Friday, July 10, 2009

One down.

I got my passport already! Wahoo! I'm happy because I have accomplished the number 1 requirement for my planned trip to Japan. It's also nice to know that I have a valid I.D na. Oh, two na pala. I recently got an NBI clearance. I was forced to secure one since none of the I.D's (Office and T.I.N) I submitted for my passport application was not really valid daw. They are considered as secondary only. Aside from my birth certificate and passport size picture, they also got my School I.D and Official Transcript of Records. Oh well, ganon talaga. At least, andito na. Masyado nga akong na-excite nung natanggap ko sya. :)

Alam ko medyo matagal pa ang pinaplano kong bisitahin si Hon sa Japan pero at least I'll have enough time to save money for the plane ticket and complete the requirements for the Japan visa. I have visited the Japan embassy website and I was quite shocked by the number of requirements I have to submit. I have 4-5 months. That's more than enough time naman siguro.

It's been a month since Hon left. I miss him so much already. Thinking positively will help me decrease my longing for him. I know the long wait will be so much worth it. (Right hon?) Assumer ba masyado? Hehe! Hay.. Sana talaga matuloy ako. *fingers and toes crossed*

For now, I will just do some research about the "must visit", "must eat" and "must shop" places in Japan. As for what I have read and seen from Superbianca's blog entry, I became more eager to visit "The Land of the Rising Sun". Darating din tayo dyan. Soon! :)

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