Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer is here!

It's already the last day of March 2008 and I'm excited for summer! Summer = Beach outings! Acck.. I wanna go to Bora again! Lolz! Nah.. Maybe next time.. I don't wanna feel the "crowdedness" during the peak of summer.

Anyway, ang alam ko I only have 3 "planned" outing. One in Puerto Galera with hon's officemates (I'll cross my fingers on this.. sana makasama ako!) First time ko din makakapunta sa PG eh, so I'm really hoping na makakasama ako.

Then, one with iBerks in PG again? Hmm.. Sana sa ibang place naman. Batangas or Quezon maybe?

Lastly, an office outing in Zambales? Nice! It would be my first time to go there. Adventure trip eto 'coz we'll be riding on a jeepney! Tihee! Oh not to mention that our foreigner CEO will be joining the outing! Kewl! For sure He'll be so makulet and entertaining there. Lolz! The said outing will be scheduled on May 3-4. They said that It's okay to bring a friend or a special someone, so yeah.. I'll probably bring my hon with me. Hehe!

I want (erase..erase..erase) I NEED a vacation! Haha! I'm kinda sick of work. Haha! I havta use my VL aka vacation leaves! Bwahaha.. Planning time! Havta budget money. Havta buy new summer wears! Pffbt.. And does it mean I havta lose weight again? I dunno. Probably.

But I don't wanna go back to the gym. I'll just go on a diet. Watch what I eat. *no softdrinks, eat oatmeal for breakfast, drink lotsa h2o, avoid fried foods, eat century tuna (?), less rice during dinner, more veggies and fruits, no to junk foods and alike. (a huge sigh)

Time to bring back my discipline for food. Ack! Or not.. Lolz! Waah.. I'm excited na for summer! :D

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ANTM Cycle 10

I'm totally hooked in ANTM (America's Next Top Model). It's cycle 10 already.. New faces, new hopeful ladies in becoming America's Next Top Model.

I searched the net about the latest updates and yeah the first episode of the cycle 10 began already. Ack! How come the ETC Channel will only be airing the Cycle 9? Tsk tsk. Too bad we don't have Star Movies at home. But good thing I have found sites for me to download the episodes I've missed. Bwahaha!

I actually watched the first 4 episodes of Cycle 10. There were only few changes from this season. The show is now in New York! I didn't like house though. It's kinda small for them, i mean the ladies would be sleeping in a double decker, or in a huge bed with the other girls to share with. But like small runway and the new Tyra Mail. Hehe! They have a new judge: Paulina Porizkova! I will surely miss Twiggy.

Nway, here's a group pic of the Top 14:

To view their Model Portfolio, click here.
My top choices: Katarzyna, Lauren, Anya and Claire

Thursday, March 13, 2008

(Fluff)Friends Easter Egg Hunt!

I haven't been blogging lately because I have been busy for work and addicted to this new fun game in one of the Facebook's applications... "(Fluff)Friends Easter Egg Hunt!"


My (Fluff)Pet's name is Tigre. Obviously, he is a Tiger err "Tyger". He is an avid racer and loves to eat (Fluff)Bag of Chips, Juicy Bone, Ripe Watermelon, Milk Jar, Bitten Cookie, Pumpkin, and more. It sounds weird but if you feed him these items, he'll boost its speed race by 10fph! If you wanna know more about him, just visit his site. (Of course, if you have an account in Facebook, you have to login first)

But here's a pic of Tigre and his cool habitat (with the Easter eggs I've found):

To all my (Fluff)Friends, don't forget to pet, feed, and RACE him. We love receiving gifts too. ;)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ne-Yo Concert

Ne-Yo's concert here in Manila was held last Friday.. Waaah! I should have watched it! Hehe.. I'm not really a fan of Ne-yo but I love his songs. Most of them kasi are feel-good songs, and has groovy beat. I envy the peepz who where able to watch it in front row seats.

Like in this video:

Grabbed it in youtube. Haha! Pardon the annoying sound. I'm just after the nice view of Ne-yo on stage. To the one who took this video, lucky you! Waah.. I should have watched the concert (kulet!)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the Incubus Concert this coming Sunday. Yay! Or not. I dunno. Lolz.