Monday, December 31, 2007

Gift conflict

Last night, I went to mass in Don Bosco Church with my bro. Good thing that my favorite priest, Fr. Armand Robleza, led the mass. He preaches well and I really love to listen to his sermons during Homily. Yesterday's sermon was ok and funny... as always naman.

He started greating us a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Then, he started making kwento.. I wanna share it, so here goes..

There's this married couple. The husband is a CEO of a bank as his wife is a self-employed housewife. Every Christmas, the couple would always exchange gifts every morning of Christmas day, Dec.25. T'was a week before Christmas and so the hubby wondered what would she give to his wifey. At work, he asked for some advice to his secretary.

Hubby: Mag-suggest ka nga kung ano pwede ko ibigay kay misis.
Secretary: Sir, diamond jewelery. Necklace.. bracelets.. anything.
Hubby: Wag na yun. Last year yun na binigay ko eh, Ano pa?
Secretary: Hmm.. Kitchen stuffs, sir. Alam ko po mahilig sa magluto misis nyo.
Hubby: Ayoko nga, nung dating binigyan ko sya ang sabi nya wala daw akong alam sa kusina.. It's her kitchen at wag daw akong makialam.. Give me another suggestion.
Secretary: Sir, Lingerie!
Hubby: That's a good one. Ok, di 'ko alam sizes nya eh, tutal kilala mo naman misis ko, hanapan mo ng paraan para makuha size nya. Bayaran mo na lang using my bank account. Ok?
Secretary: Ok!
Hubby: Ay teka, since you're good in these things. Give me another gift suggestion for our parish priest. He's been kind to us since sya nagkasal sa amin and I think he deserve something. Something that would make him relax, etc.. Spa? Ok kaya yun?
Secretary: Nah..How about an all expense paid vacation trip to a wonderful and quiet place where he could really relax... How 'bout in Palawan, Sir?
Hubby: Good one! Sige, book him a vacation package. Ikaw na bahala sa lahat ah. I'll leave this all to you.

Christmas day comes and his hubby left his gift to her wifey in her lamp table para pagising nya, una nyang makikita yung gift. Pag-gising ni wifey, she opened the paper bag and got so surprised. She woke her hubby and said "Salamat sa gift, sweetheart!" Hubby replied, "You're welcome dear, ano nagustuhan mo ba?" Wifey replied, "Oo naman sweetie! Pero.... sino kasama ko sa Palawan?"


Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Christmas Vacation '07

Last Friday night, we went in our province (Pangasinan). Our family spent Christmas there. We stayed in our house (a much bigger and spacious house compared to what we rent in Makati)..baliktad noh? How I wish mas malaki yung house namin dito sa Makati. Hehe!

So anyway, our first day (Saturday) was okay. My bro and I spent hours sleeping, yeah we were exhausted. Good thing wala akong "biyahilo" that time..or else I'll be puking a lot. Whew! We spent the day fixing our things and cleaning the house. After all the agenda, a feasty dinner.. Oh yeah! I miss eating bangus! My bro and I were drooling when we saw what Mom and Dad has prepared for us.. yummy! Then, I watched movies from my ipod: Accepted (2006) and ***Good Luck Chuck (2007). A good watch, hilarious actually!

Last Sunday: We went to Magic Mall in Mangaldan for groceries and cake..getting ready for Noche Buena. Then, Mom and I heard mass in San Jacinto Church. After the mass, we went to the salon. (Haha.. sosy!) Papa-beauty muna.. Then, visited my Aunt's boutique. Hay... Nakauwi na kami around 8pm.

Last Monday: We prepared for our simple Noche Buena. Dad's cooking Bulalo! Wohoo! Movie marathon lang ako buong hapon!
Mga pinanuod ko:
The Notebook (2004)
Edward Scissorhands (1990) *Oh Johnny Depp!*
and few scenes from my all time faves: Liar Liar (1997) and Bid Daddy(1999).

Afterwhich, we prepared for the mass. The mass started at 10pm, so we ate our Noche Buena after the mass (at around 11:30pm). Oh I also cooked fiesta ham! Grabe! 2 main course, sobrang mouth watering! Hahahaha! As for dessert, we ate the cake! The cake I bought from Cindy's.. (sensya na, walang Goldilocks or Red Ribbon eh). Masarap din naman ang cake sa Cindy's. Our Noche Buena was simple pero kakabusog and masaya! :)

Christmas Day: We went to San Jose (where most of my relatives reside). We gave them gifts and pera na "masalangsang" for the kids. T'was fun.. mala-reunion! :) Then, we went home at around 9pm. Then, I watched movies again: Mean Girls (2004) *wala lang!* and Finding Neverland (2004) *oh johnny depp again!*.

Yesterday: Rest, rest and more rest... I didn't go to work to R-E-S-T. (and to extend the vacation also..haha!) Then, we left Pangasinan at around 6pm.
Oh, I bought "tupig" for my officemates and honey(and his family). The worst part? I puked. Darn that motion sickness! I hate it! I blame it all to myself naman. Stoooopid of me not to drink Bonamine 1 hour BEFORE traveling. Lolz!

My Christmas vacation was quite bitin.. too bad I havta work. But it's ok, I'll go back there for New Year! (now with my honey) Weeee!!!

***yah I know..Good Luck Chuck is not yet showing in movie houses here in the Phil. [Kudos to torrent! :p]

Friday, December 21, 2007

Office Xmas party later... weee!

I'm excited na for later! Christmas party here in the office.. Food from Superbowl of China.. Picture-picture.. Exchange gift (Sino kaya nakabunot sa akin?).. Games (?)..

Two hours to go! Haha! To work or not to work? That is my question to myself. Hmmm...

Oh I'll be leaving pala later. I'll spend my Christmas with my family in Pangasinan. So see yah next week.. Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blogspot.. yeah!

I've switched! Yeah! Hahaha.. I got bored in my blogdrive na eh. Actually, yung unang ginawa kong blog talaga ay dito sa blogspot. 'Di ko na alam kung asan na. Pero ang alam ko si Joel yung nag-suggest sa akin to use blogdrive. Right there and then, I decided to keep the blogdrive. Kaso sa katagalan, I got bored nga. I want something simple. Puno ng kaartehan kasi yung blogdrive ko eh. Sobrang makulay. Haha!

So yah.. To all my blogmates, I hereby declare that you could "reach" me in my new blogeroo.