Monday, December 7, 2009

I want a boy who will tell me when I’m being stupid. Who won’t baby me with his words. A boy who will still give time to his friends. A boy who will tell me ‘No’. He will watch stupid movies with me, but makes me watch his favorites also. A boy who’s willing to drop everything to be with me, but knows when to let it be. A boy who will know he’s important to me, but won’t mind when I change my plans to help someone out. I want a boy who’s enjoyable to look at, he doesn’t have to be gorgeous. I just want someone who I can pay attention to. A boy who will randomly bring me food, cause he knows I love to eat. A boy who can make jokes about me, a boy that I can laugh with. Someone who won't mind when I even embarrass myself. A boy who will buy me something, something I would actually want, none of that jewelry crap. Someone who doesn’t do everything I ask but when it comes to something important I can count on him to be there. Someone who I don’t feel threatened by. A boy who has other friends that are girls, but I can trust him with them. A boy who will know when to leave me alone when I have my stupid fits. A boy who I can just sit with. I don’t need the whole fairytale deal; I just want to feel comfortable. And I've got him. :)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hey dearest blog.. I almost forgot about you. I'm deeply sorry for not giving you some updates. It's just that there's not much to blog about. Ever since Hon left for Japan, my life became kinda dull, repetitive and melancholic. You know what I mean.

I just want this year to end. I still love Christmas though. At least there's something to look forward to. Mom and Dad will be here with us so that'll be more fun and it means more food on the table. I just need to control myself from eating too much. It's hard to lose holiday fats. Haha!

Not to forget the 13th month pay! What am I gonna spend it on? Well, I'm planning to buy myself a laptop. Hon will buy it for me in Japan so it will be cheaper. I think this will be my biggest investment yet. I'm eyeing for the HP Pavilion DV4T with awesome specs. I hope something better or an updated version will be out by December. Hon will be helping me to get a great deal. Can't wait!

'Till here for now. Gah! Wake me up when November ends.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

♫ "It's been exactly 3 months..

since you went away... I miss you so much and I don't know what to say."♪ Hehe! Parang song lang ni Brian Mcknight eh noh?! LOL.

Anyway, 3 months without Hon is depressing. Waiting drives me insane at times. Became too lazy in updating my blog. Just doing some microblogging instead. So what’s up with me in the past 3 months? Lemme me give you a list:

1.) Had a haircut twice. (June & Sept)
2.) Our office moved to Burgundy Corporate Center.
3.) During the first week/s after Hon left, some of my officemates told me I’m getting thin.. Hmm.. Weh?I dunno about this. Haha!
4.) Secured an NBI Clearance.
5.) Watched Transformers 2 with iBerks friends at Robinson Galleria.
6.) Got my Passport.
7.) My bro kept on teasing me during Friday nights or every weekend. “Wala kang lakad? Aw, kawawa naman.”
8.) … so I scheduled a movie date with my guy best friend. We watched HP6. I guess that was the first time I watched a movie with him alone. I think we should do that more often.
9.) Mom & Dad just got back home last July 16. Imported chocolates became my depression medicine. Sosyal! And I didn’t care if I get fat.
10.) Hair Relax
11.) Therapeutic massage with Mom last July.
12.) Received Godiva chocolates from Hon.
13.) Watched G.I Joe with Sis and Bro.
14.) 2NE1 fever. Haha!
15.) Watched And I Love You So with Mom.
16.) Aroma Swedish massage with Sis last August.
17.) Registered to vote.
18.) Learned how to bake brownies. *ahem ahem* Triple Chocolate Walnut Brownies.
19.) Spent most of my time watching movies on my iPod.
20.) I’ve been addicted in playing Sims 3, Mafia Wars, Farm Town and Restaurant City

I guess that’s it. Parang ang bilis lang ng 3 months pero nasa 1st quarter pa lang ako sa 1 year span of waiting. Lol. How depressing. *sigh* On the brighter side though, I’m doing this for us. He kept on saying that my wait will be so worth it. Besides, I’ll be going to Japan by 2nd quarter of next year. I can’t apply for Japan visa yet without a latest ITR. (#$%@$%!!!) I’ll have to wait for January 2010 so I can receive my ITR. Sad. Na-extend na naman ako. Grrr talaga!

I really miss him.. Our late night webcam session isn’t enough. I wanna hug him tight na. Huhuhu! Kaya yan. Konting tiis na lang. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foot and Knots

Joni's new biz -- cute beaded colorful flip-flops (handcrafted by her). You won't find 'em anywhere!

Aren't they super CUTE to wear on your footsie?

Girls, what are you waiting for? Reserve a pair now! Visit Foot and Knots store:

Shipment is within the Philippines only.

Foot models: Rom and *yours truly*
Photographers: Sarj and Joni
Consultant: Elise

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is like a box of Godiva'll literally never know what you're gonna get.

This is the golden "surprise" of my Honey. The prestigious brown box was wrapped in a golden paper topped with embossed Godiva logo.

Inside it are the precious truffles. They are so fancy to look at, you would not want to eat them. Promise! :)

And on the lower deck of the box contains 15 pieces of milk and dark chocolates. They look like mini gold bars, right? *sigh*

I just finished my dinner and time for dessert. I can't resist to have a bite. What the hell, they're chocolates! And I'm a chocoholic. I picked the round truffle with the lady in a horse figure on top of it. First bite was heavenly. I almost forgot my name.. Woah!

Thank you so much Hon!!! I promise not be greedy and share it with my family. Hehe!

*Wish you were here to share it with me, too*
Grabe miss na kita!

Friday, July 10, 2009

One down.

I got my passport already! Wahoo! I'm happy because I have accomplished the number 1 requirement for my planned trip to Japan. It's also nice to know that I have a valid I.D na. Oh, two na pala. I recently got an NBI clearance. I was forced to secure one since none of the I.D's (Office and T.I.N) I submitted for my passport application was not really valid daw. They are considered as secondary only. Aside from my birth certificate and passport size picture, they also got my School I.D and Official Transcript of Records. Oh well, ganon talaga. At least, andito na. Masyado nga akong na-excite nung natanggap ko sya. :)

Alam ko medyo matagal pa ang pinaplano kong bisitahin si Hon sa Japan pero at least I'll have enough time to save money for the plane ticket and complete the requirements for the Japan visa. I have visited the Japan embassy website and I was quite shocked by the number of requirements I have to submit. I have 4-5 months. That's more than enough time naman siguro.

It's been a month since Hon left. I miss him so much already. Thinking positively will help me decrease my longing for him. I know the long wait will be so much worth it. (Right hon?) Assumer ba masyado? Hehe! Hay.. Sana talaga matuloy ako. *fingers and toes crossed*

For now, I will just do some research about the "must visit", "must eat" and "must shop" places in Japan. As for what I have read and seen from Superbianca's blog entry, I became more eager to visit "The Land of the Rising Sun". Darating din tayo dyan. Soon! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Incubus - Monuments and Melodies

Disc 1 (Monuments)
1. "Black Heart Inertia" 4:53
2. "Drive" 3:52
3. "Megalomaniac" 4:54
4. "Anna Molly" 3:46
5. "Love Hurts" 3:57
6. "Wish You Were Here" 3:36
7. "Warning" 4:42
8. "Stellar" 3:20
9. "Talk Shows on Mute" 3:52
10. "Pardon Me" 3:44
11. "Dig" 4:17
12. "Oil and Water" 3:49
13. "Are You In?" 4:24
14. "Nice to Know You" 4:43
15. "Midnight Swim" 3:15

Download Incubus - Monuments and Melodies (CD1)

Disc 2 (Melodies)
1. "Neither of Us Can See" 4:04
2. "Look Alive" 4:17
3. "While All the Vultures Feed" 3:53
4. "Pantomime" 4:39
5. "Anything" 3:32
6. "Punch Drunk" 5:14
7. "Admiration" 4:13
8. "Martini" 4:09
9. "A Certain Shade of Green (Acoustic)" 3:36
10. "Monuments and Melodies" 5:06
11. "Let's Go Crazy" 4:29

Download Incubus - Monuments and Melodies (CD2)

Just sharing good music to my fellow Incubus fans.

Enjoy! \m/

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mascot affection

I've been browsing some of my pictures and I've noticed that I'm fond of taking pictures with fast food chain mascots, life-size cartoon characters and super heroes. Haha nakakatuwa, daig ko pa ang isang bata! I admit that I never really outgrown watching cartoons. (I still haven't for that matter). I still enjoy watching Dexter's Laboratory, Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons, Disney Princess movies and the like. Watching them is some sort of my stress reliever.

Let me share my collection -- me and the fast food chain mascots, life-size cartoon characters and a super hero:

with Birdie (@McDonalds Greenbelt)

with Captain Hook (@Starcity)

with Jollibee (@Jollibee Ayala)

with Batman (@Waltermart)

with Pizza Pooch (Pizzahut mascot @ G4)

with Alvin the chipmunk (@G4)

with Theodore the chipmunk (@G4)

with Simon the chipmunk (@G4)

and lastly, with the 3 chipmunks:

Hmm.. I'm just wondering, yung mga nasa loob ba ng mascot eh nakangiti din kapag nagpapapicture? Haha kulet.

Hay.. Para akong bata noh? Grabe ano pa kaya kung makakapunta ako sa Disneyland? Maloloka siguro ako.. Malamang iisa-isahin ko silang mga mascot para makipag-picture. Wah!! Dream ko yun.. Take me to Disneyland! Kahit Hongkong Disneyland lang.. Hahaha!

Friday, May 22, 2009

1 year? Huhu!

Hon's Japan Visa has arrived yesterday. I felt miserable by the time he popped the news... I still feel miserable now. Hay.. Sure na kasi na aalis na sya eh. Dati kasi medyo okay pa kasi palaging napopostpone. Halos 2 months na napostpone. At least we spent it naman wisely, quality with each other. 3-4 times a week kami nagkikita.. Hindi pa ako ganon worried. This time kasi, sure na.

Some say mabilis lang ang 1 year. Well, siguro nga. Pero kung mawawalay sa'yo ang taong mahal mo ng isang taon, napakatagal na panahon ang 1 year. Lalo na sa akin since first time LDR (Long Distance Relationship). Tapos, medyo scared din me kasi may swine flu doon sa Japan. Though wala naman daw doon sa city na pagsstayan nya, nakakatakot pa rin. I advised him to take care of himself, magpalakas ng condition, buy lotsa vitamin, exercise and be healthy. Naks parang nanay lang eh noh? Pero as a girlfriend naman, sinabihan ko na sya na mag-behave and no other girls than me! Haha! I trust him pero iba pa rin ang mga Japanese girls. No pun intended. I know naman his loyalty and love is on me lang. Hay.. Gusto ko man na huwag na sya umalis, kailangan eh. It's for our future and their family's too (since plan nya magpatayo ng house for them). He'll be earning x times (secret na ang rate) than what he earns here. Para na rin sa career path nya din ang trip na toh. I mean, malaki na expectations ng company nya sa kanya. He'll be a project manager and software developer there. Wow, by the age of 23 ganon na position nya. Ano pa kaya kung by the time na married na kami (ahem, ahem). Haha! (Too much recognition/praise ka na hon dito sa blog ko ah.. manlibre ka naman!)

Pero seriously, that business trip is a big opportunity and I'm very proud of him from where he is now. Sobrang mamimiss ko sya! Huhuhu.. 'Di bale pupuntahan ko sya sa Japan after 5-6 months? Kung pwede, why not dba? Leave ako for 1 month din! Kahit unpaid, okay lang. Sana payagan. Sarap yun.. Makabakasyon sa ibang bansa. It'll cost me for the airfare and Japan tourist visa pero okay lang din! At least magkakasama kami ni Hon sa Japan. Hehe pwede! Sana talaga hindi ako mahihirapan sa pag-process ng application. Hay.

Basta. If ever naman hindi na-approve or something, I'll wait na lang hanggang sa pagbalik nya. I'm just here.. I'll wait.

Friday, May 8, 2009

First time to cook Lemon Chicken

I've been craving to eat Lemon Chicken since last week. Good thing Hon and I decided to eat at Mr. Choi Kitchen last Saturday. I excitedly added Fried Chicken in Lemon Sauce sa order namin. Akala ko nga walang Lemon Chicken, yun pala iniba lang yung name. The service was quite fast actually. The waiter served the Yang Chow first. I got so hungry, I started to eat na. People from the next table were giving us stares telling "Yan lang inorder nila?". I didn't mind them. Haller? Wala pa yung mga ulam noh! So anyway.. As the waiter placed my order in our table, sobrang na-excite ako. It looked so yummy. Para akong patay gutom na kumuha sa plato at sabay subo. Wow. Super sarap, lemony and medyo crispy! I even took a picture of it (using my Bluey, of course).

Mr. Choi Kitchen's Fried Chicken in Lemon Sauce:

Sa bahay kasi, 3-4 times a week ako yung cook especially for Dinner. Dapat may something new. As much as possible madaling lutuin and easy to find ingredients.

Dahil dyan sa ulam na yan, gusto ko sya matutunang maluto. Na-curious ako kung papaano. I searched for some recipes online and even sa youtube para may actual procedure/steps. Kakatuwa panuorin. Nakaka-inspire. Sarap maging chef! Haha.. So yun nga. I took notes of course. Tapos nung nag-grocery kami ni sis, I included the ingredients. For our dinner, I cooked this dish. Medyo matrabaho gawin pero ayos lang. Feeling chef! Mahirap na nakakatuwa syang gawin. It didn't looked like Mr. Choi's but sa taste, hindi nagkakalayo! Naakks..oo nga, promise! Hindi mawawala ang picture of course.

My very own Lemon Chicken:

Mukha bang chicken? Unang tinggin ko kasi parang shrimp. Oh wells, medyo dim kasi yung lighting namin sa dining room. Masarap din naman promise! =)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caesar (Salad) disaster!

Hon and I went to MOA last night to watch an indie film entitled "Padre de Pamilya". I bought snacks so we could eat something while the movie is going on. The snack bar there is very overpriced! Hotdog in a bun costs 60 pesos and their Hotdog combo (with iced tea) is 85 pesos! Geesh buti kung Smokey's pero plain lang. Mine doesn't have mayo on it kasi naubusan na daw. So isa lang yung nalagyan, I gave it to Hon na lang. Tapos ang iced tea, walang ice! Nak ng.. Ano ang iced tea kung walang ice? So tea na lang? Amps! Sabay hirit ng staff, "Mam malamig naman kahit walang ice eh". Wow ah.. Sha hinayaan ko na lang since andun na eh tska malapit na magsimula yung movie. Hay.. Taga!

Okay naman yung movie. Tungkol sa corruption a.k.a government, pananampalataya, at pamilya. Dapat hindi naging indie film yun eh. Dapat mapanuod ng madla yun, lalo na ang gobyerno. Matamaan man lang sila sa mga katotohanang sinadula doon.

Pagkatapos ng movie, medyo nagutom kami ule. Naghanap ng pagkakainan pero halos lahat sarado na kasi 10:30pm na kami nakalabas. Buti bukas pa yung mga restaurants sa hilera ng Gerry's Grill. Sa Guilly's kami kumain since may salad. Medyo busog pa kasi ako so feeling light food lang ang kakainin ko since gabi na rin. Ang order naman ni Hon, Chicken Teriyaki. So antay kami.. kwentuhan muna. He even suprised me with a gift.. a very nice Swatch watch! Kaya pala may kinukuha sya sa bag and sabay tinago sa likod. Ayun.. Kakatuwa.. Ayluvet! Anyway, back to my story. Hay. Nung dumating yung order namin, nagulat ako sa nakita ko! Ang daming lettuce, kakapirangot ang sahog at dressing! Nasabi ko, "Yan na yun? Yan na yung 180 pesos?" Nanlumo talaga ako. Ano ako kambing?? Talagang tinawag namin yung waiter para itanong kung ganito ba talaga yung serving nila ng Caesar Salad nila, parang isang kutcharitang dressing! Ang sabi lang ng waiter, "Sandali lang po ah, tanong ko po sa kitchen." Grabe sa tagal bumalik tapos ang sinagot lang "Pasensya na po, naubusan na po kasi kami ng dressing eh." Whaaaat! Eh bat pa sinerve kung ganon? Kakairita! Buti nagtimpi pa ako and medyo mabait pa ako nung mga panahon na yun. Ang nasabi ko, "Ay ganon, so anong gagawin ko ngayon?" *Long pause* Papaalis na yung waiter pero tinawag ko ule. "Teka, baka mayonaisse meron kayo.. tska ketchup." Buti naman at meron sila pero KAHIT NA! Yung customer pa ang gumawa ng paraan! Ano vey?!? Ang mahal ng mahal tapos ganon lang. Wow as in wow! Kahit ako kaya kong gawin yung salad na yun eh. Biro mo maraming lettuce, konting bacon bits, and croutons..and not to forget the dressing ha! Kalurkey! Eh parang wala pang 100 pesos yun. Hay. Taga! Kung maldita lang talaga ako... Hay! Not to mention na ang dumi pa ng place, may nakita pa kaming maliit na ipis sa table namin. Yung CR nila, masusuka ka sa dumi. Hay! Hindi rason ang gabi na at malapit na magsara yung restaurant. Dapat overall quality pa rin ang priority, ano mang oras. Never na ako kakain sa Guilly's MOA! Grabe, what a dining experience! Sa tingin nyo nagbigay pa kami ng tip? Oh comm'n, seryoso?! Haha!

Disaster talaga! What a ripoff! Bow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My April - present

Many events has happened since my last blog.. Yeah, I know it's been a month. Lazy me.

Okay, I'll start with April 1. April Fool's Day err our 62nd monthsary. Hon and I ate dinner at Sentro Bar at Greenbelt 3. We watched "Knowing" in GB3. All I can remember is that the movie was great, average CG with a horrible ending. Haha! We didn't want to go home early that time.. Spend the time together at least as the clock strikes 12 midnight. We hanged out in Starbucks, Waltermart Makati. Perfect spot to hangout since it's near our place. Caramel macchiato for me and Tazo iced tea for Hon.. never forget the cinnamon roll!

April 3: It was a Friday and I was in a mood for a long walk to visit my Hon @ Valero. We had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Hon can't leave work yet since he's on an OT mode that time. Not a problem, I needed to rest din naman.

April 4: Went to Greenhills with Hon and claimed our Free Krispy Kreme! We watched Fast & Furious @ Theatre Mall. We were the first to arrive sa theatre. Nothing much to do so we went there early. I think this was also the day I bought my Pioneer headphones in an apple store. I already spent cash so I used my ever reliable HSBC card. Buying it is worth it, very powerful bass! Then, we went window shopping sa tiangge, course. Greenhills is known for that. We ate dinner in Amici, Don Bosco Makati.

Holy week: No gala. Just stayed at home. Time to reflect and went to church for 7 last words.

April25-26: Went to Pangasinan to attend a wedding. I can't beleive naunahan pa ako ng pamangkin ko na ikasal. Haha! Oh wells. And I can't beleive abay pa din ako but this time sa Secondary Sponsor na! I used to be their favorite flower girl. I'm always present to each and every wedding of a relative from my mother's side. Masisisi ko ba sila eh cute talaga ako nuon.. hanggang ngayon? Naman. Haha!

Last weekend (May2-3): Hon and I spend the weekend at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. We want to celebrate our 63rd month but we were quite tired of Mall/Movie dates. I suggested places like Tagaytay and E.K but having no transportation stopped us from going to those places. He wanted "Honey time" and somewhere near lang. I remembered Donna and Jheyson going in this place with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi in the room. I think that would be a great suggestion. He quickly called the contact number of the place and reserved us a room. Good thing, it's not yet fully booked. Going there was not a hassle at all. We had fun, very much enjoyed the jacuzzi and buffet breakfast!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free donut and coffee!

I was surprised from an email that I received from my friend, Nil. The subject of the email was "Someone sent you a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Doughnut and Signature Coffee." I thought it was a joke or something, but he confirmed that it was for real. I'm a fan of Krispy Kreme so I'm that excited. Nil just asked me to register, send this to my other friends and they'll email me a coupon so I could claim the Krispy Kreme freebies . This was just like some other promotional gigs like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's free tea. Cool promotion guys, keep it coming! Haha!

So if you want to "Glaze yourself and your friends", register now! Clickee here:

Once you have registered, you can claim it to any of their following branches:
Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia (Drive-thru)
- Mondays thru Sundays, 5pm to 6:30pm

Other stores:

Trinoma, Jaka Bldg Ayala, Robinsons Galleria, Gateway Mall, Glorietta,
SM Mall of Asia (Main mall)
-Mondays thru Sundays, 11am to 2pm

*** Don't forget to print your gift coupon with the email and surrender to the cashier with 1 valid I.D.

I got a bit dismayed since you can claim it only within those given time. The nearest branch from my place is Glorietta 4 and Jaka Bldg Ayala. It's only available from 11am to 2pm. Oh well, don't have to complain. It's free! Maybe I'll just claim it after lunch in G4 on a weekend.

I'm glazed!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La, La, La Luz!

I finally had a weekend getaway.. Honey and I tagged along with Kuya Lloyd and his girlfriend Ate She as they celebrate their 5th anniversary last March 20. Wahaha parang panira ba? Hmm hindi naman kasi okay lang daw naman na sumama kami. KKB naman eh. Haha.

We left Manila at around 8:30am and arrived in La Luz Beach Resort at around 11:45pm. I must say that the place is really beautiful. Great summer spot. Ate She registered us and got our reservations. Then, picture picture muna sa place.. The staff told us that we can eat lunch already. Wipee! Just in time.. Super gutom na kami nun eh. Ayun, kain marino. Inantok after. We headed to our rooms na, fixed our things and took a nap. We woke up at around 4pm, time to eat again? Merienda buffet! Hayz.. Kain lang ng kain. Tapos nilibot namin ang lugar.. Sa bandang dulo, puro batohan na. I love the rock formations! Pwede pa ngang umakyat sa tuktok. Dahan dahan lang sa pagakyat.. Medyo i-scary sya. Sarap ng feeling kapag nasa tuktok ka na. Ganda ng view! Balik ule sa rooms, pahinga lang.. Nagbihis, chillax lang sa shore. Dinner time.. haha kain ule! Dun namin nakilala si kaibigang tuko. Haha! Pinicturan namin sya, at ang laki nya ah. Katakot, buti hindi nalaglag mula sa taas ng bubong. Nway, kwentuhan lang kami, surf sa net (using Honey's phone). Kahit walang TV, at least may WiFi dun. We celebrated their 5th anniv so we ordered beer and chips. Made a toast, cheers to 5 years! Fun night :)

Hon and I were planning to get up early to see the sunrise.. Nag-rise na yung sun, kami hindi pa. Wahaha. Sleepyheads.. and we were tired from that night, the celebration and all. We just went down to eat breakfast. We almost missed it nga eh.. Until 9am lang yung breakfast, buti na lang nakahabol pa. Grabe parang buhay-B kami. What a life.. Pero at least no stress na since kakain ka na lang tapos buffet pa. Sulit naman. Tapos swimming time the whole afternoon after lunch! Maganda ang araw, we applied sunblock pero na-sunburn pa rin si Hon. Haha! Nalimutan ata maglagay sa likod.. After ng merienda, hindi na kami nag-swimming ule. Chillax lang, facing the beach. Kwentuhan lang then we decided to try the massage. We scheduled it after eating dinner. A massage at night would be nice.. Pero bago kami nag-dinner, malabanan ranger ito! wahaha.. Hindi ko ganon nagustuhan ang dinner, the carbonara was bland.. kulang din sa sahog. We came a little late for our scheduled massage but it's ok. Their 1 hour massage service costs 250 pesos only. Not bad! A light massage felt wonderful. Then, we went star gazing, just sitting on the relaxing native beach chair and the beach waves are all you can hear. We didn't noticed that we we're staying late already, we left the shore at around 12am. The culprit of not seeing the next sunrise again.. Arrgh.

Hon woke me up so we can packed our things. "What? Uuwi na tayo?" Hahaha! That time ayoko pa umuwi, sarap ng buhay dun promise. A very nice vacation talaga kasi. I want moorrree! Lolz.

Our pics galore here (thanks to

I wanna go there again.. Super worth coming back. Hmmm..

Next stop, Bataan (sana)! XD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I went to the salon last night to have my toenails done. I always go to the same salon since there's a manicurist/pedicurist whom I liked the service. I thought she's on a good mood but it turned into a disaster!

Para siyang galit sa mundo, galit sa paa ko.. Amps! Nagmamadali na parang nakikipagkarerehan sa ibang mga manicurista.. Hate ko pa yung reaction nya when I suddenly moved my foot. Aba, ibig sabihin lang nun nasasaktan ako sa ginagawa nya noh! As if she'll say to me na "Ang arte mo naman", sabay sabi nya talaga na "Masakit ba?" Grrrr! Uh? 'Di ba obvious? Tapos nung nasira yung nail paint sa right big toe ko, nilagyan nya ng acetone to reapply, grabe sa hapdi! Ibig sabihin lang nun nasugatan yung ingrown ko? Waah! Sarap nyang sabunutan nun.. Hapdi talaga. Grrr! At ang bilis nya pa natapos talaga ah.. Naunahan pa nya yung isa na nauna pang nagsimula sa amin. Kalurkey!

Basta I hated the service kagabi.. Hindi ako natuwa. I used to give her a tip, pero sorry sya. No tip ka ngayon sa ginawa mo noh! Parang ayaw ko ngang bayaran eh.. Minurder mo ba naman yung paa ko! Hayz.. I can still feel the "ouch" whenever I move my toes. Now, I'm having a doubt if I'll return to that salon again. Parang ayaw ko na, nadala ako. I'll try to go to other salons na lang next time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


As what the 80s song goes, "Just another manic Monday.. I wish it was Sunday". *Sigh*

Though this time, I wish it is already Thursday! 'Coz on Thursday, I'll be out of town.. Yipee! Beach mode, finally! We'll be going to La Luz Resort in Batangas. I've always wanted to go to that place since my Honey and his officemates went there 2 years ago. I saw their pics and got amazed by the breath-taking shore and crystal-clear blue water. He even described how peaceful the place is, how romantic the ambiance was (especially at night), and how great their food buffet (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) they have. I was so impressed by what I've heard so I promised myself that I'll go to that beach soon. Waah! This is time I've been waiting for. I wasn't expecting this that soon. If it isn't for Hon's Japan business trip. Haha! Pero okay na rin. I wanted to have a vacation badly din naman.. Sa wakas, eto na yung opportunity to visit La Luz! We had the Junior Premier room reserved for 3 days and 2 nights stay. I'm excited na nga eh!

But in general, i really hate Mondays! Well, who doesn't anyway? I feel super lazy to get out of my bed every morning. I still feel a bit sleepy. *Yawn* Still on weekend mode.. Havin' a hard time to start the tasks for the day.. But no matter how bad it is, we need to keep going. That's life eh. It can't be a weekend mode everyday. We earn money from our job. We work for a living. So, it's our responsibility to go to work and act as an adult. Just be thankful.

For now, work mode. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eraserheads Live! The Final Set

March 7, 2009 -- Over 10 million fans, only 100 thousand witnessed it. So proud that Hon and I were there. We had the chance to watch the Best Pinoy Band Final Live Performance! We're supposed to be in Bataan, a beach trip with my high school friends that time but good thing it got postponed. Hon and I immediately bought tickets from my Honey's boss. I want VIP tickets but it was expensive than an International Artist performing in Araneta. We got the Silver A instead. Not bad for the price. Actually, any ticket would suffice. Basta makanood lang ng concert.. Buti na lang talaga, nakahabol pa kami!

Anyway, we arrived at MOA concert grounds at around 7pm. Super dami na ng tao sa labas at nakapila na. Pagpasok sa loob, super sisikan. Kulang na lang magkapalitan na kami ng mga mukha. Standing ovation ang drama. I brought my Bluey but we were busy jamming, pics of us mostly lang ang nakuha ko. I got 1 minute clips per song though. Nagka-stiff neck pa ako, kakatungo. Mega effort mag-video... Haha! Super fun! This is us striking a pose while enjoying:

I can't believe 28.5 songs ang nakanta nila. (inclusive of 5 + 3 encore songs) parang greatest hits of Eraserheads live performance ito! Super sulit! THE BEST!

Set list:
First Set ---
1. Magasin
2. Walang Nagbago
3. Maling Akala
4. Maskara
5. Poorman’s Grave
6. Waiting for the Bus
7. Huwag mo nang Itanong (Marcus Adoro on vocals -- reggae version.. astig!!!)
8. Slo Mo (Raims on vocals)
9. Alkohol (Raims on vocals)
10. Insomnia (Raims on vocals)
11. Torpedo

Second Set ---
1. Julie Tearjerky (Acoustic)
2. Tikman (Acoustic)
3. Wishing Wells (Acoustic)
4. Fine Time (Acoustic)
5. Pare Ko (Acoustic)
6. Kailan (Ely on solo, with Jazz Nicolas on keyboards)
7. Back2Me
8. Trip to Jerusalem
9. Spolarium
10. Overdrive

Encore (Part 1) ---

1. Superproxy (So sad, wala na si Francis M. kasama sana sya dito)
2. Minsan -- 1 of my faves ko toh..
3. Alapaap
4. Kaleidoscope World (Chorus only then Ely shouted, "Mabuhay si Francis") --Tribute to Francis M.
5. Ang Huling El Bimbo (Biglang sinunog ni Ely ang Sticker Happy piano...Waaaahh nooo!!! Ibig ba sabihin, talagang final na itoh? :((

Tapos group hug sana pero group bow with Jazz eh..As seen on the photo:

At least!! Hinagis din ni Ely yung sneakers nya sa crowd..wahaha! Saan kaya napunta yun?

As the song "Ang Huling El Bimbo" ends, may fireworks display pa.. We really thought tapos na (kahit kami papalabas na ng exit), but wait there's more!!! Bumalik kami pero nakapasok pa kami sa Gold A. Woah! Then, Raims entered the stage and called everyone.. Marcus! Buddy! Ely! Does that means more?? Yes, more! Sabay usap sila kung anong tututugin. "Wala toh sa set list ah", says one of them. Napahiyaw kami sa tuwa!

Encore (Part 2) --

1. Ligaya
2. Sembreak
3. Toyang

8:30 - 11pm! Woah! 4 hours kaming nakatayo. Buti nakayanan ko. Yun na ata pinakamatagal na concert na napuntahan ko. Wow, super surreal. Kahit siksikan, nakakauhaw, nakakagutom, at nakakapagod...sobrang worth it!

Sa mga fans na hindi nakapunta, sayang!!! You just missed half of your life... Hintayin ang DVD? Nahh.. Iba pa rin ang LIVE, woot!!

We love you, Eraserheads! Maraming Salamat! =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello summer heat!

It's March, and summer is here! The heat is unbelievable. Lol. Whatever that means.. I'm excited. Well, a bit. That just means that beach mode is officially on! Yipee!

I can't believe I got 2 upcoming beach trips this month. Summer is still starting yet I have something written on my summer planner already. I guess my friends and I were just excited to start it so we made a plan before April comes. Plus the fact that my Hon will be leaving soon. Must.have.a.nice.vacation.

I miss going to the beach.
Hello summer!
No wearing bikinis this time.
I hate my figure now. LOL!
Haircut? Maybe. It's hot!
Time to buy beach stuffs.
Sunscreen is a must.
Don't forget snacks and booze(?)
Bring ipod.
Reduce stress.
Time to save moolah for those trips.


Beach mode, on.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I was getting a bit anxious about Hon's Japan trip this month. But then, I was just updated by my Hon that instead of staying there for 6 months, he will be away for 3 months. Whew! At least.. I really thought he'll be gone for 6 friggin' months.

Though if the company liked or even loved his performance there in Japan, his next trip will be 6 months long na talaga. First trip is 3 months.. Then (if ever), 6 months. And the next trip would be the longest time -- 1 year. Woah! I really hope I can manage myself when that time comes. I have no doubt that the Japanese will greatly acknowledge Hon's performance. I really can tell. Besides the fact that He's intelligent, my Hon is very hardworking and passionate about his work. I could not stop him from going to Japan. It's a business trip and that's a great opportunity for his career. As his loving partner, I should support him all the way. :)

Belated 61st monthsary, Honey! :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hon and I watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last night. I must say that liked this movie better than "He's Just Not That Into You". It's not that I can really relate to the movie, but the flow of the story is well constructed compared to the latter. Rebecca Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher) is kinda like me but I couldn't classify myself as a shopaholic. I know it's kinda conflicting but that's the way I see it.

When I was younger, shopping excites me. I was aware of how credit card works and I considered them as a vice. My parents, especially my mom, take me for clothes shopping ocassionally. But when that shopping day comes, I know it would be a great shopping experience. Though there were times, I wasn't contented with the things mom bought for me. I used to envy my other girl friends who would share stories that they go shopping with their mom every week. They wear new and expensive-looking clothes and dresses every time we go watch a movie or go out on a weekend. I was a spoiled brat since I'm 'bunso' but in another way. My mom didn't spoil me on splurging/buying anything that I want. So I promised myself that when I finish school and have a job, I would spend every penny (err centavo) that I would earn. Ironically, it didn't happen. I've been working for more than a year yet all I do is save. I just spend my money for food, movies and give for house expenses. Weird huh? I dunno.. Maybe because when we were younger we don't really know the other responsibilities as we grow up. All I had in mind is how can I spend money and shopping.

Now that I own a credit card, I use it for shopping. But unlike Rebecca, I know the word "control". I buy the things I need (or sometimes like) depending on the price and quality. I don't consider credit card as a vice now. Credit card can be a friend too you know. Haha! It's a great help especially whenever I run out of cash and I have to purchase something or eat in a restaurant. The only important thing in having a credit card is control. One must have control or else, be prepared and say hello to tons of debts. Buy only what you need but it's also great to reward yourself once in a while. Though just like Rebecca, I drool over clothes, shoes and other girly items. We share the exact reaction whenever we see the sign "SALE". Haha!

To all shopgirls, Confessions of a Shopaholic is a must watch. Believe me, I learned a lot from the movie and it had some laughs at the same time! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Colorgenics Result

Name: Nina
Date: 2/22/2009
Colorgenics Number: 35412607

Much of the time you are preoccupied with things of an intensely exciting nature. You need stimulation and variation with all matters pertaining to your life. You want to be regarded as an exciting and interesting personality being able to charm and influence others. You use powerful strategies with predictable outcomes so as to avoid endangering your chances of success or undermining other people's confidence in you.

Most people are conditioned by their environment and you are no exception. You are an extremely emotional person - so much so that 'the wrong word' can lead you to tears. You feel other people's pain. You feel the need of sympathetic relationships and a pleasant work environment in order to develop and grow. You are an impulsive, loving individual with a great deal of inherent feeling.

All the problems that you have been experiencing of late seem to have become a part of your life and there is little that can be done to change the situation. Your emotions run high - but even though you feel as if at times you are about to burst this situation will pass. Try to release your pent-up emotions by participating in some extra physical activities like running, swimming, whatever. There must be some favourite pastime, not necessarily strenuous, that can help you to relax.

You are being unduly influenced by the situation that is all around you. You do not like the feeling of loneliness and whatever it is that seems to separate you from others. You know that life can be wonderful and you are anxious to experience life in all its aspects, to live it to the full. You therefore resent any restriction or limitations that are being imposed on you and you insist on going it alone.

You don't like authority and you rebel against all forms of limitation. You are your own person and you intend to stay that way and to get on in the world simply by your hard work and determination.

Colorgenics Personality Test.
To take the quiz, visit

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Mango

Have you seen a red mango? Well, I have. What I'm referring here is not the fruit, it's this beautiful timepiece that I got for free! For every successful referral membership in HSBC Credit Card, the member gets this "reward".

I got my first credit card last year and received a "member-to-member promotion" brochure telling you'll get a watch or cellphone for every successful referral. So what I did was, I encouraged my officemates to apply so I can grab one. Hah! Some of them gave me their application but from 3-4 peepz who applied, only 1 got a successful application. If it isn't for Donna, I wouldn't be having this nice piece. I love red! I love the red watch! I'm actually wearing it now. Thanks again Donna dear. Hehe! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweetest Love

Why do people smile when no one’s smiling?
Its coz their thinking of someone they’re loving
Keep on believing we are meant to me and
Nothing’s stopping you and me from going to heaven
Sweetest love

I got the sweetest love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love ain’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter

Now we're clever is about to inch just one ladder
It gets better every second we’re together
Oooh baby it feels so right
A new beginning starts tonight
The reason for when it’s on
Is because of you and me and
Sweetest love

Finally I can’t believe
Coz you and me, you’re my sweetest love

I got the sweetest love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love ain’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter

Come on now, I got the sweetest love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love can’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter oh yeah

Now I got that feeling in my gut
Now I need your fire in my life
Now I wanna give you love so much
And I keep on feeling my sweet, my sweet
Sweetest love

I can’t believe that you and me, we gotta be
You’re my sweetest love

I got the sweetest love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love can’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter

Come on now, I got the sweeter love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love can’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter ooohh

I got the sweetest love there ain’t nothing sweeter
I got the sweetest love can’t nothing beat it
There ain’t nothing sweeter ooohh (2x)

Sweetest love
I can’t believe, you and me, we gotta be
Oh my sweetest love

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Someone's going to Japan..

Thinking about it makes me sad. So, who's going to Japan, anyway? Well, it's definitely not me. It's gonna be my lovey dovey, Hon! Does that sounds great? I guess so. It's a business trip naman eh. It's good to know that he's doing great in his job as a Project Manager. I'm so proud of him actually!

But then, he had to stay there for 6 months! 6 friggin' months! Woah, right?! It would be half a year lang naman.. Yup, sarcastic me. Waaaaaaah! It would be the first time that we'll be on different countries for a long period of time. He's in Japan while I'm stucked here in the Philippines. *sigh* According to some friends who has a significant other abroad, long distance is hard. There's webcam and all pero iba pa rin yung nagkikita kayo. I know everything will be alright but missing him is the hardest part. It'll be lonely and losssser of me being one.. When he leaves na, I can see myself being at home on weekends (or most of the time even). And probably would miss a lot of movies that will be shown in movie theaters. I would miss going to malls, vacation spots, and other places we usually go.. Haha! I know I can go alone naman pero I would be soo different without him. And feeling ko, papayat ako! Malamang kasi wala na yung mga foodtrip and kasama na rin ang depression.. Hayyz.. I will miss him talaga! Waaah!

He told me that the schedule of his flight is on March 31 na. It's not final pa naman. It could push through or be moved in an earlier day. It'll be 6-7 weeks from now and I still can't accept the fact that he's leaving. Nooooo! Maraming events syang mamimiss. Like,

One: This summer vacation, sana we're on a beach in April or May.
Two: His birthday on May 13.
Three: My birthday on October 6.
Four-Nine: Our monthsaries, which is all the 1st day of the month in those 6 months.

Yun palang naiisip kong mga happenings pero kahit na! Ang tagal pa rin ng 6 months para sa akin! Ahehehe! I have to think positive na lang.

It's for his and our good naman din. It'll be a plus good reputation sa kanya ng ASTI. And he told me, he'll be earning twice daw! He'll be earning Japanese Yen while his salary here in Manila is still running while he's in Japan. I think that's cool! Makakaipon talaga siya. And I know, it's for their family and our future so I have to cheer up kahit papano. That is why I requested him na we have to go somewhere, mala-despedida trip pero kaming dalawa lang. I don't know where yet but I have to look for a nice place na.

So, mixed emotions ako ngayon.. SAD 'coz I'll be missing him, HAPPY 'coz this trip is for their family and our future, and EXCITED for our despedida trip. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Month

It's February once again, one of my favorite months of the year. It started with a blast since Hon & I celebrated our 5th Anniversary on its 1st day. Indeed another solo getaway.. but this time, we just spent it overnight. Well actually it doesn't really matter, as long as we're together the day before our day until THE day ends. The main plan was to go to Subic with Chris and Shiela, but it was canceled hours before our meet-up time. Anyway, that didn't stop us from celebrating. Besides, we can go and plan on our own pa naman. It's not yet to late that time. We go for my other alternative plans like booking a nice hotel anywhere in the Metro, dine in a lovely restaurant, go for a spa.. or something like that. I know this was not our exact plan, but this might be a better option.

We spent the entire morning searching and calling every hotel within Makati (or at least a well-known hotel in Manila). I've suggested some 4-5 star hotels but surprisingly, they are all fully booked! Everyone is spending Valentine's day in advance? Hmm.. I think so. Good thing I know a nice place to stay and luckily, they still have available rooms! I also recommend this boutique hotel since I've stayed overnight here with some of my family members during a memorable family occasion. The said hotel even have a promo package which includes Room accomodation for two, Breakfast in Bed, Hot & Cold shower with bathtub, free coffee & tea, mini bar, 1 hour Signature Massage for 2, free local calls and a free wifi internet access. I think this special promo is great for couples like us. Since we liked the promo package so much, we're totally game in reserving a slot for us.

Moving on, February is the love month and as the broken hearted people say "Wake me up when February ends" while those who are in love doesn't want the month to end. Of course, I am on latter part. I do not want this month to end. Not because I'm being cheesy again but I really do love this month. *wink wink*

In fact, I'm enjoying every single day of this month. Hihi! Thanks to my ever loving and caring Honey! Happy 5th Anniversary! :)

To all of our multiply friends, our 5th Anniversary photo album has already been posted. Feel free to comment and please.. walang pong kokontra! You guys know how we love the camera. Lol.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheesy me

4 days to go, 5th year anniversary na namin ni Honey! Finally, meron na kaming plan kung saan kami pupunta. We're going north naman.. roadtrip lang! Punta kami sa Subic! First time namin pumunta doon together.. Beach mode ule kami this weekend. Yay! Buti na lang talaga halos kasabay namin sila Chris and Sheila ng 5th year anniversary. February 1 kami and February 2 sila. Oh dba, one day lang. Hihi.

Nag-pm ako kay Sheila last week, asking her kung ano plans nila. Wala pa rin daw. So yun.. Nagkayayaan na lang bigla na double date / gala na lang. Mas okay yun! Bakit? Tipid kasi sa pamasahe, hati-hati lang sa pang-gas and toll fees. Pero syempre hindi na share sa accomodation. KKBsr or Kanya Kanyang Bayad sa room. pati sa food na rin. LOL. Ok din kasi may taga-picture sa amin (and vice versa). Hindi na magaabala ng iba tao or magpapakahirap mag-set ng timer sa digicam. I know kailangan solo lang dapat kami on OUR day pero I think this is a great idea na rin. It would be 2 couples celebrating their 5th year anniversary. Oh di'ba, para maiba naman. Hindi naman sila strangers sa amin, friends naman namin sila pareho so walang problema. Tska at least alam na nila yung pasikot-sikot sa Subic. Nakapunta na sila doon eh. Sayang I wanna visit pa naman Zoobic and Ocean Adventure. Hehe. So, beach trip na lang muna kami. Okay lang din. Feeling ko makakaubos ng oras din yun so next time na lang kami babalik dun. Chillax lang sa weekend, enjoying lang sa beach and each other's company. And I think, yun ang importante. At least, hindi nakakapagod or something. So that's the plan...Oh onga pala! Syempre dapat gimik or shopping sa Freeport or Duty Free pag paguwi kami. Hay.. I'm excited na nga eh. Can't wait for the weekend na!

And about my title? Yup, I'm being cheesy lately! It shows naman.. Me being extra caring to my Honey, sending i love you's to him by surprise, adding mushy songs on my playlist (and currently listening to them also), love quotes on my YM status and more..

I can't help it eh. Ganon siguro talaga kung inlove ka noh? Lalo na if the feeling is mutual? Wow, magic yun. Sarap ng feeling. Super happy ako kasi 5 years na kami together pero yung feeling eh parang first weeks ng relationship pa lang kami.. Mas matindi pa. Yung parang binuhusan pa ng gas yung flame of love. Yikee! Yikes, tama na. Kinilig daw ba? Stop na. Sobrang pagka-cheesy na eh. Haha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's on my mind at the moment

First: Our upcoming 5th year anniversary on February 1. Where and how will we going to spend it?? Hayz. Kakaloka.. kakastress!? Pero sabi nga nila, ang mahalaga eh yung magkasama kayo on that day. Lucky for us kasi natapat sa weekend yung anniversary namin. It will be on a Sunday, 1st day of February (LOVE month). I'm overflowing with ideas already but I need to finalize it since less than 2 weeks na sya. Waah! Not to mention, we're on a tight budget now. My honey has been so supportive with their family, taking care of his younger sister's tuition fee and other house expenses. As for me, house expenses also and saving more moolah in my savings account. Kaya ayun, wala munang out of town ngayon (basta yung may airfare..hehe!).

It's either we'll spend it:
- on a cozy hotel in Tagaytay (The Boutique)
>>> At least overnight stay, sight seeing, roadtrip and foodtrip..
- at any four or five star hotel in the metro.
>>> Overnight too.. but still dunno about this. Pero pwede din..
- by dining in a fancy buffet restaurant (Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza)
>>> Foodtrip is our favorite pastime!
- whole day fun in a theme park (Enchanted Kingdom, perhaps?)
>>> Hindi pa kami nakakapunta dito ng kami lang eh. :)
- in a spa with exclusive of buffet-style meal/shabu-shabu (Wensha Spa in Pasay)
>>>Pwede pero parang hindi ko feel.
- in Pangasinan and Baguio
>>> Nah.. Kakabakasyon ko lang dun lately eh.
- in Bora?
>>> Probably not this year.

Grrr.. I can't make up my mind! I think I need more suggestions from my friends.. or let them pick which of these ideas will be great..

Second: What viand will I cook tomorrow and the days after tomorrow. LOL! Good thing, my dear brother is currently cooking spaghetti. I can smell it from here.. Hmmm.. *drools* Haha! Back to what I'm saying.. Oh food to cook. Grabe ang hirap talaga ng wala sila Mommy sa bahay. Nakakamiss yung mga luto nila. Dati kasi wala kaming inaalala tuwing kainan eh. Gigising sa umaga, may food at meron ka na ring packed lunch. Pagkagaling sa school/work, naghahanda na sila for dinner. Tapos, mala-fiestang lunch every weekend. Haaay.. I miss those days. Ngayon, ako na ang nagluluto. Actually, either ako or si kuya lang. Ang hirap pala. Okay lang yung grocery and palengke eh, pero yung setting what will be on our menu? Hay. I would just call it "challenging" na lang. Well, at least unti-unti akong natututo. I learned how to cook Chicken Curry, Beef Kaldereta, Pork / Fish Sinigang, Afritada, Menudo, Adobo, and Beef Steak. Hindi ko akalain na nakakapagluto ako ng mga ganong dishes.. Oh d'ba! I want to learn more dishes pa nga eh.. Makahanap nga ng recipes from Kitchenomics. Haha old school!

Third: What color of house paint will be nice for the first floor of our house. We're done re-painting our bedrooms so sa first floor naman. Sabi kasi ni kuya ako maghanap kung ano maganda.. Grr. Ako pa talaga noh? Haha! Pero I was thinking of Beige? Yellow Ochre? Kahit ano basta pastel color, more on the yellow shade siguro.

Forth: Gift ko sa Honey ko.. Haha. Oo, para sa 5th Anniv namin. Hmm.. Talagang pinagiisipan ko yung araw na yun. 5th year na eh. Importante talaga sa couples ang mag-celebrate man lang tuwing anniversary. Pero gifts? I don't think it's necessary. Anything coming from the heart will be appreciated. I have an idea for this na pero I won't spoil it here. My honey reads my blog eh! Haha!

Hmm.. so far yun pa lang. Nagkataon lang na I don't have something to do while waiting for our dinner to be ready... It's just that I'm online now.. At least, I had a chance to update my blog and share what's on my mind.

Toodle-oo for now. :D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Moon Countdown


Monday, January 12, 2009

I miss Patty!

While I was on my way to our office, I saw our neighbor's dog. Then, I remembered our doggie, Patty. Our dear Patty passed away last December 31 while we were in Pangasinan. She didn't even make it for new year. It was really sad.

My brother found her dead in our garden. I wasn't home that time but my sister texted me about her. I was shocked and in denial. I hurriedly went home and rushed to see Patty. To my surprise, I saw her lifeless in our backyard. I guess it was just her time. She has been lonely and probably sick. They buried her the next morning. I couldn't accept she's already gone.

Fatima "Patty"
Died: December 31, 2008

We didn't know that this would be your last picture.. Ohh Patty, I miss you! Rest in peace. :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

It’s not just a greeting but anticipation that this 2009 will be a happy and memorable year. I know it’ll be good one ‘coz this is my year. I was born on the year of the Ox (Chinese Zodiac). Hence, some say that luck doesn’t go that way. Either believe in the horoscope or not, luck really depends on how you run your own life. As they say, "We create our own luck."

Anyway, I had a great and memorable vacation during the holiday in Pangasinan. Too lazy to blog about it all though. Ahaha! Today is the first day at work for the year 2009..and yes, I’m still on vacation mode so I’m really lazy to do my tasks. But I need start working now. I got inspired by a short clip sent by a friend via ym. It's about Johnny the bagger. Here's the link, watch this and be inspired.

So yeah.. Gotta go and inspire others.. Have a wonderful 2009 ahead!