthy na din. An impromised exercise and healthy eating na lang gagawin ko. I'll find some other alternatives besides cleaning the entire house. Lol! I'll probably go for hiphop abs again, jogging, or even belly dancing? Woah! I'm not in a rush naman na para mawala agad ang mga flabby ko. I know it will take 4-5 months or more. So I'll do it one step at a time.. Doing the basics by avoiding fatty foods. I'll avoid softdrinks, chocolates (huhu!) , junk foods and eat less rice. More veggies and fruits. Back to healthy lifestyle. It's for my own good din naman diba? Haha..

Naks! =)

Monday, November 17, 2008

3 D's

I haven't blogged in a while. Yeah I'm such a lazy blogger. But since I heard mass last night, I know finally I have something to post.

Though Fr. Robleza's homily last night was a bit serious, he never fails to make us laugh. The homily focuses about blessings we received and will be receiving from Him. Kinuwento din nya yung mga taong nagpapabless sa kanya. Nagpapabless ng bahay, kotse, motorcycle, rosary, bible, religous artifacts, even new shoes (daw). But do we really know why we need the priest to bless them? Hindi dahil para paalisin ang mga mumu sa bahay at hindi para hindi mabangga o maaksidente sa daan. Ano bang winiwisik nila sa mga bagay na we want to be blessed? 'Di ba water. And water signifies life. They bless them simply because they also bless the person who owns it.

As he discusses about how should we give importance on our blessings, he stated the 3 D's that we should do and remember.

1. Design your own success.

What do you really want to happen in your future? How can we achieve it?

2. Do it for others.

Know the purpose on why and whom do we would do it for. Either we do it for our family, loved ones, for a friend, etc. They will be our inspiration. If you feel happy while doing it (example: work), it became valuable. But most especially, do it for Him.

3. Decide to be happy.

Find the eagerness. Feel the happiness in your heart. Be happy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Moshi Monster

I've discovered a new online game. I've been playing this for 'bout a week now and I'm so hooked with it! You could adopt and take care of your very own pet monster. I liked this far better than Neopets since playing that game is so complicated. Also, the "money" there is very hard to earn. In Moshi Monsters, earning rox (money) and feeding your monster is easy.

With your rox, you can buy stuff to decorate your pet's room such as furniture, wallpaper, flooring and more! To increase your monster's health, you have to feed it with disgusting food which can be bought at the "Grossery Shop" (LOL). You could also put clothes and accessories for your monster. You could choose and buy it from the Clothing Store. Once you've bought the item, you could dress it up in the Dress Up Room.

Your monster can even have its own pet in his room! They are called Moshlings. In your Moshling garden, you must plant seeds. First, buy seeds in Main Street. Then, go back to your moshling garden, plant a seed in each plot and watch them grow. Once the 3 flowers have grown, you'll see if you've attracted a Moshling. Some pets are easy to attract, but others only like certain flower colors. I don't have one yet, but hopefully soon I'll attract a cute creature.

It's interactive too since you could add friends and leave a message on their bulletin boards. News and updates are found in its community site and more discussion in the forum.

I'm currently in Level 4 now and Monstar P list. Wanna see how my pet and pet's room look like? I took a picture of it.

Everyone, meet my Mishu:

Isn't she a cutie? =)

What are you waiting for, adopt your own monster now!
Please click here to sign-up!

If you already got your moshi pet, add me up. My username is ninaf. See yah in my room! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008


I got inspired again by Fr. Robleza last night. He shared in his homily the importance of God's Love. Nagkwento siya about this girl. Meron daw isang babae na merong isang malubha at nakakamatay na sakit. Dasal siya ng dasal kay Lord na sana gumaling na siya. She did all the possible things just to make her well again. Nagnonovena siya... After a week yata, a miracle has happened and she got cured. She thanked Him for everything 'coz she knows He answered her prayers. Sa kagalakan nya, she fell from her wheel chair. Mabuti na lang nandun ang kanyang asawa. Tinutulungan siya ng asawa nya pero nagpipilit na huwag daw siyang tulungan. Sabi ng babae, "Wag moko tulungan! Ikaw ang may kasalanan kung bakit ako nasa sitwasyon na toh." May naitatagong galit pala siya sa kanyang asawa. Sa sobrang galit nya, nanikip ang dibdib nya at tuluyan siyang namatay.

Ang kwento na iyong ay maihahambing sa isang bicycle. Ilan ba ang gulong ng isang bisikleta? Hindi ba dalawa? Ilang gulong ang pinapatakbo ng pedal? 'Di ba isa lang. Yung wheel sa likod. It just needs a front wheel for it to move forward.

Sa kwento naman, parang hindi dapat dinadaan lang sa dasal ang mga problema. Nagdasal ka nga, dininig Nya ang dasal mo PERO may naitatagong galit ka naman sa kapwa mo. Wala din..

Nakwento din ni Father yung tungkol sa magkapatid. Sabi ng kuya, "Nakakainis yung kapatid ko, Father. Inis na inis ako," Sabi naman ni father sa kanya, "Eh di patawarin mo." Sabi naman nya, "Eh pano father kung paulit ulit nyang iniinis ako?" Reply ni father, "Eh di patawarin mo ulit."

We don't need reasons for us to forgive. God doesn't choose people for His forgiveness. Kahit ano ka pa, tatanggapin at mamahalin ka Nya.

Just like the wheels in a bicycle, "We should love God for us to love our neighbor."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love My Shirt

*I know it's a bit pixelated. This was taken from my camera phone only. Hehe!

I bought this shirt weeks ago at Robinson's. It's from Whatever! tees and from all the cute tees they have, this one really caught my attention. I chose the shirt size that'll fit me best. Slightly shocked, (M) is my size now. Oh well, people grow you know. I can't have a small tee forever. LOL! Without a doubt, I bought the shirt. I felt like wearing it this morning.. And I did, I really dig this. The shirt ROCKS....err RULES! Whatever...EYELAHVET! ^_^

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My 23rd Bday!

Midnight of the 6th of October, my message inbox started to flood with birthday greetings. Bes became kinda excited 'coz he texted me at 11am on the 5th saying "Ilang minuto na lang birthday mo na. Hihihi! :)". I couldn't believe he greeted me that early. He used to greet me at the night of my special day. Hmmm.. Ano kaya nakain nya ngayon? Haha! My hon called me minutes before the clock strikes 12am. My 2 BFs (Bestfriend and Boyfriend) were quite excited or just being sweet and thoughtful to me? Whatever it is, I really appreciate it.

I have no work that time 'coz I went to work last Eid Al Fitr (Offset). So, it means long weekend and day off for the birthday girl. ^_^

Kuya JR woke me up at 8am! Yup 8am... You know I'm not really a morning person but I have to accept a call from my Mom, Dad and Ate Agnes' Family. Kuya shouted that I have to be online and take the video call. Well alright, alright.. They all greeted me (even my niece and nephew) while I'm looking soo sleepy and could even say hi then. Hehe! I kinda fixed myself first and thank them with joy while saying "Gift ko?" LOL! Sis told me she bought it na. *Yippee!* Though she told me to wait for it by December. I can't wait for the package to be delivered! They asked me "Anong handa mo?" I unsurely replied, "Carbonara and Liempo?" ^_^ The video call lasted less than an hour for they have to get the kids ready for sleep (It's night time there). As I went to bed again and finished my morning sleep... :p

I woke up at around 11:30am and cooked our lunch. My bro told me to accompany him in LTO to re-register our van. Since I have nothing to do, I just agreed. I hit the shower after eating lunch and we left the house by 1pm. Anyway, the process didn't take that long. We got home before 3pm and headed to Waltermart to buy the ingredients and other stuffs. We were starving already that time so we ate in Mongolian Grill first. At the supermarket, I let him grab the ingredients for he would be the one to cook the Carbonara. As he finishes shopping, I headed for the ice cream section and chose a limited edition Selecta Ice Cream "Choco Hazelnut Brownie". Sound sooo mouth-watering, huh?

Afterwich, I just relax while I watch "Mamma Mia" from my iPod. My bro cooked the carbonara after he hit the gym. Everything went well as I prepare the food and placed it in our dinning table. Hon came over at around 8pm. He suprisingly had something for me -- blueberry cheesecake! He knew that I've been craving for it kasi. Haha! Just in time for dinner and time for foodtrip! Liempo with Rice and Carbonara on the side. For dessert? Ice cream and the cake! Of course, the my little celebration isn't complete without taking pictures. Here are some of the pics we took:

Hon, thank you for making my day EXTRA special! :*

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October.. My Month :D

I'll be turning 23 this month. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy 'coz birthdays excite me. All I can think of is birthday cake, ice cream and presentsss! I am so wondering what my siblings and my Hon would be giving me. A bit childish, i know but I guess it's one thing I couldn't change 'till I reach the age of.. I dunno, maybe 'till I am enjoying birthdays? Haha! :D

A bit of sadness because I will be 1 year older. I can't believe I'm kinda in-charge of my life now, and I must say that being independent is not that easy. Okay, let's just turn on my "optimisticness" and say to myself that I maybe 1 year older, but 1 year wiser and stronger. Oh not to forget that Mom and Dad will not be here for my birthday. Good thing there's YM and webcam has been invented. I won't miss them that much. As for their gifts? I'd rather receive cash.. talking about dollars here. Ahehe!

Aside from my birthday, I know a lot of people who'll be celebrating their birthdays this month too. Here's on my calendar so far: Pollacks and Zarah on the 4th, My dad and Shane on the 7th, Kuya Felix and Laureen on the 12th, My Cutie Niece Abby on the 18th, and Hershey on the 29th.

It's the first day of the month so it's our (Hon and I) special day. It's been 4 years and 8 months since my Hon said "YES" to me.. Haha joke! Happy 56th! :*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Severe Headache.. Not!

I was absent for work today. Hurah! I texted our boss at around 10am already. Haha! I had nothing else to reason out but "I have a severe headache". I was writing the text message for 'bout 10 minutes, thinking of a "sick leave" reason. Bwahaha! He didn't reply. But I know he received my message. I guess silence means yes (or okay?) So anyway...

After the text message, I went to back to sleep. Told you I was sick.. Sick to get up early in the morning, that is. Plus, it's to early to get ready for my lunch/day date with my H.S girlfriends. I didn't set up the alarm and guess what? I woke up at 12pm! To think I had to be in Glorietta by 12:30pm.. Lol! Oh my.. I was late as always. Good thing they were late also. I took a speedy shower and drank milo. I even chose what I'm going to wear. Do I have to be girly girly or shirt-jeans-flipflops would be okay? But I was guessing they were wearing casual office attire so I gotta look like formalish too. Good thing my semi-new flowy brown blouse and a pair of jeans were ironed and ready. My problem then was the shoes I'm going to wear. Hmmm.. I know! I'm gonna wear my newly bought brown gladiator flats to go with my outfit. (I just bought it yesterday with my hon) *wink wink*

We met up in Freeway store. I was quite shocked on how they look now. Lara and Celine got thin na! I was like.. "Waaah! You guys look great!" They just smiled at me and said that they were starving. Lara was craving for pasta. We went to Spaghetti Factory. Celine and I liked what we ordered and Lara got disappointed on her Lasagna. While having lunch, we talked about what's happening with our busy lives, lovelife and reminiscing our high school lives in Sanago. Haha! It felted like we were in a Sex and the City scene (Well, except minus 1 character which was suppose to be Laureen!). Celine gotta go back to her office so kami na lang ni Lara natira. Bonding! Lol! Mega WINDOW shopping galore...just like old times. :) Then, we decided to watch a movie "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2". Aww.. another story about 4 girlfriends. It was a nice and simple movie.

At 6:30pm, we had to part ways na. She has to meet up with Vic and as for me, I gotta go visit my Honey in his office. I walked a long way, from Glorietta to Valero street. Whew! My feet got really tired because I wasn't wearing my comfortable footwear. Now I learned that those gladiator sandals weren't meant for long walks. So anyway, Honey treated me for dinner at Chilly Peppers (Tama ba spelling?) near their office building. I was starving that time and boy, that very tasty porkchop satiates my hunger. (Thanks Hon!:)) Hon have to go and work again (would you believe that the meal he ate was his lunch AND dinner).. Poor hon, he was so busy at work that he forgot to eat na. :| Tsk tsk.. It was, I guess my fault 'coz I was so enjoying our gimik that I didn't even say hi and ask if he already ate lunch. Bad girlfriend me.

My day turned out fine. Me not working in the office, had a long sleep ('till 12pm), catched up with my H.S girlfriends and a scrumptious dinner with my Honey.

*wink wink*

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Friday, September 5, 2008

I Feel Better Now

I was absent for work yesterday because I feel really sick. I was feeling sooo dizzy and felt like vomiting all the time. So sobrang worried ako.. I ask myself, "Kulang lang ba ako sa tulog?".. Malamang hindi kasi medyo maaga naman ako natulog. And I felt sick na the day before at work. I couldn't distinguish why am I feeling this way. I haven't felt soo sick like this since I don't know when.

Well, I think maybe it's a side effect of the tablet that I'm taking lately. Probably wondering what medicine is it? Well.. Nope, it's not diet pills! It's not glutathione either. It's a medicine prescribed by my oby-gyne. My guess was right. I went to this certain forum (Girltalk) and was actually surprised that there was actually a thread about this certain medicine under the Woman's Reproductive Health & Rights. Some G-talkers has been taking this medicine and they are sharing about their experience taking it. And I have learned that headache, LBM and nausea are the side effects. Luckily, I didn't have LBM!

My hon told me to text my oby-gne to really confirm if the medicine has these side effects. She immediately replied yes and advised to lower the dosage since my body couldn't manage it (yet). It takes getting used to daw. So I only took the tablet after having my lunch.. Then, I took One A Day (for Women's) multivitamins after dinner. I just watched TV while chatting with my hon online for a while and did my "rituals". Then I finally headed to bed.

I went back to work a while ago.. and I feel better now. Whew!

Monday, September 1, 2008

BER months

Today is officially the start of the BER months. BER months are the months that I love (syempre pati ang month of February!) Maraming may birthday like my Mom, Dad, Abby, Kuya Felix, Ate Beth, Kuya Lloyd, Ate Dith, Len, Ate Janice, Donna, at yung birthday ko din! :)

Malamig na ang panahon kasi magpapasko na! Wipee! Teka, wipee nga ba? Haha! Wipee kasi It's the birth of our Savior, I love receiving gifts, Christmas BONUS, Balikbayan box with loads of Pasalubongs (my VS lingerie that I requested!, tons of make-up, clothes, and chocolates of course!!!) from Mom & Dad and Ate Agnes & family, Christmas shopping (for myself, siblings, my honey, may inaanaks, etc.).. And definitely NOT wipee because of the gastos and my parents isn't here to celebrate it with us.. Aww sadness.

Today din ang aming 55th monthsary namin ni Honey :D We celebrated it last Saturday.. O.T yata kasi si Honey today. After lunch, Hon accompanied me first to my Oby check-up. Then, we went to SM Sta. Mesa. We beautifed ourselves in David's Salon. Hon got a haircut while I had my eyebrows for a "threading" and pedicure for me (super ouch pala magpa-threading, yes it's my first time!). Then, we watched "Big Stan"..Haha wala na kasing mapanuod tska I wanna watch something funny. After the movie, we just strolled around the mall. We ate dinner at JT's Manukan in San Juan. It's a restaurant owned by the renowned actor Joel Torre. Super sarap ng inasal nila, malaki ang part compared to other inasal restos. Maraming kumakain, yung iba halatang dinayo pa yung resto (just like us). I was with my Hon the whole day. :)

As for yesterday, I did my laundry and rested the whole afternoon. Then sa gabi, I heard mass with my bro and good thing si Fr. Robleza yung priest. I haven't been blogging about his homily recently. But I promise you that I still attend mass. His homily last night was quite funny and as always, inspiring. Kinuwento nya yung mga couples na kinasal nya. He explained the true essence of getting married. That there's a big difference between promises and VOWS. Dapat talaga super prepared ang mga couples before tieing the knot and get settled. I learned a lot from him, mas lumawak ang aking pagiisip about getting married. =)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bon Voyage Mom & Dad!

Last Saturday, I was overly craving for some buttered shrimp. Lalo na yung galing sa Dampa.. While watching TV, bigla na lang ako nagsalita ng "Gusto ko ng buttered shrimp!" Haha! Everyone was busy helping Mom and Dad pack their clothes and "pasalubongs" so I guess no one heard me. Being so lazy at home, niyaya ko si Hon to go out watch a movie or something. Medyo biglaan yung pagkayaya ko sa kanya kasi I already said na wala munang lakad for this week (para magkasama muna sina Mom and Dad bago sila umalis). Pero wala eh, na-bored ako and I want to add my pasalubongs for my nephews and niece. Hon and I went shopping and ate at Max's Restaurant for dinner. Yum! As I went home, Mom told me to wrap the things I bought and include it in their package.

Sunday morning, I woke up and got so surprised about what Mom was doing. Kagagaling lang daw nya sa palengke, bumili ng isang kilong sugpo at hinuhugasan na ang mga ito.. Awww.. Sobrang na-touched ako. Akala ko walang pumansin sa pagkaka-crave ko sa shrimp kahapon. Mom has been so sweet and thoughtful. Eto talaga mamimiss ko. I gave her a big and loving hug. Sabi ko, "Mamita 'wag ka na umalis".. Sabi naman nya,"Ayaw mo bang makapunta din sa Amerika?" "Syempre gusto ko!" Haay... 2-Despedida party nila and some of our relatives from my father's side came.. I ordered food from Amber's. Ohh I love their pichi pitchi! I stayed most of my time in our parent's room.. Tinatabihan lang si Mamita, nanunuod ng TV habang nakahiga. Crowded na kasi sa baba tska at least kasama ko si mom lang muna. At 8:30pm, we heard mass in Don Bosco. Buti na lang si Fr. Robleza. I know Mom and Dad will surely miss his homily.

Woke up because of the noise coming from downstairs, nagsidatingan na pala mga bisita! At oo hinapon na ako ng gising, haha! Day2 of their despedida party and Day of their flight. Waaah... Madaming dumating na mga kamag-anak ule, mostly naman from mother's side. Of course, kailangan si Hon dumating din. He brought cake from Red Ribbon. Actually, sinamahan ko siyang bumili sa Red Ribbon. Pumunta din naman ako dun for last minute shopping for Abby's accessories. Pag-uwi namin jampacked ang bahay, nakatambay na nga ibang mga pinsan ko sa labas. Haha! Cake galore for meryenda. I helped Ate Beth for last minute packing and labeling their luggage. Foodtrip, picture-picture, kwentuhan.. Kumain muna ng masaganang dinner bago pumunta kami sa airport. Habang nasa van, sobrang paghahabilin sa aming magkakapatid. Kita kits na lang sa webcam, laging maginggat, huwag muna magaasawa(haha! para ma-migrate din kami), security sa bahay, yung kotse.. lahat lahat na. Hindi ako naiiyak pero syempre alam ko mamimiss ko sila. Mga 3 years ba naman silang mawawala, after 3 months siguro maiiyak na lang ako sa sobrang pagkakamiss. Iniisip ko na lang sa ngayon, umalis sila with a purpose. Iniisip ko na lang muna na nasa Pangasinan lang sila.

Sa ganitong oras siguro nasa California na sila.. Haaay.. Mamimiss ko kayo Mom and Dad! See yah soon.. May webcam naman. Pasalubong ko ha.. hehe! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beijing Olympics 08

It already started last August 8, 2008 at 8pm ( Haha! I've watched the opening ceremony on TV, but not entirely though. My mom kept on changing the channel to watch her "teleseryes". :p I must say the Chinese community have greatly prepared a lot for this. I wonder how many months or years they have allotted to practice for the ceremony. The drumming(?) and synchronization is sooo cool! The announcer says that there are 2008 guys! The countdown is so amazing. If you missed the kewlest countdown ever, here's the clip:

I know it's quite late to blog about this but I stumbled upon a featured video on youtube about a World Record card stacker Bryan Berg has recreated the Bejing Olympic Village using 140,000 playing cards.

Cool aye? :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hello to my horn-rimmed glasses (again). I wore eyeglasses back in college.. though not constantly as others. Sobrang pasaway kasi ako eh. Haha! I have had signs of astigmatism and I ignored it. I even lost my eyeglasses and didn't even bother to replace it.

Well, I've been working for a year and 98% in front of the computer. After work, my eyes were turning red and tired. It took one year since I felt the need to protect or even fix my eyes. Ahaha! My mom insisted me to visit the optical center last weekend. And yeah, I need the glasses. The ophthamologist even suggested to put coating for extra protection on radiation especially for the monitor. I chose black and red frame.. It's two of my fave colors and the design suits my face (Well, at least my mom said so). The frame I chose is a bit pricey but I like it. I should say these glasses are a good investment for my precious eyes.

So yeah, gotta work. I'm cool with the fact my eyes are protected now.. ^_^

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Haha! Front seat pala ah.. Pero oks lang, Juanch! Thanks po! Hindi ako pwedeng magreklamo kasi libre lang naman.. Haha! Nag-enjoy naman kami eh. :)

Anyway, we thought we were late for the concert (we arrived at 8:30pm) but it seems Alicia Keys is more late than us. Lolz! I think she arrived at 9:45pm and the concert started at 10pm already.. Geez! Mas matagal pa ata naghintay yung mga tao keysa dun sa concert mismo. Hmm.. but I must say that It's worth the wait. Ang galing nya super! Great performance! Mabuti na lang nilipat yung venue sa SMX.. Ayoko kasi ng open ground concerts eh.

So yun nga, mga 1 and a half hours lang ata yung concert. Some said it's bitin pero for me okay lang naman. I didn't count how many songs she sang but I bet 13-15 songs. She sang most of her hits like "My Boo", "Karma", "How Come You Don't Call Me", "Fallin", "Like You'll Never See Me Again, "Teenage Love Affair", "Superwoman"...and I fell in love when she sang "Tender Love". Their encore songs? "No One" and "If I Ain't Got You". Everyone sang along that "oh oh oh oh ohhh"... Enjoy!

Thank you Hon for sacrificing your workload and time para samahan lang ako sa concert. ^_^

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alicia Keys Live in Manila

Alicia Keys Live in Manila will be later already! I'm kinda excited... You know why? 'Coz I'm going later! Yay! A friend of mine will be giving us (Hon and I) some free tickets. (Psst Juanch! I ain't thanking you yet, the ticks aren't in our hands yet! Lolz!) He said his cousin works at MTV Philippines and he could grab some ticks for us. Front row seats daw!

We finally saw him last Saturday in the Acquaintance Party.. He hasn't changed a bit since we last saw him during our graduation day. Speaking of the acquaintance party,T'was kinda boring. We'll at least for me. Maybe the freshies and the current students enjoyed the party but some of the alumini felt boredom.

So back to Alicia Keys fever... Yay again! I'll be seeing my fave R&B artist in the flesh! Rain or shine, the concert is still on! Anyway, the event will be moved a few steps away from the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to the SMX Convention Center to keep everyone covered. (got the info from: MTV Phil website. )

Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Latte?!?!

Freebies everyone!!

Someone from our school yahoo group shared a link about how to get these free lattes.. all you have to do is to print the coupons! Weee! I hope this is for real!

Point the mouse on the image, then Right click and "Save Image As" or Click this LINK.

What are you waiting for? Go to any (CBTL) - The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch now!! (Philippines only)

This promo ends on July 31, 2008!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight [2008]

Another movie review.. for the sake of posting a blog entry. Haha! I'm too lazy to write a review after I finish watching a certain movie (either from DVD, from my iPod or moviehouses). But I enjoy discussing and sharing side comments and observations with someone who have also seen what I've watched. My honey and I watched this movie last friday night but as I have said.. I am lazy to write reviews!

So yeah...

Hmm.. Though the movie was quite long (almost 3 hours), we got entertained. Some first scenes are a bit dragging but as the movie progresses, it became exciting. I actually thought Joker was the protagonist.. Lolz! I mean "The Joker" stole the whole movie! He stole every scene he was in. Heath Ledger(+)'s acting was brilliant, dramatic and convincing! Harvey Dent? So-so.. I didn't realize at that moment that He was actually Two Face! (Sorry naman! Slow ako eh!) I forgot Harvey Dent is Two Face. Tska kasi they changed the story on how he got the scar. But the burn looks sooo real here! Yung mukhang sunog talaga.. Kita na yung ngipin.. wala na cheeks.. I couldn't really stare on his face..

Christian Bate as Batman? I honestly don't like him as Batman! For me, the best would be... Uhm, It's actually a tie between Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer! :) Rachel Dawes.. Hmm... I think she's old for the role. Lolz! Dunno.. Maybe because the role was originally for Katie Holmes. I'm not familiar with the actress actually. Her name is Maggie something.. Hmm.. I dunno if it's just me but there's something about her facial expressions that reminds me of Kirsten Dunst. I like Katie Homes for the role better. I've read in a friend's review that Katie turned the role down 'coz of schedule conflicts problem.. Too busy being a mom i guess. Anway, too bad Rachel died in the story.

Fave lines (all from the Joker):
- The ever popular -- "Why so serious? "
- "Let's put a smile on that face!"
- "You prefer a magic trick, instead? Watch me make this pencil disappear."
- "If you're good at something, never do it for free."

"Batman: Why do you wanna kill me?
The Joker: Kill you? I don't wanna kill you... you complete me." (Parang Pop Cola lang eh!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Long time no blog about Fr. Robleza's sunday mass sermon. Minsan kasi he's not the assigned priest during the 8:30 mass.. For 3 consecutive sunday, siya ang nag-misa. It really excites me when I attend mass and know that he would be the priest. I'm sure the homily would be nice and inspiring again.

His homily a while ago is still fresh in my mind. (Of course that was just an hour ago..haha!) Anyway, he started the homily with an old story about a butiki. In a restaurant, a butiki fell from the ceiling. Everyone in the restaurant had different reactions. A kikay girl shouted "Eeew, there's a butiks!" A call center agent dude also got shocked and said "Oh man, it's a small lizard." While the son of a rich clan called his mom and said "Mom, look it's lacoste!" Haha! Mga tao nga naman ngayon eh noh.. Ano man itawag natin dyan, butiki lang yan.. a 4 legged creature.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello again sunny sun!

With almost a week of cold and rainy days, finally I was able to see the sunny sun again. I woke up with a smile on my face saying "Hello SUN!" It's also been a while since I last post an entry in this blog.. Twitter became my reliable alternative. Check out my sidebar to see what I'm talking about. I've been playing lotsa games lately.. I wanna kill the boredom. Lately, I've been playing Adventure Quest (Ya, old school! I remember college days! Lolz!). Goodbye Dinner Dash, Hello Sally Salon and Jojo's Fashion Show! Tihee!

Today is Friday.. sweet!!! I wanna spend time again with my hon.. I miss him already.

Anyway, I can feel my stomach growling while writing this entry.. I didn't eat breakfast.. for a reason! Bwahaha! I know it's bad but what the heck! Haha! I'm pigging out later for lunch! Jules would be treating us for lunch.. It's his birthday celebration! Yellow Cab foodtrip again.. Yay!

Back to my friday task.. airplane history! ^_^

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

53rd! :)

Another 1st day of the month and this means a celebration for me and my honey! Yesterday was our 53rd month! :)

I was feeling so cheesy that day especially while I was in my workplace. I played love songs whole morning, made a testimonial/comment on his friendster page, and had a YM status message saying "happy one!:)". I also spent hours searching the internet for ideas on what gift should I buy for my honey. As I was "googling", I've stumbled upon a girl's blog. An entry says something like "There are many ways of expressing LOVE. It doesn’t always have to be a gift." and "Gifts shouldn't always be in material things". So I said to myself, "Oo nga naman..". So I decided to head to the salon after work. Magpapaganda na lang ako for my hon! I wanna change my 'do again, shop for girly girl clothes, etc. I'm sooo sure he'll appreciate it more than a bar of chocolate. I had my hair chopped at Mary Pauline Salon. Minsan lang ako magpagupit so why not go in a beauty salon that would provide quality service right? I feel breezy with my hairstyle now. I bid goodbye to my previous boring-and-thick-looking hair. After my hair treatment, I went window shopping. Window shopping that led me to purchase 2 girly blouses.. Haha!

Before meeting up with mah hon, I fixed myself in the ladies room. I really want him to notice the look and good thing he actually did. Yay!

Time to eat dinner so we went to Greenbelt 5 to look for a nice resto. Nice and classy place.. We even saw Kris Aquino and James Yap! Wah starstuck! Lolz! Moving along, we didn't felt like eating there that time. We want to eat something heavy but yummy too. Steak is the answer! We headed for National Sports Grill! I've heard steaks there are highly recommend! Hmm.. It was tasty alright, probably the best tasting steak we've tried! We also tried their minor league angel pasta. I would say the dinner was superb.. not to mention we were watching a replay of the Pacquiao-Diaz fight in a huge screen. How cool and exciting is that?

We went home at around 12am already.. After a long walk along Pasay Road, we decided to grab a cup of frappucino at Starbucks. Dark Mocha Frap is such a delight! I lurrrve it! Last night was a blast.. Another memorable night with my one and only. *goes chessy again* Lolz!

Monday, June 30, 2008

my 80's party @ myminilife

You can't really view it? Oh, too bad. I guess you must have flash player installed in your PC. Or you have to register in myminilife first before you could view it or try clicking this link. I've been a member of myminilife since friendster has this application. I was a fan of "The Sims" so I undoubtedly added this application. I thought its interactive but this is more on building and designing homes.

I registered in the main site so I could fully access the other features. I have created 14 mini homes now! Mostly results of boredom.. Haha! Well, I'm also a frustrated designer so I guess I'd boost my so-called ability here. This "minihome" is my latest project and I was inspired by Austin Powers so I made this 80's party.. As you can hear in the background music, it plays the intro music in the Austin Powers movie! Groovy!! Oh behave! Lolz!

Uhmm.. I guess everything is working, better leave me a note there (as guests).

Just click any of the 5 picture buttons:
a pencil& notepad - post a sticky note
yellow bell - ring the door bell
lips - leave a kiss
party hat - throw a party
pink soap - clean this home

Haha! Thanks for visiting! ^_^

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nothing much..

I've been sooo lazy for work lately. Frequent lates.. "Petix" mode.. Games galore.. Abusing the internet.. Tsk tsk! I'm so pasaway! I think I need a break (again?) Well actually, I have a "scheduled" trip with my Honey but we don't know exactly when and where(?) to go. My Hon won an all expense paid local travel during their company event last month. Sad to say, the trip is good for one only. Meaning I have to pay my own airfare so I could go with him? Haha! Just kidding! Galante naman si Hon and he's willing to pay my airfare for at least half of its price. Lolz!

So when and where should we go? I've been suggesting lotsa vacation spots such as Palawan, Davao, Bohol-Cebu, Batanes, Aurora & Ilocos, and so on.. From all the places I've mentioned, we wanna explore Bohol-Cebu. But we think this is ain't the perfect month to visit Bohol. Maybe in August.. I really don't know when. I can say I'm excited already. Matagal pa kaya! Haha! Pero excited ako kasi we have plans to go there. I don't want to be so O.A na tipong pinaplano na every detail of it and blab it to everyone. I'll just make an update about this next month or so. Hehe!

So ayun.. Wala naman masyadong makwento. Pinagaabalahan ko lang lately is for work, watching movies, having fun with my Hon, go to the gym etc.

Ok back to my so-called work. Hayz.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nancy Jane

Nancy Castiglione is back.. but now known as Nancy Jane (from her real name: Nancy Jane Jimenez Castiglione). She has reinvented herself as a recording artist. I've seen her lately in MYX Music Awards '08 and just last Sunday at ASAP '08.. Her self-titled album contains 12 house/lounge/electronica tracks and the music video for her debut single “Love Song”. I've listen to some of her tracks and it really sounded like Bonnie Bailey and Kylie Minogue.

Track List
1. Deep Inside You (4:56)
2. Love Song (4:48)
3. Control (Blanco Mix) (5:13)
4. Moonlight Mood (5:09)
5. Hold You Close (4:51)
6. Rock It (3:48)
7. When You Play Aroud (5:03)
8. My Perfect Diet (4:30)
9. (Driving Around) So Good Together (4:51)
10. Attraction/Connection (4:20)
11. Without You (4:26)
12. Control (Leon Chaplain Mix) (4:58)

Her "Love Song" is my current LSS! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Can you spot a fake smile?

Spot the fake smile

  • This experiment is designed to test whether you can spot the difference between a fake smile and a real one
  • It has 20 questions and should take you 10 minutes
  • It is based on research by Professor Paul Ekman, a psychologist at the University of California
  • Each video clip will take approximately 15 seconds to load on a 56k modem and you can only play each smile once


You got 14 out of 20 correct

Can you spot a fake smile?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sex and the City: The Movie

I finally saw Sex and the City last night! (I couldn't wait any further, my high school friends kept me hanging!) So, I made my Honey watch the movie with me.. Good thing meron pa sa G4! You would think that by now, 2 weeks later, on a Wednesday night no less, there won't be that many people. But no. It was still a full house! The moviehouse was packed full of women that probably brought their girlfriends with them. Haha!

I suppper luurrvvee the movie!

I always watch the TV show back then in HBO.. and I have to say that the movie was a long version of the TV series but the much waaay much better and bolder!

I can't help but blurt my favorite parts from the movie: (in no particular order)
WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!
  • Vogue magazine pictorial: those bridal gowns are just gorgeous! Carrie was like a sophisticated and fab barbie doll
  • The opening scene: Carrie was walking down the street wearing a white dress with a big flower
  • The night before the wedding "slumber"/"bachelorette" party: how the 4 girls share stories and insights about Carrie and Big's lovelife
  • Take and Toss: the 3 girls helped Carrie decide if the dress she has should be kept or not.. As Carrie fashion showed her dresses, the 3 girls act as judges.
  • Charlotte's very angry line for Big: "I curse the day you were born." And then her water broke.
  • The bridal entourage dress: I like Charlotte's black dress! It reminds me of Morticia Addams (the mom from "The Addams Family") but Charlotte's dress is nicer and fashionable. Lolz!
  • The diamond flower ring of Samantha: How she wanted it so bad and she lost the auction 'coz she only has a limit of $50,000. Then she knew that Smith won the auction so He could give it to Samantha as 5th year anniversary gift to Samantha.
  • Their trip to Mexico: I find it cute and sweet knowing your friends are always there for you especially when you're emotionally down..
  • Samantha's comment on Miranda's natural forest: "Wax much?"
  • How can I forget the walk-in closet? Wah! I think most of the girls would love to have one.. Well, I do! :p
I actually love most of the scenes! Hindi ba masyadong halata? Hehe! Hate ko lang yung mga cuts! Badtrip eh, 'di inayos yung pagkakaputol. Anyhow, SATC would definitely be in my list of my most favorite movies for 2008. I'll just probably wait for about a month and cross my fingers for it to be available for a DVDrip download. Ha!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

one of my fave pastimes...

"Di ba Huwebes ngayon.. baka may bago nang palabas" -- from the song "Torpedo" of Eraserheads

Marami nang bagong movies ngayon! Sad to say hindi ko pa napapanuod ang Sex and the City. Waah! Ang hirap na kasi halughugin mga high school girlfriends ko. Hayz! Better bring my honey na lang. I know its more of a chick flick pero he's going to appreciate the movie din naman siguro. Other than girltalks, he could learn more about love, relationship and you-know-what. I've read some reviews about this movie and good thing most are nice feedbacks.. Mabuti na lang palabas pa toh sa G4 and Rockwell! Whew! Sana hanggang friday, meron pa. Hehe!

Caregiver? We don't really watch tagalog movies sa sinehan.. pero the starring here is Ms. Sharon Cuneta so I would expect this would be a great film. Meron pa sa G4 pero I don't think mapapanuod namin ito. Kapos sa oras, we'll try though.

Hmm.. The Happening? I'm not really familiar with the movie. I just know it's a sci-fi flick. I'm not sure if it's worth paying in movie theaters. Let's see the feedback.

Narnia Part 2 (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) is already showing by the way.. I know I already watched the Part 1 but I forgot the story na. Haha! Kaya dinowload ko pa siya online to refresh my memory on what happened first in the part 1. Good thing movies could already be watched in portable gadgets! :)

I've actually been waiting for Kung Fu Panda! Good thing it's already showing! I wanna watch it! Aurus said that the movie is so hilarious and cute for all the kids and kids at heart (like me! haha!) I love animal cartoons (like Surfs up and Madagascar). And I know that Jack Black, Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie are the voices behind the cast. So yeah.. I won't miss this for sure!

Movies (Coming Soon) that I'm looking forward to see:
Made of Honor
Get Smart
The Incredible Hulk
Baby Mama
The Dark Knight

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Result of boredom

You Are Granola

You are creative and inventive.

You don't do much the ordinary or normal way.

You like to explore new ideas and lifestyles.

Something isn't for you just because other people do it.

Quick breakfast fixes are definitely not your style.

You're the type most likely to cook yourself an amazing homemade breakfast.

Your Gemstone is Emerald

Balanced, liberated, and peaceful.

You bring luck into any situation.

Gummy Bears

You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute.

If You Were Born in 2893...

Your Name Would Be: Cho Baan

And You Would Be: A Comet Chaser

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


"Winner, winner, chicken dinner!"
Tagline: Five students who changed the game forever

It's been quite a while since I wrote a movie review. I'm a certified movie goer yet I couldn't allot time to review each and every movie I've watched.

Anyway, this movie is based on a true story. It started with a brilliant M.I.T student (Ben Campbell) who tries to apply for a scholarship in Harvard Medical School. He needs $300,000 to pay for HMS tuition fee in case he didn't pass the scholarship. His math professor (Kevin Spacey) discovered his brilliance and saw potential for their "business". Ben was recruited to join a group of students that plays Blackjack and heads to Las Vegas to win million of dollars. Since Ben really needs the money, he eventually agreed to join. Besides, "Counting cards is not gambling", quoted by his math professor/group leader. With a great and quick mind, Ben finds it easy to win every game.

I'll leaving you hanging here. It's for you to watch the movie and see the ending! Harhar! I'm telling you guys, the movie is worth seeing.. and yes, it is way better than Indiana Jones! As the movie ends, it made me want to learn to play blackjack...and go to Las Vegas!!

Kudos to Jeff Ma! Made me proud to be an Asian.. Lolz! "Asians are not smart. Americans are just stupid."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Back to d' gym!

I'll be going back to the gym officially today. But this time, my Hon's going with me! Yay!

Last weekend, we went shopping and food tripping! We felt that we were gaining weight na. Yung mga damit na supposedly kasya sa akin, sobrang kapit na! No more small shirts for me? Medium na ako? Wah! The razorback tank top na nabili ko nga was large na!!! Boohoo! And Hon's board shorts? XL! Hehe! So I suggested him na we should hit the gym na. He suggested Fitness First but heck their fee is way expensive. Not to mention that it's far from my place. So I suggested the gym I used to go last January.

So yeah, we're getting physical.. lose weight po. Lolz!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Play drums? Cool!

You Should Play the Drums

You are often hyper, restless, and full of a little too much zeal.

However, people may be surprised to know that you can focus your energy well.

You are driven and engaged enough to be a great drummer... and you have the stamina to practice for hours.

In fact, when you can channel your energy productively, it only increases!

You are independent and spirited... but also consistent. You can definitely keep the beat.

You work well in a group and contribute heartily - without needing to take the lead.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your aggression

Your secondary personality characteristic: your precision

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congrats to Whitney!

I watched ANTM (America's Next Top Model) Cycle 10 Finale last night and I'm glad that Whitney won! If you've been browsing on my previous entries, I stated that my personal picks are Katarzyna, Lauren, Anya and Claire. Well, It's good to know Anya made it to the Top Two. From the beginning, I really felt she could make it. Unfortunately, something went wrong on the runway-slash-battle of the two models. Sure Anya is beautiful and look incredible in photos but on the runaway, she became stiff and felt uncomfortable. I think I would blame the 2 gowns (which are hand-picked by Donatella Versace by the way). Anya's gowns were too long and tight that it's so hard to walk in! But then, she should have walked on the runway with poise and style. As for Whitney, her dresses looks comfy and really flowy. I love the 2nd pink dress and how she worked that runway with flare!

Whitney is the first full figured, juicy, plus size winner of America's Next Top Model. Whitney is such a beautiful girl and it's about time that America's Next Top Model showed that it's okay to have a little extra weight. Congrats Whitney!

If you wanna watch the video of the Runway Finale, here's the clip:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

me? 17 years old?

You Act Like You Are 17 Years Old

You are a teenager at heart. You don't quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don't feel like a kid.

You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

You're quite rebellious, and you don't like being told what to do. You like to do things your way.

You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life.

What's up the number 17? First, I could take 17 5-year-old kids in a fight and now I act like I'm 17? Harhar... Well, yeah, I know I don't really act my age. The question is, do I really have to? At a certain point, maybe yeah.. I should be matured. Act mature, dress mature, be poised, be lady-like, and all. But there's something inside me that is telling me not to. I mean, it isn't really a requirement of some sort. The second sentence in the result said "You don't quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don't feel like a kid." fits.. I think I'm still stucked from being a teenager. Much like loving the high school/college days, adventure trips, night life, watching MTV and even cartoons, loves to wear tee shirts. Stuffs like that.. As long as I'm comfortable and happy.. I don't wanna pretend. That's what makes me unique.

Yeah, I have my own unique style. If I don't like something, I voice out. I could be frank but at times, I won't speak out knowing I could hurt other's feelings. I think of a nice way of saying a "bad" thing. I guess that would not classify me as a plastic or just being safe.

Has taste in music? I guess.

Outlook on life? Happy and contented.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I hate iTunes!

It erased all my music and movies on my ipod classic! Waaah! It's all because of that "updates" whenever I open itunes. Almost every month, they upgrade version and when it asked me if I would like to update my version, I immediately clicked yes. Me knowing that it would be a helpful thing (fixed bugs, easier usage etc...). iTunes automatically download the latest version then, it would ask you if you would like to install it in your PC. I clicked yes and a question has been asked again. Me being pissed 'coz I'm some kinda in a hurry, I clicked "Ok". (Yeah, not reading the question and not knowing that I clicked "Erase and Sync")

Wanna know the question? "Do you want to erase this iPod and sync w/ this itunes library?" (or something like that) WAH! And yes my library was empty. I HATE iTunes!!! I already had more than 60 movies and more than 20 albums on my ipod and I lost everything in just a second! #^%@%$&!!!! I accidentally erased everything. :((

That "latest" version automatically or manually sync everything in your library. Meaning it would consume lotsa space in your external hard drive. What if the capacity of your iPod is larger than your computer's hard drive and, as you load music onto your iPod, you delete it off your hard drive to conserve space? Waahhh!! I tried "downgrading" the software but nothing happened. It needs the "upgraded" version for it to function. I hate iTunes!!!

Please fix this major problem.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

17 five year old kids in a fight


I'm not a fighter. Actually, I love kids. But I'm soooo freaking bored and I saw this quiz that Joel took and his result? 26 kids! Hahaha.. He's tall kasi so maybe that would be an advantage. Lolz! I was actually surprised about my result. 17? Geez... How brutal am I? Hmm.. Let's just say I love pillow fights! Gaah.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where Should You Spend Your Summer?

You Should Spend Your Summer at the Beach

You're a free spirit who is always thinking of new ways to have fun.

And you don't just love summer... you live for it.

So, you really should blow off your responsibilities and head to the beach!

>>> Yah! I agree! Take me back to the beach.. Haha! This weekend I'll be on an office outing-slash-pool party! We'll be going to Shercon Resort. I've seen their website and I think that resort is also a nice place. Oh, my Hon's coming along too. Yay! Can't wait. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Con

I borrowed my Hon's PSP for the weekend but I still have it at home. We didn't meet up last night eh. Well, that's a good thing I guess. I had enough rest, helped mom and dad prepare their things and I was able to discover a new game in the PSP.. THE CON! Must buy PSP.. err? Don't know yet. I'm on a tight budget. Plus, I have my iPod na. Stop the gadget buying.. Well, at least for this year. Hehe!

I borrowed Hon's PSP because of the game "Puzzle Guzzle". Then, I realized that it's getting boring and that game is just really for kids. Ack! So, I browsed other games that are installed in his PSP.. The Con, Jackass The Game, Marvel Superheroes, SNES games, etc.. (I can't remember the others). Actually, I feel a bit sleepy right now 'coz I played The Con 'till dawn..err until 1am? Waaah! I'm getting addicted with this game already. I miss Ginger and my Team Kewl*! Haha.. Can't relate? Ok, I'll share a little info about Ginger and Team Kewl*.

Ginger is my player. I created her.. every part of her.. Yup, from head to toe. My personalized "Con" character. I didn't make her look like me or something but I made her look like a real girl fighter in mind. Why the name Ginger? I dunno.. It was the first name that popped into head last night. Ginger looks like J.Lo, but has Angelina Jolie's pouty lips. She has braided hair and has physically fit body. Street boxing is her "specialty" or type of fighting. And my team? I named it "Kewl*", from the word Cool? Haha, wala lang! Her teammates are Tessa and Willa, both in Jeet Jun Do (fighting styles).

I'm so sleepy.. I'd probably grab a cup of coffee later..

Oh joy, I can't wait to go home.. Tihee! ^_^

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Treasures of Bolinao

Spent the weekend in Treasures of Bolinao.. Ahh what a breathtaking paradise. It is located near Cape Bolinao (Lighthouse). Rates are very reasonable. The trip is quite long (3 hours drive from my mom's hometown in Pangasinan or 7-8 hours drive from Manila).. but heck it's sooo much worth the wait. Just view the pics below. Perfect summer vacation!

Treasures of Bolinao

Pool Area

The Long Bridge

The Patar beach is considered the "Little Boracay" of Pangasinan. White sand and quite a virgin beach.. perfect for all the peepz who love privacy and tranquility of nature. Treasures of Bolinao has the perfect waterfront beach resort..

Patar Beach

This is the most beautiful beach I've visited so far in Summer 2008!

Other pics: (courtesy of