Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Ipanema flipflops

This my first time to have an Ipanema flipflops! I wished for Havs (kahit alam kong 700+ yun..hehe!). So, alam ko nang yung isang wish ko yung matatanggap ko, which is earphones or headet for my iPod. Last Friday was our office Christmas party and it was one crazy night nga (sa pagkakasabi din ni Joni). Costume party, foodtrip, videoke, kris kringle and picture picture galore! Super kulit nga eh! After eating, time for exchange gifts! Sobrang curious ako kung sino nakabunot sa pala si Bheng! I didn't have any clue na siya nakabunot sa akin! Hehe malamang :)

Her gift for me was in a white and gold paperbag. I really thought headset yung nasa loob but as I opened the paperbag (full of stapplers, lol!), I was surprised na flipflops ang laman! "Uy..nice Ipanema!" was my initial reaction. Natuwa ako! Not disappointed at all (kasi nga Havs yung nasa wishlist ko). I know din naman kasi that Ipanema flipflops are nice, comfy and at par with the price of Havs (even more expensive pa nga ata).

Anyway, she got me this pair. I actually love it! I wore it na nga after our Christmas party eh. The design is cute, classy and makes my feet pretty. Plus the fact na mas comfy sya sa paa than Havs..Haha! Thanks again, Bheng! :D

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was feeling generous last night so I treated my Honey for dinner. We can't really decide on where to eat (which is usually our problem every time we go out). So I asked him if he's really hungry, 'coz if not we could just stroll and look for the gift I would be giving to my "baby" for our office kris kringle. I must say that what he/she wants is hard to find. Plus, I think that it would cost me more than 500 pesos. Haha! So anyway, Honey told me he isn't that hungry so we did some window shopping muna.

We went to Happy Feet first to look first for a sandal strap for his "baby" in their kris kringle. He would buy it na sana pero he don't know the size of the sandals. haha! I saw a cute pair of sneakers there. I really wanna buy but I can't 'coz I have no enough cash. I don't wanna use my credit card this December. I have allotted my money to pay the previous balance first. Besides, I gotta wait for our 13th month pay first before I splurge! Wait wait wait..for tomorrow! Yipee! Control is the key. I actually found a great pair of Havs (the violet one) bago kami nagkita ni Hon (I arrived early sa Glo eh). Flip flops fetish kasi ako and I wanna have a new pair. But I remember that I have written it na sa Christmas wishlist ko.. So, "wag muna bumili!", sabi ko sa sarili ko. (Hmm..sino kaya nakabunot sa akin? Sana galante. Haha!) Last year kasi, si Marianne ang mommy ko. She gave a pair of metallic silver Havs! Sana lucky ako ule sa magiging mommy/daddy ko. Kung hindi naman, okay lang din naman ang headset or earphones na isa pang nasa wishlist ko. At least yun, meron 500 pesos. Sana lang magandang klase.. I'll use it for my ipod kasi. So yun.. Next store stop namin: Toby's. Looked for a something but to bad wala sila. Then, we strolled sa Glorietta activity area. Picture picture with the Christmas tree, fireplace and Santa's seat. He needs Christmas theme picture for a photography entry. My Bluey did a great job!

After our stroll, we decided to eat na. Heaven & Eggs is a choice! We've tried dining there but Hon told me that the restaurant has been reinvented. I was curious about the idea so we checked it out. To my surprise, it did change its theme, ambiance or whatever you call it. From country style farm to RoCK n' RoLL theme. Woah! Kakaiba noh? Their logo has H & E tapos Heaven & Eggs sa baba.. I was amazed by their chandelier filled with cymbals (as seen on a set of drum set). Even the menu was different.. there's even Pepe Smith on the menu. LOL! Hon ordered steak, and Italian sausage pasta for me. The serving is huge and I specifically like that Hon's order. It's so good I can't help but order an extra rice so we can share the 4 pcs. of meat! I almost forgot that I had my pasta. I wasn't able to finish nga so pinabalot na lang namin (para na rin I have pasalubong). Our dining experience was great! Worth it naman.. We'll dine again there for sure!

I've posted our pictures in our multiply account if you wanna take a peek of the place and food we ordered. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bonifacio High Trip

I've been in Bonifacio High Street before but last Friday, I had the chance to stroll the place entirely. After a tiring yet fun shopping experience in Divi with my Honey, I met up with my good 'ol bud, Lara. I actually arrived at around 8pm when supposedly I have to be there by like 7pm. Good thing Lara can't be mad at me since she has someone with her while she's waiting for me. She tagged along her guy friend too, which happens to be our Grade School batch mate in CSA. His name is Majed. He just came back here in Philippines last month from NY. I know him by name and I knew what he looked like when we where just grade schoolers. I was kinda surprised that he changed a lot. He got taller, had long & curly locks and undeniably thinner!!! He used to be the chubby err huggable dude back then. Well, it's been almost a decade so I wouldn't be that alarmed. A lot would have happened in his and our life. He even confessed that he really couldn't remember me. He also knew me by name but he really thinks that I 'mutated'.. Yeah, mutated was his term. Haha! I'm not sure about that 'coz I know I didn't change. Maybe a bit but not 'mutated'. I dunno. Maybe he's just too forgetful.

Anyway, we had a lot of walking.. going back and fort, checking out every menu on mostly all American, errr any restaurant which has selection of Beef on its menu. He wants to eat Beef Ribs, strictly not just Short Ribs! As if I had a choice or beg to stop his cravings, right? Besides, I'm not that hungry that time so I think any food would satisfy me. Sounds like a we're off for a Treasure Hunting, or more like Beef Ribs Hunting..LOL. After an hour of 'Ribs searching', we finally saw Beef Ribs in a menu of this Crab House /American Grill. We decided to eat na sa Claw Daddy with the lobster claw in its logo. Haha! First order: Beef Ribs!! Then, we added salad and pasta for variety. I can't remember the exact name of each since we just relied on its description and pointed the name on their menu book. The food was great! We were surprised about their servings, they're so huge! Good for about 2-3 people on EACH dish.

Our pix @ Claw Daddy:

Majed, Me and Lara

After that heavy dinner, we decide to walk again. We window shopped in All Flip Flops and Fully Booked. We saw piles of Twilight books from their book shelf display. I can't help but hand the book and see how much it is. It costs Php799 for a hard bound copy. Woah! I thought it was expensive but Lara told me that the price is okay since it's a hard bound copy. I was really thinking twice if I would go purchase it. "Nah!", I told to myself. If I would buy one, I would be buying the other three too. I was thinking to add the Twilight books in my Christmas list. Haha!

Afterwich, we headed to Hai Bar & Restaurant. The crowd wasn't that good, at least for us. It was actually super crowded. As we entered the bar, stares from mostly all the people there were on us. That's so crazy and ackward at same time. So we went out and met up with Lara's friend, Niko. Then, I went to HSBC building to meet my Honey. As we went back to Hai Bar, Celine was there already. Just in time to seek for another place to have a drink and hangout.

We took a long walk (from Hai Bar to Pier One). Take note: I was wearing 3-4 inches boots. Haha! As we were nearing the place, Niko suggested the Porcelain Bar. First time to go there so we all gave it a shot. Our first bucket of San Mig Light was fast. As if we just drank water to quench our thirst. Well, I guess it did became our thirst quencher since we walked a mile. Haha! Our second bucket was good, we saw Yayo and her daughters entered the door. We all think she's such a very pretty mommy. They were like having a mother-daughter friday night gimik, which is cool. We ordered pulutan with our third bucket and forth bucket. As we gulp our semi-alcoholic drinks, stories about almost everything was discussed and shared. From current events to our job, freelance, love life, marriage, TV series, hobbies, and lastly... our planned vacation in Bataan on the first week of January! Wohoo! A good way to start the new year! Haha! Humirit pa sila for 5th bucket!! Woah! Tipsy tipsy me!

Our pix @ Porcelain:

Drunkie drunkie... Niko, Lara and Majed. haha!

Our blurry group pic

Lara, Celine, Me and Honey

On our way back to Hai Bar..and Mcdo!

We got hungry so we grabbed a bit to eat at McDonalds.. We all went home at around 4am. Haha!

It was helluvah night! Can't wait for our next drinking session on Saturday (Lara's birthday celebration)

'Till next time! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Rest.

Today is such a great day for me to rest. I was feeling sooo lazy and bored at work lately. Maybe because I can't wait for that long Christmas break or simply because I'm really tired.

Since I have no more SL left, I used my VL na. I still have 5 VLs and I really plan to use them all this December (since I know it's not convertible to cash kung may natira before the renewal). I've been so sipag na pumasok though talagang hirap talaga akong gumising. I'm really trying hard not to be late since it would be 1 day salary deduction if we were late for 5 times in a month. Sounds so strict and a bit unjust, right? But what can we do, rules are rules. I really hope next year would be different. That we would just be deducted by the minute/s of being late. I'll be adding that to my Christmas wishlist. LOL.

So anyway, I just slept (almost) the whole day. I warned my sister to not wake me up in the morning because I really want have a good sleep. It was raining in the morning, malamig and super timing naman.. Ahh enjoying sleep on our comfy bed. Since it's Thursday today, sandwich naman if I'd go to work tomorrow. So continue lang ang rest ko. Hindi pa din ako papasok.

Super tinitipid ko yung kakarampot na SL and VL namin. (Haha! I've reserved all those so I can have a long break this December. Good thing I don't really have to allot those since it has been announced that December 26, 29 and 31 is a non-working holiday. Super sana pati January 2.

Gotta go and continue my rest.. :)