Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheesy me

4 days to go, 5th year anniversary na namin ni Honey! Finally, meron na kaming plan kung saan kami pupunta. We're going north naman.. roadtrip lang! Punta kami sa Subic! First time namin pumunta doon together.. Beach mode ule kami this weekend. Yay! Buti na lang talaga halos kasabay namin sila Chris and Sheila ng 5th year anniversary. February 1 kami and February 2 sila. Oh dba, one day lang. Hihi.

Nag-pm ako kay Sheila last week, asking her kung ano plans nila. Wala pa rin daw. So yun.. Nagkayayaan na lang bigla na double date / gala na lang. Mas okay yun! Bakit? Tipid kasi sa pamasahe, hati-hati lang sa pang-gas and toll fees. Pero syempre hindi na share sa accomodation. KKBsr or Kanya Kanyang Bayad sa room. pati sa food na rin. LOL. Ok din kasi may taga-picture sa amin (and vice versa). Hindi na magaabala ng iba tao or magpapakahirap mag-set ng timer sa digicam. I know kailangan solo lang dapat kami on OUR day pero I think this is a great idea na rin. It would be 2 couples celebrating their 5th year anniversary. Oh di'ba, para maiba naman. Hindi naman sila strangers sa amin, friends naman namin sila pareho so walang problema. Tska at least alam na nila yung pasikot-sikot sa Subic. Nakapunta na sila doon eh. Sayang I wanna visit pa naman Zoobic and Ocean Adventure. Hehe. So, beach trip na lang muna kami. Okay lang din. Feeling ko makakaubos ng oras din yun so next time na lang kami babalik dun. Chillax lang sa weekend, enjoying lang sa beach and each other's company. And I think, yun ang importante. At least, hindi nakakapagod or something. So that's the plan...Oh onga pala! Syempre dapat gimik or shopping sa Freeport or Duty Free pag paguwi kami. Hay.. I'm excited na nga eh. Can't wait for the weekend na!

And about my title? Yup, I'm being cheesy lately! It shows naman.. Me being extra caring to my Honey, sending i love you's to him by surprise, adding mushy songs on my playlist (and currently listening to them also), love quotes on my YM status and more..

I can't help it eh. Ganon siguro talaga kung inlove ka noh? Lalo na if the feeling is mutual? Wow, magic yun. Sarap ng feeling. Super happy ako kasi 5 years na kami together pero yung feeling eh parang first weeks ng relationship pa lang kami.. Mas matindi pa. Yung parang binuhusan pa ng gas yung flame of love. Yikee! Yikes, tama na. Kinilig daw ba? Stop na. Sobrang pagka-cheesy na eh. Haha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's on my mind at the moment

First: Our upcoming 5th year anniversary on February 1. Where and how will we going to spend it?? Hayz. Kakaloka.. kakastress!? Pero sabi nga nila, ang mahalaga eh yung magkasama kayo on that day. Lucky for us kasi natapat sa weekend yung anniversary namin. It will be on a Sunday, 1st day of February (LOVE month). I'm overflowing with ideas already but I need to finalize it since less than 2 weeks na sya. Waah! Not to mention, we're on a tight budget now. My honey has been so supportive with their family, taking care of his younger sister's tuition fee and other house expenses. As for me, house expenses also and saving more moolah in my savings account. Kaya ayun, wala munang out of town ngayon (basta yung may airfare..hehe!).

It's either we'll spend it:
- on a cozy hotel in Tagaytay (The Boutique)
>>> At least overnight stay, sight seeing, roadtrip and foodtrip..
- at any four or five star hotel in the metro.
>>> Overnight too.. but still dunno about this. Pero pwede din..
- by dining in a fancy buffet restaurant (Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza)
>>> Foodtrip is our favorite pastime!
- whole day fun in a theme park (Enchanted Kingdom, perhaps?)
>>> Hindi pa kami nakakapunta dito ng kami lang eh. :)
- in a spa with exclusive of buffet-style meal/shabu-shabu (Wensha Spa in Pasay)
>>>Pwede pero parang hindi ko feel.
- in Pangasinan and Baguio
>>> Nah.. Kakabakasyon ko lang dun lately eh.
- in Bora?
>>> Probably not this year.

Grrr.. I can't make up my mind! I think I need more suggestions from my friends.. or let them pick which of these ideas will be great..

Second: What viand will I cook tomorrow and the days after tomorrow. LOL! Good thing, my dear brother is currently cooking spaghetti. I can smell it from here.. Hmmm.. *drools* Haha! Back to what I'm saying.. Oh food to cook. Grabe ang hirap talaga ng wala sila Mommy sa bahay. Nakakamiss yung mga luto nila. Dati kasi wala kaming inaalala tuwing kainan eh. Gigising sa umaga, may food at meron ka na ring packed lunch. Pagkagaling sa school/work, naghahanda na sila for dinner. Tapos, mala-fiestang lunch every weekend. Haaay.. I miss those days. Ngayon, ako na ang nagluluto. Actually, either ako or si kuya lang. Ang hirap pala. Okay lang yung grocery and palengke eh, pero yung setting what will be on our menu? Hay. I would just call it "challenging" na lang. Well, at least unti-unti akong natututo. I learned how to cook Chicken Curry, Beef Kaldereta, Pork / Fish Sinigang, Afritada, Menudo, Adobo, and Beef Steak. Hindi ko akalain na nakakapagluto ako ng mga ganong dishes.. Oh d'ba! I want to learn more dishes pa nga eh.. Makahanap nga ng recipes from Kitchenomics. Haha old school!

Third: What color of house paint will be nice for the first floor of our house. We're done re-painting our bedrooms so sa first floor naman. Sabi kasi ni kuya ako maghanap kung ano maganda.. Grr. Ako pa talaga noh? Haha! Pero I was thinking of Beige? Yellow Ochre? Kahit ano basta pastel color, more on the yellow shade siguro.

Forth: Gift ko sa Honey ko.. Haha. Oo, para sa 5th Anniv namin. Hmm.. Talagang pinagiisipan ko yung araw na yun. 5th year na eh. Importante talaga sa couples ang mag-celebrate man lang tuwing anniversary. Pero gifts? I don't think it's necessary. Anything coming from the heart will be appreciated. I have an idea for this na pero I won't spoil it here. My honey reads my blog eh! Haha!

Hmm.. so far yun pa lang. Nagkataon lang na I don't have something to do while waiting for our dinner to be ready... It's just that I'm online now.. At least, I had a chance to update my blog and share what's on my mind.

Toodle-oo for now. :D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Moon Countdown


Monday, January 12, 2009

I miss Patty!

While I was on my way to our office, I saw our neighbor's dog. Then, I remembered our doggie, Patty. Our dear Patty passed away last December 31 while we were in Pangasinan. She didn't even make it for new year. It was really sad.

My brother found her dead in our garden. I wasn't home that time but my sister texted me about her. I was shocked and in denial. I hurriedly went home and rushed to see Patty. To my surprise, I saw her lifeless in our backyard. I guess it was just her time. She has been lonely and probably sick. They buried her the next morning. I couldn't accept she's already gone.

Fatima "Patty"
Died: December 31, 2008

We didn't know that this would be your last picture.. Ohh Patty, I miss you! Rest in peace. :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

It’s not just a greeting but anticipation that this 2009 will be a happy and memorable year. I know it’ll be good one ‘coz this is my year. I was born on the year of the Ox (Chinese Zodiac). Hence, some say that luck doesn’t go that way. Either believe in the horoscope or not, luck really depends on how you run your own life. As they say, "We create our own luck."

Anyway, I had a great and memorable vacation during the holiday in Pangasinan. Too lazy to blog about it all though. Ahaha! Today is the first day at work for the year 2009..and yes, I’m still on vacation mode so I’m really lazy to do my tasks. But I need start working now. I got inspired by a short clip sent by a friend via ym. It's about Johnny the bagger. Here's the link, watch this and be inspired.

So yeah.. Gotta go and inspire others.. Have a wonderful 2009 ahead!