Monday, September 29, 2008

Severe Headache.. Not!

I was absent for work today. Hurah! I texted our boss at around 10am already. Haha! I had nothing else to reason out but "I have a severe headache". I was writing the text message for 'bout 10 minutes, thinking of a "sick leave" reason. Bwahaha! He didn't reply. But I know he received my message. I guess silence means yes (or okay?) So anyway...

After the text message, I went to back to sleep. Told you I was sick.. Sick to get up early in the morning, that is. Plus, it's to early to get ready for my lunch/day date with my H.S girlfriends. I didn't set up the alarm and guess what? I woke up at 12pm! To think I had to be in Glorietta by 12:30pm.. Lol! Oh my.. I was late as always. Good thing they were late also. I took a speedy shower and drank milo. I even chose what I'm going to wear. Do I have to be girly girly or shirt-jeans-flipflops would be okay? But I was guessing they were wearing casual office attire so I gotta look like formalish too. Good thing my semi-new flowy brown blouse and a pair of jeans were ironed and ready. My problem then was the shoes I'm going to wear. Hmmm.. I know! I'm gonna wear my newly bought brown gladiator flats to go with my outfit. (I just bought it yesterday with my hon) *wink wink*

We met up in Freeway store. I was quite shocked on how they look now. Lara and Celine got thin na! I was like.. "Waaah! You guys look great!" They just smiled at me and said that they were starving. Lara was craving for pasta. We went to Spaghetti Factory. Celine and I liked what we ordered and Lara got disappointed on her Lasagna. While having lunch, we talked about what's happening with our busy lives, lovelife and reminiscing our high school lives in Sanago. Haha! It felted like we were in a Sex and the City scene (Well, except minus 1 character which was suppose to be Laureen!). Celine gotta go back to her office so kami na lang ni Lara natira. Bonding! Lol! Mega WINDOW shopping galore...just like old times. :) Then, we decided to watch a movie "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2". Aww.. another story about 4 girlfriends. It was a nice and simple movie.

At 6:30pm, we had to part ways na. She has to meet up with Vic and as for me, I gotta go visit my Honey in his office. I walked a long way, from Glorietta to Valero street. Whew! My feet got really tired because I wasn't wearing my comfortable footwear. Now I learned that those gladiator sandals weren't meant for long walks. So anyway, Honey treated me for dinner at Chilly Peppers (Tama ba spelling?) near their office building. I was starving that time and boy, that very tasty porkchop satiates my hunger. (Thanks Hon!:)) Hon have to go and work again (would you believe that the meal he ate was his lunch AND dinner).. Poor hon, he was so busy at work that he forgot to eat na. :| Tsk tsk.. It was, I guess my fault 'coz I was so enjoying our gimik that I didn't even say hi and ask if he already ate lunch. Bad girlfriend me.

My day turned out fine. Me not working in the office, had a long sleep ('till 12pm), catched up with my H.S girlfriends and a scrumptious dinner with my Honey.

*wink wink*

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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Friday, September 5, 2008

I Feel Better Now

I was absent for work yesterday because I feel really sick. I was feeling sooo dizzy and felt like vomiting all the time. So sobrang worried ako.. I ask myself, "Kulang lang ba ako sa tulog?".. Malamang hindi kasi medyo maaga naman ako natulog. And I felt sick na the day before at work. I couldn't distinguish why am I feeling this way. I haven't felt soo sick like this since I don't know when.

Well, I think maybe it's a side effect of the tablet that I'm taking lately. Probably wondering what medicine is it? Well.. Nope, it's not diet pills! It's not glutathione either. It's a medicine prescribed by my oby-gyne. My guess was right. I went to this certain forum (Girltalk) and was actually surprised that there was actually a thread about this certain medicine under the Woman's Reproductive Health & Rights. Some G-talkers has been taking this medicine and they are sharing about their experience taking it. And I have learned that headache, LBM and nausea are the side effects. Luckily, I didn't have LBM!

My hon told me to text my oby-gne to really confirm if the medicine has these side effects. She immediately replied yes and advised to lower the dosage since my body couldn't manage it (yet). It takes getting used to daw. So I only took the tablet after having my lunch.. Then, I took One A Day (for Women's) multivitamins after dinner. I just watched TV while chatting with my hon online for a while and did my "rituals". Then I finally headed to bed.

I went back to work a while ago.. and I feel better now. Whew!

Monday, September 1, 2008

BER months

Today is officially the start of the BER months. BER months are the months that I love (syempre pati ang month of February!) Maraming may birthday like my Mom, Dad, Abby, Kuya Felix, Ate Beth, Kuya Lloyd, Ate Dith, Len, Ate Janice, Donna, at yung birthday ko din! :)

Malamig na ang panahon kasi magpapasko na! Wipee! Teka, wipee nga ba? Haha! Wipee kasi It's the birth of our Savior, I love receiving gifts, Christmas BONUS, Balikbayan box with loads of Pasalubongs (my VS lingerie that I requested!, tons of make-up, clothes, and chocolates of course!!!) from Mom & Dad and Ate Agnes & family, Christmas shopping (for myself, siblings, my honey, may inaanaks, etc.).. And definitely NOT wipee because of the gastos and my parents isn't here to celebrate it with us.. Aww sadness.

Today din ang aming 55th monthsary namin ni Honey :D We celebrated it last Saturday.. O.T yata kasi si Honey today. After lunch, Hon accompanied me first to my Oby check-up. Then, we went to SM Sta. Mesa. We beautifed ourselves in David's Salon. Hon got a haircut while I had my eyebrows for a "threading" and pedicure for me (super ouch pala magpa-threading, yes it's my first time!). Then, we watched "Big Stan"..Haha wala na kasing mapanuod tska I wanna watch something funny. After the movie, we just strolled around the mall. We ate dinner at JT's Manukan in San Juan. It's a restaurant owned by the renowned actor Joel Torre. Super sarap ng inasal nila, malaki ang part compared to other inasal restos. Maraming kumakain, yung iba halatang dinayo pa yung resto (just like us). I was with my Hon the whole day. :)

As for yesterday, I did my laundry and rested the whole afternoon. Then sa gabi, I heard mass with my bro and good thing si Fr. Robleza yung priest. I haven't been blogging about his homily recently. But I promise you that I still attend mass. His homily last night was quite funny and as always, inspiring. Kinuwento nya yung mga couples na kinasal nya. He explained the true essence of getting married. That there's a big difference between promises and VOWS. Dapat talaga super prepared ang mga couples before tieing the knot and get settled. I learned a lot from him, mas lumawak ang aking pagiisip about getting married. =)