Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where Should You Spend Your Summer?

You Should Spend Your Summer at the Beach

You're a free spirit who is always thinking of new ways to have fun.

And you don't just love summer... you live for it.

So, you really should blow off your responsibilities and head to the beach!

>>> Yah! I agree! Take me back to the beach.. Haha! This weekend I'll be on an office outing-slash-pool party! We'll be going to Shercon Resort. I've seen their website and I think that resort is also a nice place. Oh, my Hon's coming along too. Yay! Can't wait. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Con

I borrowed my Hon's PSP for the weekend but I still have it at home. We didn't meet up last night eh. Well, that's a good thing I guess. I had enough rest, helped mom and dad prepare their things and I was able to discover a new game in the PSP.. THE CON! Must buy PSP.. err? Don't know yet. I'm on a tight budget. Plus, I have my iPod na. Stop the gadget buying.. Well, at least for this year. Hehe!

I borrowed Hon's PSP because of the game "Puzzle Guzzle". Then, I realized that it's getting boring and that game is just really for kids. Ack! So, I browsed other games that are installed in his PSP.. The Con, Jackass The Game, Marvel Superheroes, SNES games, etc.. (I can't remember the others). Actually, I feel a bit sleepy right now 'coz I played The Con 'till dawn..err until 1am? Waaah! I'm getting addicted with this game already. I miss Ginger and my Team Kewl*! Haha.. Can't relate? Ok, I'll share a little info about Ginger and Team Kewl*.

Ginger is my player. I created her.. every part of her.. Yup, from head to toe. My personalized "Con" character. I didn't make her look like me or something but I made her look like a real girl fighter in mind. Why the name Ginger? I dunno.. It was the first name that popped into head last night. Ginger looks like J.Lo, but has Angelina Jolie's pouty lips. She has braided hair and has physically fit body. Street boxing is her "specialty" or type of fighting. And my team? I named it "Kewl*", from the word Cool? Haha, wala lang! Her teammates are Tessa and Willa, both in Jeet Jun Do (fighting styles).

I'm so sleepy.. I'd probably grab a cup of coffee later..

Oh joy, I can't wait to go home.. Tihee! ^_^

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Treasures of Bolinao

Spent the weekend in Treasures of Bolinao.. Ahh what a breathtaking paradise. It is located near Cape Bolinao (Lighthouse). Rates are very reasonable. The trip is quite long (3 hours drive from my mom's hometown in Pangasinan or 7-8 hours drive from Manila).. but heck it's sooo much worth the wait. Just view the pics below. Perfect summer vacation!

Treasures of Bolinao

Pool Area

The Long Bridge

The Patar beach is considered the "Little Boracay" of Pangasinan. White sand and quite a virgin beach.. perfect for all the peepz who love privacy and tranquility of nature. Treasures of Bolinao has the perfect waterfront beach resort..

Patar Beach

This is the most beautiful beach I've visited so far in Summer 2008!

Other pics: (courtesy of

Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to Bolinao

Yay! I'm having a vacation (again) this weekend! So, time to hit the beach again!

Last weekend, I went to Puerto Galera with hon and his officemates. T'was hella fun and for me sulit naman ang binayad ko. :) Solo namin ang resort sa Franklyn Beach Resort! Hilltop yung resort, super lamig pag gabi. Ganda ng view, beach front (though hindi yung white beach). Daming puno and flowers. Hay nakakarelax.. Tapos buffet meals? Wow! And the rooms? Not jam packed! We slept comfortably, 4 persons in a 2 queen sized bedroom. May videoke pa, sing all you can! Though hindi kami kumanta ni Hon, hehe. Hindi naman ako na-op 'coz Hon was there naman and some of our schoolmates in college: Ate Ann, Kuya JP, Ralph and Marion.

Anyway, my family and I (together with Hon and Kuya's gf, Sheryl) will be leaving Manila temporarily. Lolz! Off to Pangasinan! We have a house and a rest house there so there would be no problem on where we'll be staying. We are planning to have an outing in Bolinao! We've heard that it's a nice place to visit, white beach din. Kaya go go go kami! I wanted to go to Hundred Islands nga but most of them have already gone there na. Ack, ok fine. Bolinao na lang tayo. I'm currently researching on resorts in Bolinao.. Hmm.. So far, I find Puerto Del Sol and Punta Riviera sooo beautiful and relaxing! Another paradise.. Hay, sana dun kami pupunta. Hehe!

I'm super excited na! Oh, I'll be using my vacation leave on Monday or (Monday and Tuesday).. So cheers to my long weekend! ^_^

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SEX = Sinangag EXpress

Ako'y banggag. Ako'y antok pa. Haha. Ako'y may hangover pa kahit hindi naman kami uminom kagabi. Eck labo!

Ang may pakana? Si Sheena! Ako'y busy sa trabaho kahapon nang may nagmessage sa 'kin.
Sheena: May alam ka bang pasta restaurant sa Glo o Greenbelt? (or something like that)
Ako: Uhmm.. Capricciosa?
Sheena: Wag mong mabanggit ang Itallianis ah. Wala akong pera.
.....and the conversation goes on.

Ang bagsak? Sa Amici! Bwahaha! Nagkayayaan na, tutal malapit na naman ako dun. Ang buong akala ko dinner date kami one of these days. Sabay tara 8pm tonight. Eh? Sama natin sila Andrew. Sige sure. Hanggang sa lahat na nang pwedeng mahatak. Haha! Si Joel nung una 'di pa daw siya sure, habol na lang daw siya. Sabay hirit ni Sheena, sige if ever lipat na lang tayo ng venue. Sabi ko naman, sige sa sinangag na lang tayo 24 hours dun. Alam mo ba yun? Ang reply? Oo sige pwede din. SEX tayo? Ako'y nawindang. (Emoticon ko = Shocked) Eh? Biglang reply SEX = Sinangag EXpress. =)) Nak ng putcha! Sabay ginoogle ko, sinangag express. (Oo google!) Haha matagal na pala yung tawag sa resto na ganon. Huli na'ko sa balita? Eh kapitbahay ko lang yung makati branch nila, duh. Madalas kami ni Hon dun. Oo SEx. Lolz! Sarap kasi ng TAPA! Tapang tapat tapos may batchoy? Yum!

So yun nga natuloy kami sa Amici kagabi. Nauna kami nila Hon and RJ. Nag-order na, not to mention pang-pitong tao yun ah. 2 pizza at 2 pasta. Kinalabasan eh 4 na tao lang ang kumain. Nakiupak na lang si Joel. Gutom na gutom eh. Late kasi sila dumating. Tsk tsk, 8pm daw oh. So yun nga, nagseparate order sina Sheena, Pete at Andrew. Goodluck na lang di'ba. Uber sa busog. Haha nag-gelato pa kami after ah! Foodtrip talaga! Para ngang kami nagsara ng resto eh, kami na lang natitirang customer. Haha nag-take out pa kasi ako ng pizza. Pasalubong kay Mamita. (Gagabihin kasi ako, este uumagahin!)

Sabay lipat kami ng place. Hindi SEx eh. Uber sa busog na kami para magSEx. Lolz! Hala sige kape na lang. Pinagkasya namin sarili namin sa BMW auto ni Pete. Kewl ride! Ang sakay ay pitong katao. Haha! Not to mention nahuli pa kami ng parak! Kumanan sa no right turn. Galeng! Eh malay ba naman. Ang palusot nila Pete: 'Di kasi ako taga dito eh. Nagtatrabaho ako sa Clark. Baka pwede naman nating pagusapan, chief. Sabay hirit ng chief ng mabasa sa license ni Pete ang address: Eh taga-QC lang kayo eh! Sablay! Mabuti na lang pinalusot kami, nagsinggit na lang ng dalawang daan. Lolz!

After ng foodtrip, kape naman. Tumambay lang sa Coffee Bean in Convergys Bldg sa Ayala. Wah! First time ko magkape dun, hehe! White Choco Dream is really a dream, lolz heaven pala. Whatever. So yung nga.. Tambay lang, kwentuhan.. Kamustahan about work at nag-reminisce pa about our college life. Haha! Bilis ng panahon! Hay. Ayun nakaalis kami dun mga 1:45am na! Maaga pa nga yun eh, daw. Takte naman monday na monday eh noh. Puyat at banggag tuloy kami lahat ngayon. Haha!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swing Out Sister..Breakout!

I was in that concert last night in Araneta. I was with my Ate Beth, Kuya JR, Kuya Lloyd, Kuya Lloyd's Girlfriend Sheryl and Hon. We actually availed the ticks (Upperbox A) one month ago pa. Sheryl used her credit card to buy 'em and I haven't paid her yet. Ack!

So yeah.. We went to Araneta Coliseum at around 6pm but we headed to Taco Bell in Gateway Mall to eat Burritos, Nachos and Churros...Lolz! I miss eating my fave snack, churrrrosss! I wanted to buy more so I could have something to chomp during the concert but unfortunately that was prohibited. I think there are food stalls inside the dome. And I know there is Pizza Hut that sells 50 pesos for a slice o' pizza. Ang mahal ah! No thank you!

We entered the big dome at 7:45pm and we waited for more than 1 hour before the concert started. Did I mention about the front act? Well.. It's not worth mentioning I guess. Faith Cuneta was the front act and sang 4 or 5 songs. Boohoo! The funny part was she actually asked the audience "Do you want more?(songs)" And we all shouted "No!" Hahaha! For pete sake, SOS na please!

So anyway, the concert was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! Swing Out Sister high five for you! It felt like listening to their CD. I have 4 of their albums on my ipod and I find their songs so soothing and groovy at the same time. They are so great in live performance! The vocalist (Corinne Drewery) interacted with her audience so well as she speak some tagalog words! "Magandang Gabi Manila!", "Kamusta?", "Ayos ba kayo?" And she says "Salamat" most of the time (especially after a song). Hehe ang kulet nga eh! Nagkwento pa na galing lang sila sa England, and it's snowing there. Tapos dito daw sa Pinas "Ang ineet dito!" Bwahaha! Kulet! Tapos nakasakay daw sya ng "jeepney" and wishes to have one and bring it to their town.

They played 18 songs! Not bad for a concert.. Actually, sulit nga eh! Here are some of the songs that the Swing Out Sister played (not in exact order):

Beautiful Mess
You On My Mind
Twilight World
Forever Blue
Am I The Same Girl
Breakout (Of course!)

There was a time that they all left the stage after a song and everyone was chanting "Breakout!.... more!" I really thought that the concert has already ended. Until they went back to the stage again after a couple of minutes.. Corinne changed her outfit! She was wearing a "barong" dress and she mentioned that it was intentionally made for her to wear it in the concert. Kewl! She actually love wearing it! Their final song was "Breakout" and actually did a superb encore!

Last night was such a helluvah night! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Golden Monthsary

Last night, my Hon and I celebrated our Golden Monthsary. We ate dinner in Itallianis Restaurant in Greenbelt 3. I suggested the place since we haven't tried eating there and Hon felt like eating pizza and pasta (again).. Haha!

The dishes are quite pricey, but I can say that it's worth the price naman (I think). We ordered Classic Pizza and Lasagna and it ranges 450-500 pesos each. Hmmm.. The serving is big and the taste is average. Hmm.. why only average? Well for me ah.. Mas masarap yung pizza sa Amici! Wahaha.. And for the lasagna? It's sooooo meaty. Ground beef all over!
Mabigat sa tiyan, nabusog ako agad. Lolz! T'was good but I was expecting more eh.. Hmm.. Oh well.

Ang importante naman is the day itself.. yeah it was April Fool's Day but we didn't care. Nagkataon lang naman na it's the 1st day of the month and it's our 50th month together. Hehe! After our dinner, we hanged out in our place. Kwentuhan lang and watched "Lovers" in Channel 2.

I had fun and I'm super happy that our relationship made it this far. =)