Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Moshi Monster

I've discovered a new online game. I've been playing this for 'bout a week now and I'm so hooked with it! You could adopt and take care of your very own pet monster. I liked this far better than Neopets since playing that game is so complicated. Also, the "money" there is very hard to earn. In Moshi Monsters, earning rox (money) and feeding your monster is easy.

With your rox, you can buy stuff to decorate your pet's room such as furniture, wallpaper, flooring and more! To increase your monster's health, you have to feed it with disgusting food which can be bought at the "Grossery Shop" (LOL). You could also put clothes and accessories for your monster. You could choose and buy it from the Clothing Store. Once you've bought the item, you could dress it up in the Dress Up Room.

Your monster can even have its own pet in his room! They are called Moshlings. In your Moshling garden, you must plant seeds. First, buy seeds in Main Street. Then, go back to your moshling garden, plant a seed in each plot and watch them grow. Once the 3 flowers have grown, you'll see if you've attracted a Moshling. Some pets are easy to attract, but others only like certain flower colors. I don't have one yet, but hopefully soon I'll attract a cute creature.

It's interactive too since you could add friends and leave a message on their bulletin boards. News and updates are found in its community site and more discussion in the forum.

I'm currently in Level 4 now and Monstar P list. Wanna see how my pet and pet's room look like? I took a picture of it.

Everyone, meet my Mishu:

Isn't she a cutie? =)

What are you waiting for, adopt your own monster now!
Please click here to sign-up!

If you already got your moshi pet, add me up. My username is ninaf. See yah in my room! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008


I got inspired again by Fr. Robleza last night. He shared in his homily the importance of God's Love. Nagkwento siya about this girl. Meron daw isang babae na merong isang malubha at nakakamatay na sakit. Dasal siya ng dasal kay Lord na sana gumaling na siya. She did all the possible things just to make her well again. Nagnonovena siya... After a week yata, a miracle has happened and she got cured. She thanked Him for everything 'coz she knows He answered her prayers. Sa kagalakan nya, she fell from her wheel chair. Mabuti na lang nandun ang kanyang asawa. Tinutulungan siya ng asawa nya pero nagpipilit na huwag daw siyang tulungan. Sabi ng babae, "Wag moko tulungan! Ikaw ang may kasalanan kung bakit ako nasa sitwasyon na toh." May naitatagong galit pala siya sa kanyang asawa. Sa sobrang galit nya, nanikip ang dibdib nya at tuluyan siyang namatay.

Ang kwento na iyong ay maihahambing sa isang bicycle. Ilan ba ang gulong ng isang bisikleta? Hindi ba dalawa? Ilang gulong ang pinapatakbo ng pedal? 'Di ba isa lang. Yung wheel sa likod. It just needs a front wheel for it to move forward.

Sa kwento naman, parang hindi dapat dinadaan lang sa dasal ang mga problema. Nagdasal ka nga, dininig Nya ang dasal mo PERO may naitatagong galit ka naman sa kapwa mo. Wala din..

Nakwento din ni Father yung tungkol sa magkapatid. Sabi ng kuya, "Nakakainis yung kapatid ko, Father. Inis na inis ako," Sabi naman ni father sa kanya, "Eh di patawarin mo." Sabi naman nya, "Eh pano father kung paulit ulit nyang iniinis ako?" Reply ni father, "Eh di patawarin mo ulit."

We don't need reasons for us to forgive. God doesn't choose people for His forgiveness. Kahit ano ka pa, tatanggapin at mamahalin ka Nya.

Just like the wheels in a bicycle, "We should love God for us to love our neighbor."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love My Shirt

*I know it's a bit pixelated. This was taken from my camera phone only. Hehe!

I bought this shirt weeks ago at Robinson's. It's from Whatever! tees and from all the cute tees they have, this one really caught my attention. I chose the shirt size that'll fit me best. Slightly shocked, (M) is my size now. Oh well, people grow you know. I can't have a small tee forever. LOL! Without a doubt, I bought the shirt. I felt like wearing it this morning.. And I did, I really dig this. The shirt ROCKS....err RULES! Whatever...EYELAHVET! ^_^

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My 23rd Bday!

Midnight of the 6th of October, my message inbox started to flood with birthday greetings. Bes became kinda excited 'coz he texted me at 11am on the 5th saying "Ilang minuto na lang birthday mo na. Hihihi! :)". I couldn't believe he greeted me that early. He used to greet me at the night of my special day. Hmmm.. Ano kaya nakain nya ngayon? Haha! My hon called me minutes before the clock strikes 12am. My 2 BFs (Bestfriend and Boyfriend) were quite excited or just being sweet and thoughtful to me? Whatever it is, I really appreciate it.

I have no work that time 'coz I went to work last Eid Al Fitr (Offset). So, it means long weekend and day off for the birthday girl. ^_^

Kuya JR woke me up at 8am! Yup 8am... You know I'm not really a morning person but I have to accept a call from my Mom, Dad and Ate Agnes' Family. Kuya shouted that I have to be online and take the video call. Well alright, alright.. They all greeted me (even my niece and nephew) while I'm looking soo sleepy and could even say hi then. Hehe! I kinda fixed myself first and thank them with joy while saying "Gift ko?" LOL! Sis told me she bought it na. *Yippee!* Though she told me to wait for it by December. I can't wait for the package to be delivered! They asked me "Anong handa mo?" I unsurely replied, "Carbonara and Liempo?" ^_^ The video call lasted less than an hour for they have to get the kids ready for sleep (It's night time there). As I went to bed again and finished my morning sleep... :p

I woke up at around 11:30am and cooked our lunch. My bro told me to accompany him in LTO to re-register our van. Since I have nothing to do, I just agreed. I hit the shower after eating lunch and we left the house by 1pm. Anyway, the process didn't take that long. We got home before 3pm and headed to Waltermart to buy the ingredients and other stuffs. We were starving already that time so we ate in Mongolian Grill first. At the supermarket, I let him grab the ingredients for he would be the one to cook the Carbonara. As he finishes shopping, I headed for the ice cream section and chose a limited edition Selecta Ice Cream "Choco Hazelnut Brownie". Sound sooo mouth-watering, huh?

Afterwich, I just relax while I watch "Mamma Mia" from my iPod. My bro cooked the carbonara after he hit the gym. Everything went well as I prepare the food and placed it in our dinning table. Hon came over at around 8pm. He suprisingly had something for me -- blueberry cheesecake! He knew that I've been craving for it kasi. Haha! Just in time for dinner and time for foodtrip! Liempo with Rice and Carbonara on the side. For dessert? Ice cream and the cake! Of course, the my little celebration isn't complete without taking pictures. Here are some of the pics we took:

Hon, thank you for making my day EXTRA special! :*

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October.. My Month :D

I'll be turning 23 this month. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy 'coz birthdays excite me. All I can think of is birthday cake, ice cream and presentsss! I am so wondering what my siblings and my Hon would be giving me. A bit childish, i know but I guess it's one thing I couldn't change 'till I reach the age of.. I dunno, maybe 'till I am enjoying birthdays? Haha! :D

A bit of sadness because I will be 1 year older. I can't believe I'm kinda in-charge of my life now, and I must say that being independent is not that easy. Okay, let's just turn on my "optimisticness" and say to myself that I maybe 1 year older, but 1 year wiser and stronger. Oh not to forget that Mom and Dad will not be here for my birthday. Good thing there's YM and webcam has been invented. I won't miss them that much. As for their gifts? I'd rather receive cash.. talking about dollars here. Ahehe!

Aside from my birthday, I know a lot of people who'll be celebrating their birthdays this month too. Here's on my calendar so far: Pollacks and Zarah on the 4th, My dad and Shane on the 7th, Kuya Felix and Laureen on the 12th, My Cutie Niece Abby on the 18th, and Hershey on the 29th.

It's the first day of the month so it's our (Hon and I) special day. It's been 4 years and 8 months since my Hon said "YES" to me.. Haha joke! Happy 56th! :*