Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free donut and coffee!

I was surprised from an email that I received from my friend, Nil. The subject of the email was "Someone sent you a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Doughnut and Signature Coffee." I thought it was a joke or something, but he confirmed that it was for real. I'm a fan of Krispy Kreme so I'm that excited. Nil just asked me to register, send this to my other friends and they'll email me a coupon so I could claim the Krispy Kreme freebies . This was just like some other promotional gigs like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's free tea. Cool promotion guys, keep it coming! Haha!

So if you want to "Glaze yourself and your friends", register now! Clickee here:

Once you have registered, you can claim it to any of their following branches:
Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia (Drive-thru)
- Mondays thru Sundays, 5pm to 6:30pm

Other stores:

Trinoma, Jaka Bldg Ayala, Robinsons Galleria, Gateway Mall, Glorietta,
SM Mall of Asia (Main mall)
-Mondays thru Sundays, 11am to 2pm

*** Don't forget to print your gift coupon with the email and surrender to the cashier with 1 valid I.D.

I got a bit dismayed since you can claim it only within those given time. The nearest branch from my place is Glorietta 4 and Jaka Bldg Ayala. It's only available from 11am to 2pm. Oh well, don't have to complain. It's free! Maybe I'll just claim it after lunch in G4 on a weekend.

I'm glazed!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La, La, La Luz!

I finally had a weekend getaway.. Honey and I tagged along with Kuya Lloyd and his girlfriend Ate She as they celebrate their 5th anniversary last March 20. Wahaha parang panira ba? Hmm hindi naman kasi okay lang daw naman na sumama kami. KKB naman eh. Haha.

We left Manila at around 8:30am and arrived in La Luz Beach Resort at around 11:45pm. I must say that the place is really beautiful. Great summer spot. Ate She registered us and got our reservations. Then, picture picture muna sa place.. The staff told us that we can eat lunch already. Wipee! Just in time.. Super gutom na kami nun eh. Ayun, kain marino. Inantok after. We headed to our rooms na, fixed our things and took a nap. We woke up at around 4pm, time to eat again? Merienda buffet! Hayz.. Kain lang ng kain. Tapos nilibot namin ang lugar.. Sa bandang dulo, puro batohan na. I love the rock formations! Pwede pa ngang umakyat sa tuktok. Dahan dahan lang sa pagakyat.. Medyo i-scary sya. Sarap ng feeling kapag nasa tuktok ka na. Ganda ng view! Balik ule sa rooms, pahinga lang.. Nagbihis, chillax lang sa shore. Dinner time.. haha kain ule! Dun namin nakilala si kaibigang tuko. Haha! Pinicturan namin sya, at ang laki nya ah. Katakot, buti hindi nalaglag mula sa taas ng bubong. Nway, kwentuhan lang kami, surf sa net (using Honey's phone). Kahit walang TV, at least may WiFi dun. We celebrated their 5th anniv so we ordered beer and chips. Made a toast, cheers to 5 years! Fun night :)

Hon and I were planning to get up early to see the sunrise.. Nag-rise na yung sun, kami hindi pa. Wahaha. Sleepyheads.. and we were tired from that night, the celebration and all. We just went down to eat breakfast. We almost missed it nga eh.. Until 9am lang yung breakfast, buti na lang nakahabol pa. Grabe parang buhay-B kami. What a life.. Pero at least no stress na since kakain ka na lang tapos buffet pa. Sulit naman. Tapos swimming time the whole afternoon after lunch! Maganda ang araw, we applied sunblock pero na-sunburn pa rin si Hon. Haha! Nalimutan ata maglagay sa likod.. After ng merienda, hindi na kami nag-swimming ule. Chillax lang, facing the beach. Kwentuhan lang then we decided to try the massage. We scheduled it after eating dinner. A massage at night would be nice.. Pero bago kami nag-dinner, malabanan ranger ito! wahaha.. Hindi ko ganon nagustuhan ang dinner, the carbonara was bland.. kulang din sa sahog. We came a little late for our scheduled massage but it's ok. Their 1 hour massage service costs 250 pesos only. Not bad! A light massage felt wonderful. Then, we went star gazing, just sitting on the relaxing native beach chair and the beach waves are all you can hear. We didn't noticed that we we're staying late already, we left the shore at around 12am. The culprit of not seeing the next sunrise again.. Arrgh.

Hon woke me up so we can packed our things. "What? Uuwi na tayo?" Hahaha! That time ayoko pa umuwi, sarap ng buhay dun promise. A very nice vacation talaga kasi. I want moorrree! Lolz.

Our pics galore here (thanks to

I wanna go there again.. Super worth coming back. Hmmm..

Next stop, Bataan (sana)! XD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I went to the salon last night to have my toenails done. I always go to the same salon since there's a manicurist/pedicurist whom I liked the service. I thought she's on a good mood but it turned into a disaster!

Para siyang galit sa mundo, galit sa paa ko.. Amps! Nagmamadali na parang nakikipagkarerehan sa ibang mga manicurista.. Hate ko pa yung reaction nya when I suddenly moved my foot. Aba, ibig sabihin lang nun nasasaktan ako sa ginagawa nya noh! As if she'll say to me na "Ang arte mo naman", sabay sabi nya talaga na "Masakit ba?" Grrrr! Uh? 'Di ba obvious? Tapos nung nasira yung nail paint sa right big toe ko, nilagyan nya ng acetone to reapply, grabe sa hapdi! Ibig sabihin lang nun nasugatan yung ingrown ko? Waah! Sarap nyang sabunutan nun.. Hapdi talaga. Grrr! At ang bilis nya pa natapos talaga ah.. Naunahan pa nya yung isa na nauna pang nagsimula sa amin. Kalurkey!

Basta I hated the service kagabi.. Hindi ako natuwa. I used to give her a tip, pero sorry sya. No tip ka ngayon sa ginawa mo noh! Parang ayaw ko ngang bayaran eh.. Minurder mo ba naman yung paa ko! Hayz.. I can still feel the "ouch" whenever I move my toes. Now, I'm having a doubt if I'll return to that salon again. Parang ayaw ko na, nadala ako. I'll try to go to other salons na lang next time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


As what the 80s song goes, "Just another manic Monday.. I wish it was Sunday". *Sigh*

Though this time, I wish it is already Thursday! 'Coz on Thursday, I'll be out of town.. Yipee! Beach mode, finally! We'll be going to La Luz Resort in Batangas. I've always wanted to go to that place since my Honey and his officemates went there 2 years ago. I saw their pics and got amazed by the breath-taking shore and crystal-clear blue water. He even described how peaceful the place is, how romantic the ambiance was (especially at night), and how great their food buffet (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) they have. I was so impressed by what I've heard so I promised myself that I'll go to that beach soon. Waah! This is time I've been waiting for. I wasn't expecting this that soon. If it isn't for Hon's Japan business trip. Haha! Pero okay na rin. I wanted to have a vacation badly din naman.. Sa wakas, eto na yung opportunity to visit La Luz! We had the Junior Premier room reserved for 3 days and 2 nights stay. I'm excited na nga eh!

But in general, i really hate Mondays! Well, who doesn't anyway? I feel super lazy to get out of my bed every morning. I still feel a bit sleepy. *Yawn* Still on weekend mode.. Havin' a hard time to start the tasks for the day.. But no matter how bad it is, we need to keep going. That's life eh. It can't be a weekend mode everyday. We earn money from our job. We work for a living. So, it's our responsibility to go to work and act as an adult. Just be thankful.

For now, work mode. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eraserheads Live! The Final Set

March 7, 2009 -- Over 10 million fans, only 100 thousand witnessed it. So proud that Hon and I were there. We had the chance to watch the Best Pinoy Band Final Live Performance! We're supposed to be in Bataan, a beach trip with my high school friends that time but good thing it got postponed. Hon and I immediately bought tickets from my Honey's boss. I want VIP tickets but it was expensive than an International Artist performing in Araneta. We got the Silver A instead. Not bad for the price. Actually, any ticket would suffice. Basta makanood lang ng concert.. Buti na lang talaga, nakahabol pa kami!

Anyway, we arrived at MOA concert grounds at around 7pm. Super dami na ng tao sa labas at nakapila na. Pagpasok sa loob, super sisikan. Kulang na lang magkapalitan na kami ng mga mukha. Standing ovation ang drama. I brought my Bluey but we were busy jamming, pics of us mostly lang ang nakuha ko. I got 1 minute clips per song though. Nagka-stiff neck pa ako, kakatungo. Mega effort mag-video... Haha! Super fun! This is us striking a pose while enjoying:

I can't believe 28.5 songs ang nakanta nila. (inclusive of 5 + 3 encore songs) parang greatest hits of Eraserheads live performance ito! Super sulit! THE BEST!

Set list:
First Set ---
1. Magasin
2. Walang Nagbago
3. Maling Akala
4. Maskara
5. Poorman’s Grave
6. Waiting for the Bus
7. Huwag mo nang Itanong (Marcus Adoro on vocals -- reggae version.. astig!!!)
8. Slo Mo (Raims on vocals)
9. Alkohol (Raims on vocals)
10. Insomnia (Raims on vocals)
11. Torpedo

Second Set ---
1. Julie Tearjerky (Acoustic)
2. Tikman (Acoustic)
3. Wishing Wells (Acoustic)
4. Fine Time (Acoustic)
5. Pare Ko (Acoustic)
6. Kailan (Ely on solo, with Jazz Nicolas on keyboards)
7. Back2Me
8. Trip to Jerusalem
9. Spolarium
10. Overdrive

Encore (Part 1) ---

1. Superproxy (So sad, wala na si Francis M. kasama sana sya dito)
2. Minsan -- 1 of my faves ko toh..
3. Alapaap
4. Kaleidoscope World (Chorus only then Ely shouted, "Mabuhay si Francis") --Tribute to Francis M.
5. Ang Huling El Bimbo (Biglang sinunog ni Ely ang Sticker Happy piano...Waaaahh nooo!!! Ibig ba sabihin, talagang final na itoh? :((

Tapos group hug sana pero group bow with Jazz eh..As seen on the photo:

At least!! Hinagis din ni Ely yung sneakers nya sa crowd..wahaha! Saan kaya napunta yun?

As the song "Ang Huling El Bimbo" ends, may fireworks display pa.. We really thought tapos na (kahit kami papalabas na ng exit), but wait there's more!!! Bumalik kami pero nakapasok pa kami sa Gold A. Woah! Then, Raims entered the stage and called everyone.. Marcus! Buddy! Ely! Does that means more?? Yes, more! Sabay usap sila kung anong tututugin. "Wala toh sa set list ah", says one of them. Napahiyaw kami sa tuwa!

Encore (Part 2) --

1. Ligaya
2. Sembreak
3. Toyang

8:30 - 11pm! Woah! 4 hours kaming nakatayo. Buti nakayanan ko. Yun na ata pinakamatagal na concert na napuntahan ko. Wow, super surreal. Kahit siksikan, nakakauhaw, nakakagutom, at nakakapagod...sobrang worth it!

Sa mga fans na hindi nakapunta, sayang!!! You just missed half of your life... Hintayin ang DVD? Nahh.. Iba pa rin ang LIVE, woot!!

We love you, Eraserheads! Maraming Salamat! =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello summer heat!

It's March, and summer is here! The heat is unbelievable. Lol. Whatever that means.. I'm excited. Well, a bit. That just means that beach mode is officially on! Yipee!

I can't believe I got 2 upcoming beach trips this month. Summer is still starting yet I have something written on my summer planner already. I guess my friends and I were just excited to start it so we made a plan before April comes. Plus the fact that my Hon will be leaving soon. Must.have.a.nice.vacation.

I miss going to the beach.
Hello summer!
No wearing bikinis this time.
I hate my figure now. LOL!
Haircut? Maybe. It's hot!
Time to buy beach stuffs.
Sunscreen is a must.
Don't forget snacks and booze(?)
Bring ipod.
Reduce stress.
Time to save moolah for those trips.


Beach mode, on.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I was getting a bit anxious about Hon's Japan trip this month. But then, I was just updated by my Hon that instead of staying there for 6 months, he will be away for 3 months. Whew! At least.. I really thought he'll be gone for 6 friggin' months.

Though if the company liked or even loved his performance there in Japan, his next trip will be 6 months long na talaga. First trip is 3 months.. Then (if ever), 6 months. And the next trip would be the longest time -- 1 year. Woah! I really hope I can manage myself when that time comes. I have no doubt that the Japanese will greatly acknowledge Hon's performance. I really can tell. Besides the fact that He's intelligent, my Hon is very hardworking and passionate about his work. I could not stop him from going to Japan. It's a business trip and that's a great opportunity for his career. As his loving partner, I should support him all the way. :)

Belated 61st monthsary, Honey! :D