Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ready for THE BEACH!

Yay! 3 days to go! I'm super excited already! :)

I think I can wear my swim suit na.. Haha! I know I'll have fun.. 3 day vacation = Yay!

Sand. Beach. Swimming. BONDING. Sun. Star gazing. Picture galore. Getting a tan. Sound trip. Dancing the night away. Partying. Collect shells. Souvenir shopping. Food trip. Just have fun!

Hussssh! *wink*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

3 Lessons in Life

Just got home from mass and yes, Fr. Robleza was the priest again. :)

The homily is kinda short today. He briefly explained 3 lessons that everyone must know and follow.

#1: Gumawa tayo ng "little promise" sa ating sarili and at kailangan nating tuparin yun kahit sa isang araw lang.

For example, quit smoking.. just kidding! Sabi ko nga "little" lang. Say 2 sticks per day (not the usual 1 pack per day) OR since summer is fast approaching, you have to lose weight to wear that bikini / swim suit (Haha! Pinapatamaan talaga ako oh!) So, what do you have to do? You have to avoid eating chocolates.. Nakakataba yan. Aim to lose an inch of your waist per week. (Para pagdating ng summer, patpat ka na.. LOL!) If you have accomplished the said "little promise", tendency is you will be confident and fulfilling. Tipong wow nakayanan ko! Sige try ko ule bukas.. and eventually will be an everyday basis or if not, this would happen often.

#2: Dapat meron kang paninindigan.

#3 Maging mapagkumbaba. Father tells to be humble always (almost every week). Well, it's because we really have to be humble. Learn to accept the fact that we have strengths and definitely, weaknesses. Tao lang din tayo, nagkakamali. Always put your feet on the ground.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Incubus Live in Manila Poster

This ain't the official poster of the upcoming concert of Incubus here in Manila. A creative fan made this and posted it in Incubus Philippines multiply groups. Pretty cool huh? I was impressed. The pinay fan said it's okay to grab it and post it in our blogs. So here... Haha! Ang galing ng ginawa nya. Kewl :)

Actually, I'm having a doubt if I'll go to that concert. Yeah yeah I know.. But heck, I realized how super expensive the ticket was. Grabe butas talaga ang bulsa ko. Ampness! Maybe I'm just being anxious err super excited? I dunno.

Anyway, kudos to the one who made this poster! ^_^

Monday, January 21, 2008

Listening builds relationships

Last night, I went to mass with my mom. Luckily, si Fr. Robleza. He delivered another wonderful and inspiring homily. :)

He started with a story about the missionaries he encountered during a convention. He said that the missionaries there has thier own signal for the numbers 1-5. They use addition of colors, example:
red + green = 1
blue + pink + yellow = 5
gray+ yellow orange + brown = 3

It really doesn't matter how many the color combination was, it's the answer that matters the most. It's like their way of coding it. So, Fr. Armand tested us if we could decode it. He gave us several color combination and yet we still don't know how to it works. Sabi tuloy ni father, "Ano ba yan 'di nyo pa rin gets?" Wah! "Bakit hindi ko pa rin ma-gets?"

So he gave us a hint saying, these missionaries uses a certain body language to decode the answer.. So father tested us again.

Father: green + blue = ? (we noticed that he uses his fingers to symbolize the number)
All: 2!
Father: black + baby pink + metallic green = ?
All: 5!

Haha! I didn't notice that.. So he said "Kita nyo na.. Kung hindi pa ako nag-hint 'di nyo pa mage-gets." Haha! So he explained why we didn't decode the answer easily.

Expert says, people delivers 7% content, 38% feelings and 55% body language...
**or something like that.

Listen to one another, and you could gain trust. Kaya nga nung bata tayo, anong madalas sabihin ng mga magulang natin? "Makining ka, anak." If we commit mistake, what will our parents say? "Ikaw kasi hindi ka nakinig sa akin/amin."

We listen through our hearts. Listen with your spirit. Listening builds relationships.

Happy people knows how to listen. Angry people don't want to listen. Mahirap makinig kung 'di ka makikinig. Kung galit ka sa isang tao, di'ba ayaw mong pakinggan mga sinasabi nya?

In listening, a person should be:
1. Humble
2. Caring
3. Patient

You listen to an individual because you trust her/him.

When we listen to one another, we can easily hear Him in our lives. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Already bought Incubus Tickets!

This is it! Sa Wakas!!

Yesterday, I finally decided to buy the ticket. Super duper sure na ako na paggagastusan ko 'toh. Alam ko luho toh pero this concert is once in a bluemoon! Nyahaha hindi naman pero nga d'ba sisingsisi ako na 'di ako nakapunta nung unang concert nila dito sa Pinas! I was broke.. not income..just a poor college girl. So sad. Haha! Now that I'm earning moolahs... I CAN BUY THAT TICKET! One time, big time. It'll the mother of all concerts. Lolz!

Hon and I met up in SM Makati at around 6:30pm. Guess what? The line in that SM Ticketnet is oooverly long. But heck! I didn't think twice in bottling out. If I have to wait for hours, I would. That's how desperate I am in having those tickets! :p

While waiting in line, I entertained myself by listening to my ever dearest Incubus on my iPod. And guess what? It already played the entire album of Light Grenades and yet the line is still freakin' long. We were like the 15-20th person in line. My feet already hurts, my stomach started to growl and we got so pissed off by that salesperson. Ang kupad!!! Mahigit 2 hours na kaming nakatayo! Buti na lang talaga dala ko yung iPod ko at dala din ni hon yung PSP nya. Anyway, I let hon stayed in the line as I went to the ladies room. Pagpasok ko, na-shock ako. Uy si Dina Bonnivie! Haha star struck?! Woah, she's still pretty and sexy.

Moving along, we already got the tickets at around 8:45pm! Yipee! Sobrang tears of joy... Huhuhu.. Hay! Nanghina ako sa tuwa! To think na gutom na din kami.. Haha! We ate in Singangag.. Wah ang sarap ng tapa promise! 39 pesos lang!

Back to our tickets.. Yay! Yay! Yay! Can't wait for March 9. It'll definitely be an outstanding night for me and my hon. Wohoo! :)

Rock on! \m/

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Incubus Ticket Prices are finally OUT!!!

I've been waiting for the prices for a month! Finally it's not "TBA" anymore! Haha... To my fellow Incubus fanatics here in Manila, here are the prices:

Patron VIP (101 & 103) (Reserved Seating) 4410
Patron (Reserved Seating) 3938
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 3360
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) 1995
Upper Box B (Free Seating) 945
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) 525

Waah! I want the Patron VIP! But I got dismayed because of what I read in the Incubus website. Someone called Ticketnet and they said that the first 26 rows are not yet for sale because promoters called "Allyouth" will be occupying those seats. WTF??! Politics talaga. Monopoly. Hay.. How disappointing naman! Not to mention the other event coordinators, celebrities, politicians and to all the posers! A super duper die hard fan, such as myself deserves that front row slot! AMPNESS!!! So what now? I have no freaking choice. Patron seats? Kung ganon Lower Box A or B na lang. Oh well... Bahala na.

Hay.. sound trip nga muna ako.. Sa mga hindi pa napapakinggan ang lastest album ng Incubus, here's a link: "Light Grenades" (Click the link to listen online)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Value Added Motivation

I went to mass last night and good thing si Fr. Robleza ule ang priest. I always look forward to his sermon during the homily. The best talaga mga preachings nya eh!

So last night, he discussed three things. First, value added motivation. Second, trust. Third, be careful on what you are saying to your love ones.

He described why Filipinos are so kind. So kind that we don't want to hurt the feelings of others, especially our love ones. When we are invited to a party, we usually reply "Titignan ko". Even though we couldn't really attend the event, we always say to the host/hostess "Try ko ah". He tells us that it's better to disappoint a friend than to regain his trust. I agreed to him without a doubt. It's better to be honest and say that you are not coming than letting someone expect that you are coming. Right?

If you are a dad and your son invites you to watch their program tomorrow, your son would say, "Dad, punta ka sa program namin bukas ah." Dad replied with "Titignan ko anak". To a kid, "Titignan ko" is a YES and he would, of course, expect his Dad tomorrow. The next day, Dad didn't showed up. At dinner, son didn't join in the table. Dad approaches his son and asks "Oh bakit 'di ka kakain anak?" The boy replied, "Bakit 'di ka pumunta sa program namin?" See how affected the kid was? Ganon din tayo. Malamang sa susunod, hindi na natin iimbitahin yung mga taong ganon. Kasi malamang hindi na naman siya makakapunta d'ba? Kung baga, ayaw na nating umasa.

Another citation was about the relationship with a loved one. When a guy asks a girl if she wants to go out tonight, what do girls usually reply? "Ikaw." Haha.. Ganon ako eh! Ang galing talaga ni Father! Nakakatawa ngang isipin kung ano ba talaga yung ibig sabihin ng "Ikaw."? Oo ba o hindi? Ikaw. Hahaha!

Father points out na sana claro yung sinasabi natin. Lalo na sa mga mahal natin sa buhay. Kasi kung hindi, it would lead to misunderstandings. Worst, in fights.

Another lesson learned. Can't wait for next week. I hope si father ule. Last week kasi hindi siya eh.

Okay... Back to work. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

1st day in the gym

I enrolled na sa gym.. Naks! Sa D' Gym in Marvin Plaza, located in Makati. Malapit lang sa house namin and mura ang rates nila. 800 pesos per month, unlimited access na sa mga equipments nila. Meron namang trainer/s, pero ikaw na bahala sa sarili mo. He'll just teach you the routines, how to use the gym equipments and how long are you going to use them. Free na rin ang mineral water, not bad na for 800 pesos dba? Anyway, I gotta do this na kasi eh. Exercise naman! Para nga naman mabawasan ang holiday fats ko! Grabe ganito pala ang feeling!

"My back hurts!"

That's the first thing I said the moment I stepped out from the gym. I can't feel my legs. Nyahaha! When I stepped down from the stairs, woah! I can't bend my knee.. Ampness!

Is that normal? Well, I think so. Hindi kasi sanay ang katawan ko sa pagod. My brother said that it's the effect during the first week in the gym. He said that eventually it will be okay. I wish!

Do I have to go to the gym everyday? every other day? Waah!

My body needs to rest naman noh! Hindi pwede mabigla, baka mamatay ako. 3x a week is enough.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

I have seen the movie Edward Scissorhands for the nth time.. and yet I never get tired watching it on my ipod. ('Di naman halata na favorite ko na siya noh?) Ang ganda kasi.. :)

I watched this movie for the first time when I was still a kid. My sister thinks that Edward (played by Johnny Depp) was such a cutie. And I was like: "'Di ah.. Tignan mo naman itsura nyan. Cute ba yan?"

Yeah yeah back then I easily judge someone physically.. Sobrang puti naman kasi nya tska ang dami nyang scars. Haha! But when I knew that Johnny Depp was behind those black strapped jacket? I got impressed and started to have a huge crush on him. I liked the way he smiles and the way he reacts on the movie. Also, Kim (played by Winona Ryder) is like an angel. I was so touched on how Edward showed his feelings towards Kim. Sobrang favorite ko na tong movie na toh.

My favorite lines from the movie:

Hold me.
Edward: I can't.

Kim: You're here... They didn't hurt you, did they?
[Edward shakes his head]
Kim: Were you scared? I tried to make Jim go back, but, you can't make Jim do anything. Thank you for not telling them that we...
Edward: You're welcome.
Kim: It must have been awful when they told you whose house it was.
Edward: I knew it was Jim's house.
Kim: You... you did?
Edward: Yes.
...Well, then why'd you do it?
Edward: Because you asked me to.

[last lines]
Kim: You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did. If he weren't up there now... I don't think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Brandon Boyd Books

Oh Brandon Boyd.. A music artist. A band icon. A painter. A poet. A book writer. A great performer. A creative artist. A cutie.

And me? A diehard fan!

Brandon Boyd wrote 2 books that I'm
dying to own: White Fluffy Clouds: Found Inspiration Moving Forward (Vol.1) & From The Murks of The Sultry Abyss (Vol.2)

White Fluffy Clouds is a book by Brandon Boyd, lead singer of the rock group Incubus. The book is compiled with artwork, poetry, insights, reflections and ramblings and candid portraits. It also contains "self proclaimed artwork", pictures, poems and other material.
***from wikipedia

From The Murks Of The Sultry Abyss
is packed with artist photographs, paintings, drawings and over 40 pages of life's observations while traveling through.
***from www.brandonboydbooks.com

....Another reason why should I earn more or save dough. Tears of joy will probably run through my eyes if you'll hand me over any of these books.

Moreover, Incubus' concert in Manila is fast approaching so yeah.. Save, save, and save!

I heart Brandon.. I heart Incubus!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 & 47th month!

Just got home. Hon and I celebrated New Year and our 47th monthsary today. I woke up at around 2pm. (Yup, 2pm!) Last night was a blast! Super fun 'coz we have fireworks! (haha..before kasi wala eh) My sister bought from her Chinese office mate some Chinese fountain and lusis! Cool nga eh, so colorful! Nyahaha! Sosyal ang dating! Oh and we prepared lotsa food, too! Kamusta naman at ang laki na ng bilbil ko. Wah! Holiday fats talaga!

Anyway, Hon woke me up and we decided to meet up in Glorietta at 4pm... We watched "Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo" in G4! The movie started at 5:50pm so we played in Timezone first. Then, we ate merienda in Jabee. Matagal na rin akong 'di nakakakain dun, miss ko na fries nila.

Then, we stroll around muna.. para naman bumaba ang mga kinain. Hehe! Hon bought me denim jeans in Bench as his gift to me! Yay!

We went to the moviehouse 20 minutes before the movie starts so we could watch trailers. Ok yung movie, nakakatawa si Bronson! That kid is freakin' creepy! Nyahaha! Oks lang din yung story, sana lang hindi maging ganun buhay namin ni Hon if we will get married and have kids. Mababait naman mga parents namin and I think we could handle marriage life and parenthood. Yikes!! That would be another story. Matatagalan pa yun, we are still enjoying each other's company and we think it's not yet the right time. We still need more time.. more time to be prepared emotionally, spiritually, financially...everything! (especially financially..haha!) Mga 4-5 years? Basta kung kelan kami handa. Period.

Well anyway, after the movie dumaan kami sa Artwork. I like their shirts and I went gaga in buying a lot.. Hindi naman a lot as in isang dosena, but I bought 4 tees! Cute kasi ng mga designs. Hehe! And Hon also bought one. Wala lang!

So yah after that, we decided to go to Waltermart kasi magpapagupit si Hon. Unfortunately, we didn't make it on time. It's friggin' close and it's only 8:30pm? Aga nagsara ah.. So yun.. We spent time na lang in Starbucks. Had their Christmas fraps.. 7 stickers pa ata kulang at makukuha na ni Hon yung Starbucks planner. Haha! I don't want one. Maka-Seattle's Best ako eh. :p

Had fun in our celebration. Super! One month na lang and 4 years na kami together! 4 years and we're still super in love! Aww.. We're planning to go to Bora nga to celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary! Yipee! Can't wait to go back there again.. Havta go on a diet. Para naman maging okay naman katawan ko kapag naka-swimsuit nako! Wahaha! Mag-gym kaya ako? Hmm.. Kayanin ko kaya? Kakayanin. Lolz!

Oh the pics we had today will be uploaded in my multiply account. ^_^