Monday, May 26, 2008

Back to d' gym!

I'll be going back to the gym officially today. But this time, my Hon's going with me! Yay!

Last weekend, we went shopping and food tripping! We felt that we were gaining weight na. Yung mga damit na supposedly kasya sa akin, sobrang kapit na! No more small shirts for me? Medium na ako? Wah! The razorback tank top na nabili ko nga was large na!!! Boohoo! And Hon's board shorts? XL! Hehe! So I suggested him na we should hit the gym na. He suggested Fitness First but heck their fee is way expensive. Not to mention that it's far from my place. So I suggested the gym I used to go last January.

So yeah, we're getting physical.. lose weight po. Lolz!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Play drums? Cool!

You Should Play the Drums

You are often hyper, restless, and full of a little too much zeal.

However, people may be surprised to know that you can focus your energy well.

You are driven and engaged enough to be a great drummer... and you have the stamina to practice for hours.

In fact, when you can channel your energy productively, it only increases!

You are independent and spirited... but also consistent. You can definitely keep the beat.

You work well in a group and contribute heartily - without needing to take the lead.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your aggression

Your secondary personality characteristic: your precision

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congrats to Whitney!

I watched ANTM (America's Next Top Model) Cycle 10 Finale last night and I'm glad that Whitney won! If you've been browsing on my previous entries, I stated that my personal picks are Katarzyna, Lauren, Anya and Claire. Well, It's good to know Anya made it to the Top Two. From the beginning, I really felt she could make it. Unfortunately, something went wrong on the runway-slash-battle of the two models. Sure Anya is beautiful and look incredible in photos but on the runaway, she became stiff and felt uncomfortable. I think I would blame the 2 gowns (which are hand-picked by Donatella Versace by the way). Anya's gowns were too long and tight that it's so hard to walk in! But then, she should have walked on the runway with poise and style. As for Whitney, her dresses looks comfy and really flowy. I love the 2nd pink dress and how she worked that runway with flare!

Whitney is the first full figured, juicy, plus size winner of America's Next Top Model. Whitney is such a beautiful girl and it's about time that America's Next Top Model showed that it's okay to have a little extra weight. Congrats Whitney!

If you wanna watch the video of the Runway Finale, here's the clip:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

me? 17 years old?

You Act Like You Are 17 Years Old

You are a teenager at heart. You don't quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don't feel like a kid.

You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

You're quite rebellious, and you don't like being told what to do. You like to do things your way.

You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life.

What's up the number 17? First, I could take 17 5-year-old kids in a fight and now I act like I'm 17? Harhar... Well, yeah, I know I don't really act my age. The question is, do I really have to? At a certain point, maybe yeah.. I should be matured. Act mature, dress mature, be poised, be lady-like, and all. But there's something inside me that is telling me not to. I mean, it isn't really a requirement of some sort. The second sentence in the result said "You don't quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don't feel like a kid." fits.. I think I'm still stucked from being a teenager. Much like loving the high school/college days, adventure trips, night life, watching MTV and even cartoons, loves to wear tee shirts. Stuffs like that.. As long as I'm comfortable and happy.. I don't wanna pretend. That's what makes me unique.

Yeah, I have my own unique style. If I don't like something, I voice out. I could be frank but at times, I won't speak out knowing I could hurt other's feelings. I think of a nice way of saying a "bad" thing. I guess that would not classify me as a plastic or just being safe.

Has taste in music? I guess.

Outlook on life? Happy and contented.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I hate iTunes!

It erased all my music and movies on my ipod classic! Waaah! It's all because of that "updates" whenever I open itunes. Almost every month, they upgrade version and when it asked me if I would like to update my version, I immediately clicked yes. Me knowing that it would be a helpful thing (fixed bugs, easier usage etc...). iTunes automatically download the latest version then, it would ask you if you would like to install it in your PC. I clicked yes and a question has been asked again. Me being pissed 'coz I'm some kinda in a hurry, I clicked "Ok". (Yeah, not reading the question and not knowing that I clicked "Erase and Sync")

Wanna know the question? "Do you want to erase this iPod and sync w/ this itunes library?" (or something like that) WAH! And yes my library was empty. I HATE iTunes!!! I already had more than 60 movies and more than 20 albums on my ipod and I lost everything in just a second! #^%@%$&!!!! I accidentally erased everything. :((

That "latest" version automatically or manually sync everything in your library. Meaning it would consume lotsa space in your external hard drive. What if the capacity of your iPod is larger than your computer's hard drive and, as you load music onto your iPod, you delete it off your hard drive to conserve space? Waahhh!! I tried "downgrading" the software but nothing happened. It needs the "upgraded" version for it to function. I hate iTunes!!!

Please fix this major problem.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

17 five year old kids in a fight


I'm not a fighter. Actually, I love kids. But I'm soooo freaking bored and I saw this quiz that Joel took and his result? 26 kids! Hahaha.. He's tall kasi so maybe that would be an advantage. Lolz! I was actually surprised about my result. 17? Geez... How brutal am I? Hmm.. Let's just say I love pillow fights! Gaah.