Friday, February 29, 2008

Dan in Real Life

I watched it last night. Nope, not in movie theaters but through my ipod again. Lolz! I downloaded it last few days and not to mention that it is already DvdRip. Coolness right? Actually there are lotsa movies that I have downloaded which is already DvdRip that aren't shown in movie theaters yet.. and oh, also the movies that were just shown in the movie theaters recently (such as Good Luck Chuck, Stardust, Hitman, Beowulf, I am Legend, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, American Gangster, Mr. Woodcock, Juno and The Darjeeling Limited.)

Yeah, I'm such a movie buff. Additionally, I have finished downloading "No Country for Old Men" and "Micheal Clayton" (movies nominated/won in Oscars).

So anyway, Dan in Real Life stars Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dane Cook and Dianne Wiest.

Dan (Steve Carell) is a widower with three daughters. He's an overprotective dad and writes advice column in a newspaper his entire life. Dan took his family in his parent's house for family get together/vacation. One day, Dan meets Marie (Juliette Binoche) in a local bookstore. Dan tried to caught her attention which lead to a nice conversation together. Dan began to fall in love with her. But as he got home, he was shocked when he found out the woman he met in the bookstore is currently dating his brother (Dan Cook). What's more awkward was that Marie also stayed in the house with the family. Dan tells Marie that they should not mention about the bookstore incident to the family. Go figure what happened in the ending.. I don't wanna be a spoiler. Haha!

The movie has a simple story but delivers a nice message to everyone.

My fave lines from the movie?
- "Love is not a feeling. It's an ability."
- "There's rightness in our wrongness."
- "Okay here's a thing. Somebody hasn't been reading his own column."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Missed blogging...

Well it's been more than a week since I last blogged. Valentine blog? Hehe. It's either there's nothing much to blog, I'm lazy to blog or I'm busy to blog. Hmmm.. More on I'm lazy to blog. Haha.

I'll just give a quick list of what happened to me last week:
Feb.16 - I went to Hon's house and tasted what he cooked for their lunch (Menudo!) In fairness, masarap ah! Then, we went to SM Sta. Mesa. We just strolled, played in WOF and ate merienda/dinner in Chef D' Angelo.

I didn't want to go home yet so we went to Greenhills! But then, we arrived there at around 9pm already so the tiangges were about to close. We just decided to chill out in Krispy Kreme. We ordered a dozen of their original donut and frap for each. Takaw, takaw, takaw! Foodtrip ule! It was a fun night, hehe! At sinipon ako ah. Huhuhu.. But still masaya kasi I'm with Hon the whole day.

Tuesday or wednesday after work, I went to Hon's office to surprise him. Hehe! I treated him for merienda in Mcdo Paseo. I know he'll be OT that day so I gave him my cheeseburger so he could eat something while working.

Last week also was the Ryan and Pollack's last week of work. We all got shocked when we knew that they'll be leaving the company for another. So we spent much time with them during lunch breaks.

Feb22-23 - Hon was still working overnight. Yup super OT! They had an emergency call for work so we didn't go out. I let him go home and have lotsa sleep.

Feb.24 - Finally, Hon and I went out. Hehe! We watched "Vantage Point" in G4. It was a nice movie. It has a simple story but let's you feel that you are watching Groundhog Day. Lolz! But it's just their way to clearly explain what really happened on the incident (assassination of US President). We ate in Wendy's and went for their BIGGIE meal. Haha.. Takaw talaga namin noh? Then, we just played in Timezone. We ate dinner in our house. Yup in our house. My bro cooked spaghetti so we just bought jumbo chicken in Andok's. We ate our luscious dinner while watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith in cable. Hehe!

Yesterday - I accompanied my bro to his doctor. We rode 2 jeepneys and I got dizzy. Ay nako, umatake na naman ang biyehilo ko. I puked. Buti na lang may plastic na dala si kuya or else nasukahan ko na yung nasa harap ko. Lolz!

This day is Ryan and Pollack's last day of work. No farewells.. 'Till we meet again my friends.

So yeah.. Back to work.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine surprise of Hon :)

Just few moments ago, Honey was in our office. Haha! He surprisingly showed up after I ate my lunch with some of my officemates in the pantry.

I was checking my computer and saw that Hon messaged me in YM but it said "sagutin mo twag ni francis ryan to". I found it a bit strange so I checked my cellphone.. 11 Missed Calls? What! I thought something happened to hon or something. Afterwich, Tin approached me and said "Uy boyfriend mo nasa labas" Haha! Nagulat talaga ako kasi nakita ko may hawak siyang bouquet of roses. Awww how sweet! *blushing*

As we sat down the couch, he said "Kala mo yan lang? Meron pa.." He handed me a small valentines card with a personal message inside it.

Super sweet talaga ng honey ko! ^_^

He then said, "Meron pa.." Wow may finale ba? Hehe.. He got something from a brown envelope that I noticed he was carrying as I first saw him. Inside the envelope was a colored picture of us (about a size of a bond paper) that has a personalize message again in the background. Awww... Sweetness! ^_^ Sobrang na-surprise ako dun! Akala ko talaga kakain lang kami sa labas after work. May super big surprise pa palang hinanda si Hon.. Yikeedo! As my hon left the office, some of my officemates saw him and gestures kiligness? Haha.. Parang pangpelikula nga daw eh. John Lloyd and Bea? Lolz.

Anyway, super thank you hon for these surprises! Kaya super mahal kita eh.. I love you! Mwah! :*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A cool Sunday.

Last Sunday was a blast 'coz I went to my sister's company event "Kenny's Open '08" at the Rockwell Tent. There were lots of activities, booths, sponsors, celebs and Kenny Rogers healthy food of course! Yum! *drooling*

Kenny Rogers Roasters have launched several healthy gourmet dishes. Aside from the yummy foods, there were lots of fun filled activities such as the different exercise classes powered by Fitness First, Gymboree and Little Tikes. Shop and suit up with awesome Adidas gear at amazing prices. Overflowing Coke Light and other Coke products. There were also one-on-one health and diet consultations with dietitians and nutritionists (but I didn't want to consult..go figure.) Oh oh and oh... We exclusively meet and greet the event's emcees! Amanda Griffin! Wahh.. I super love her since she became Candymag covergirl. Pretty pretty pretty Amanda! We took pictures with her, of course. Too bad Marc Nelson and his Amazing Race partner Rovilson Fernandez were busy talking to someone so we didn't have a pic with him... err them. (ok lang, meron na naman akong solo pic with him (Marc Nelson)...kahit super dati pa yun.) Better luck next time? Wish there will be an event like this again. Haha!

My mom, bro and I went crazy ordering "free" Kenny dishes at the counter. I ordered one of their new dishes: Pesto Pasta. And for my drinks? Mango Smoothies... *drooling again* After eating my luscious meal, I saw familiar faces. Uy si Will Devaughn, Dione of PBB and Kian Kazemi! Of course, I told my sister "Picture, picture!" Nyahaha! Kinapalan ko na mukha ko. Yup may pic ako with them. With the 2 guys lang, at nasa gitna nila ako. Wah! Ang tatangkad nila.. Here's the pic:

Oh d'ba? Parang close kami. Hehe!

Anyway.. Before leaving the event we ordered again for take-out! As we got home, guess what's our food for dinner? Kenny Rogers Roasted Chicken and Baby Back Ribs with side dishessss! *drooling for the last time*


I forgot to blog about last Sunday's homily. Probably because I was busy yesterday? Hmm I guess not. It just slipped my mind. Oh well. Fr. Robleza spoke about the importance of showing little of sacrifice in our daily lives. Showing a little appreciation to a stranger who has helped you in some way. (The driver in a vehicle that made you pass to cross the street, the lady from the elevator, cashier, bagger boy in the grocery, etc.)

Do good deeds to others. Repent for your sins. Cleanse your conscience. We should all be spiritually ready for Lent.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Officially regular employee!

Today is the day that Aurus and I become an official employee in Modelworks. Yay! We started working in the company last August 8. Since today is February 8, it's been 6 months! :) Meaning? Regular na kami AND meron nang raise! :D

In most companies whenever an employee reached 6 months, the employee is entitled to be a regular. Regularization in the company means more benefits like vacation and sick leaves... and not to forget, salary adjustments! Hmm.. salary increase! Woot woot! The increase would probably help me in paying the taxes etc. At least.. I dunno.. Regularization would also be called as an achievement or stability since you have managed to stay that long. As for me, I (still) don't have plan(s) in resigning. I enjoy working here and I would be getting financial benefits since we have quarterly commission. Lolz! Not to mention the nearness of the building to our house.. just 10 minutes walk? How convenient, right? No need for jeepney fare or whatsoever. Lolz!

Happy regularization to me (and Aurus!) ^_^

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy 4th Year Anniversary Honey!

Last February 1, Honey and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary. ^_^

I know this post is kinda late.. Hehe.. I just got back from a beach getaway so yeah... This event is so important to us and this should be posted here.

Belated Happy 4th year anniversary, Honey! Thanks for everything! You are one of the greatest thing that happened in my life.. I love you very much! Mwuah! :*

Be thankful for your problems

I just got from a surreal beach trip yesterday and I still managed to go to mass at 8pm. I was so tired and sleepy but it was Sunday and I can't afford to miss Fr. Robleza's homily.. and of course, give thanks to Him 'coz we had so much fun and got home safely.

Fr. Robleza started a story when he went in Italy alone. He shared how lonely it was but good thing there were Filipinos in the neighborhood. Though there were pinoys, there were times when he felt so lonely from the place where he stayed. After some time he went back to the Philippines. He said to himself that whenever he has visitors and stayed in his house, he promised to spare his time to entertain them. As much as possible, let them feel that they are very welcome and ensure that they'll have fun staying in your place. He didn't want his visitors to experience the loneliness he felt from his Italy vacation.

Then, he explained yesterday gospel. Sinasabi na kung may mga problema, magpasalamat ka. Binibigyan ka ng Diyos ng problema para maramdaman at ipinapaunawa sa'yo ang mga taong nakakaranas din ng mga problema. Kung wala kang problema, d'ba masaya at malakas ka. Kung meron naman, na-aappreciate mo ang ibang tao. Meron kang problema pero you'll find happiness with the people you love.. a loved one, your friends, family... :)

Kung wala kang problema, ihahantulad ka sa isang ampalaya.
Kung meron naman, ihahantulad ka naman sa isang pinakbet. Maraming kasamang gulay tulad ng sitaw, kalabasa, talong.. Maraming sahog, makulay ang buhay!

Pero hindi ba't mas masaya kung ikaw ay isang masayang ampalaya na kasama sa sangkap ng pinakbet? :)