Tuesday, September 8, 2009

♫ "It's been exactly 3 months..

since you went away... I miss you so much and I don't know what to say."♪ Hehe! Parang song lang ni Brian Mcknight eh noh?! LOL.

Anyway, 3 months without Hon is depressing. Waiting drives me insane at times. Became too lazy in updating my blog. Just doing some microblogging instead. So what’s up with me in the past 3 months? Lemme me give you a list:

1.) Had a haircut twice. (June & Sept)
2.) Our office moved to Burgundy Corporate Center.
3.) During the first week/s after Hon left, some of my officemates told me I’m getting thin.. Hmm.. Weh?I dunno about this. Haha!
4.) Secured an NBI Clearance.
5.) Watched Transformers 2 with iBerks friends at Robinson Galleria.
6.) Got my Passport.
7.) My bro kept on teasing me during Friday nights or every weekend. “Wala kang lakad? Aw, kawawa naman.”
8.) … so I scheduled a movie date with my guy best friend. We watched HP6. I guess that was the first time I watched a movie with him alone. I think we should do that more often.
9.) Mom & Dad just got back home last July 16. Imported chocolates became my depression medicine. Sosyal! And I didn’t care if I get fat.
10.) Hair Relax
11.) Therapeutic massage with Mom last July.
12.) Received Godiva chocolates from Hon.
13.) Watched G.I Joe with Sis and Bro.
14.) 2NE1 fever. Haha!
15.) Watched And I Love You So with Mom.
16.) Aroma Swedish massage with Sis last August.
17.) Registered to vote.
18.) Learned how to bake brownies. *ahem ahem* Triple Chocolate Walnut Brownies.
19.) Spent most of my time watching movies on my iPod.
20.) I’ve been addicted in playing Sims 3, Mafia Wars, Farm Town and Restaurant City

I guess that’s it. Parang ang bilis lang ng 3 months pero nasa 1st quarter pa lang ako sa 1 year span of waiting. Lol. How depressing. *sigh* On the brighter side though, I’m doing this for us. He kept on saying that my wait will be so worth it. Besides, I’ll be going to Japan by 2nd quarter of next year. I can’t apply for Japan visa yet without a latest ITR. (#$%@$%!!!) I’ll have to wait for January 2010 so I can receive my ITR. Sad. Na-extend na naman ako. Grrr talaga!

I really miss him.. Our late night webcam session isn’t enough. I wanna hug him tight na. Huhuhu! Kaya yan. Konting tiis na lang. :)


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